Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

He said..

I keep hearing lately, "I just don't understand what the Lord is doing." "I don't understand why He is letting this happen." "I don't understand why He won't just..." "I really think I'm doing what He wants me to do, so why is He making this so hard?" "I'm really frustrated with what's happening" .................. (I've said a few of these myself!)

Let's not let the enemy fool us into believing that it was the Lord who let us down in situations. Jobs, friends, churches, lovers, bills, etc. It wasn't Him. The Lords plan is the same always, and it's a firm plan. He clearly said: MY plan for you is GOOD. I have not planned a disastrous future for you. I HAVE a HOPEFUL future planned for you. Line your desires up with my Word, let your actions line up with those desires.

He was also sure to tell us: In this world you WILL have trouble. But, don't freak out! I've overcome that troublesome world!! I understand what you're going through, I've been there and then some! Come to me, and I will comfort you and give you peace. I will always be close to you. Even closer than your brother. Please don't focus so much on the things that go wrong. Just focus on all of the wonderful things you have, focus on Me, and everything else that is lovely and pure. Don't let yourself get bogged down with this worldly junk, it's all temporary. I am eternal. Hide in me. Together we will soar!

He told you: I have to go away for awhile, but I will be with you in Spirit. I'm gonna prepare a magnificent place for you. Don't go thinking that I've orphaned you, ok? You're NEVER alone. Even though you won't see me in person for awhile, don't think I've forgotten. It’s gonna get rough down there, but don’t be scared. I am still keeping my promise to you, I'll be back. And, when I come back, I will take you with me! Hold on, soon you and I will be together in My Father's house for forever. It's going to be GREAT!

He said: Will you do something for me while I'm preparing our new home? Will you please prepare for our move? That way, when I come back you will be ready. Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you. There will be some people who try to lead you astray..There will even be some people who will try to make you think that they ARE Me! So, make sure you know my voice. Oh, and make sure your friends are ready too. I don't want you to have to move to our new home without them, I know they are important to you. And, they are important to me, too! Make sure you know where we're going, and why. And, please don't store up too many treasures there. You won't need them here. I already have more than enough treasure for you to enjoy. Just focus on our upcoming move, and remember, even on the hard days (and they will get hard) when you think I might be too busy for you, I'm not. Just call my name, and I'm there for you. My eye is always on you. I know your name. I know every little hair on your precious head, even the one's you’ve lost. :) I formed you in your Mother's womb, how could you think I would forget such a magnificent thing! I love you, yesterday, today, and forever.

He said: Don't put your hope in men, ok? They can't save you. Put your HOPE in me. I CAN save you. If you put hope in men, they will fail you. Why? Because you guys weren't created to be perfect. That's why you have Me! I do want you to seek WISE council, but I don't want you putting your hope in man, ever. Seek WISE council, and test the spirits. There are so many out there that are claiming to be wise, but they aren't. My words and truth are the same, always. I don't change. I am steadfast. Come to me when you are weary, and I will give you rest. I give you peace. It's free. So please don't try to pay me back for the gifts I've given you. Gifts are free. You invited me to live in your heart, and so I did! Now let me give you things! I love to give you things. I've given you SO much, have you stopped to notice?

He said: Wear your armor. Use your tools. When we go into battle together, we can't lose. So, don't forget to take me with you! The battle will be long and nasty, but in the end, I win. And if you are with me, you win, too. So, stay with me, k? I'll keep you safe, don't worry. are we complaining again? ...why are we taking out our earthly frustrations on Him? He's never left us. He's given us everything we need. He's preparing something fantastic for us. He's still here for help. He's coming back to bring us home with Him. He's fulfilling every promise He's ever made, why do we doubt?

When we complain, we are saying He isn’t enough. He didn’t do enough. He didn’t give us enough. He isn’t powerful enough to fulfill the desires of our hearts. And, I don’t want to say those things about my Savior. He IS enough. In EVERYTHING, He is enough. FOR everything, HE is enough. THROUGH everything, HE is enough.

Though people and things will fail us, He won't. And though we may not understand all that life brings us, we can understand that His plan for us is secure and GOOD. We can rest knowing that He has it all under control. Just have to keep things in the right perspective, and have eternal vision.

We'll chat soon..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Give Me Jesus

I keep wanting to update..but the words don't come (not necessarily a bad thing!).  Instead, I will share this video with you.  It's one of my most favorites of all time.  Have listened to it for years.  And, on the bad days, I listen to it on repeat.  It's filled with hope and truth.  And those are two things I just LOVE. :)  Life is good.  And His plan is perfect.  You have to trust in that.  Remember to smile, I love you.