Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wow, what a Christmas!  We had planned to stay the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve (not unusual) and then as time went on we kept adding in a day..we ended up going down there (to Boise, 30 min away) last Tuesday (22nd) and stayed all the way up to today, the 27th!  We just couldn't make ourselves leave.  It was a great time.  We had SO much fun.  Played Scrabble everyday..different people joined us for games over the week.  We also played some other games with the family which were super fun!  We watched movies, chatted, ate like royalty, played ping pong, the kids played with clay and made cookies with Mom, my dad set up a huge tent outside, J got in some LaCrosse time with my brother Jon, my sister in law came and cut and dyed Ashley's hair, Mom and I dyed our own hair...we just had an amazing time!!!

In the middle of our stay we had other things planned in town.  We went over and helped make tamales on the 23rd and then went back over on Christmas Eve to eat them with Chris' Dads side of the family.  Had a great time.  Then, back home for Scrabble. :)  Then the day after Christmas we went over to Chris' maternal Grandparents' house for a dinner and gifts.  Was good to see everyone. 

Then today we all went downtown to Brick Oven Bistro for Chris' birthday lunch, then back home to Mom n Dad's for cake.  He had an awesome time!  I think we will have cake for quite some time.  And, that's ok with me.  Just as long as it's gone by the next round of bdays which start early January. 

It was sad to leave Mom n Dad's today.  We were all feeling a bit bittersweet about it.  It's always nice to come back and sleep in our own beds, but we have such a great time with them and being able to see my brothers, sils, niece and nephew, my Gramma and Uncle.  We just don't get to see them very often, even though we only live 30 min away. 

So, anyway, once we got home we unloaded everything and I took a nice hot shower.  Then Chris' brother Dave and his family came over for our yearly gift exchange.  It's just us..and that's the way we like it :)  We get to wait until after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday is over and then just enjoy eachother.  So, we ate lil smokies, drank coffee, visited and opened presents.  The kids had so much fun playing.  Then they went home, Ash went off to her friends' house and J barely made it up to bed in time..he just about fell alseep standing up.  Hubby and I played a game of Scrabble (I dominated) and now we're just relaxing doing our own thing.  Life is back to "normal". :)

Tomorrow is Chris' actual birthday.  I'm making him a special breakfast in the morning and then taking him out for a movie, lunch and shopping after that.  He's super excited :)  We will see Sherlock Holmes.  Can't wait for our date!  We have a full slate.

Something amazing happened tonight.  Sadie was sleeping by the couch and Greta walked up to her and layed down snuggling into Sadies neck.  AND SADIE DIDN'T JUMP UP AND LEAVE!!!!  Chris and I were so excited we couldn't even stand it.  I ran downstairs for the camera and took quite a few pics.  It only lasted about 5 minutes (maybe because of the non stop flashing of the camera in their eyes), but we have hope now that one day Sadie will love her baby sis.  Ahh...dogs.

In the middle of Scrabble tonight I got a call from our friend Tierney.  She told me that she got engaged tonight!  We are so thrilled for her and Michael.  We have permagrin.  They are just the sweetest couple and one that we have no doubt will last forever.  They are absolutely perfect for eachother.

Well, I hope your Christmas was just as spectacular as ours..and that you found many reasons to be joyful.  But that most of all, that you remembered the true meaning of it all..Jesus!  He is so faithful.  Tonight,  my cup runneth over.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Top 10 Disney/DisneyPixar Movies

Ash put up a blog with her 10 fave Disney/DisneyPixar movies and asked us to all do the same.  In order from most fave to least fave.  So here are mine.  What are yours?

1.The Greatest Game Ever Played
2. The Chronicles of Narnia
3. Mary Poppins
4. The Parent Trap (original)
5. Pollyanna
6. Swiss Family Robinson
7. Miracle
8. The Fox and the Hound
9. Lady and the Tramp
10. Heavyweights

It was so hard to put these in order from most to least because I would watch any of them at any time!  Love them all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm so thankful for the encouragers in my life.  And so thankful for good sounding boards.  And for people who will tell me, "No, you are wrong in this, and here's why."  Or, "You are right, that was totally not correct and you were good to question it."  Honesty will take you far in a relationship with me.  But, encouragment is a magnificent thing.  And, an encouragER is simply divine.  When things get me down, when words are twisted, when situations blown out of proportion, when gossips start flapping their poison...sometimes it just takes a hug or a simple word of encouragement to turn it all around and remind me that God is still on the throne, and He still understands.  And He still loves me, and He still understands me.  And most importantly that HE knows the truth and the intent in my heart.  And that no matter how the world spins my words and intent, He is not swayed.  He knows.  And, that needs to be enough.  And, it is. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Newsletter 2009

Here is the info from our Christmas Newsletter this year..thought I would post it for those of you who I don't have email addresses for...Good Heavens, it looks really long when all shoved into this tiny blog.  Oh well, I've never been good at editing things down. 

Without further ado, here’s the latest and greatest..

Ashley’s doing wonderfully in school this year, and enjoys hanging out with friends in her spare time. She’s still involved in Teen Bible Quiz & doing very well, as always. Ash is also having a great time with her church drama team. They’ve had a great performance already, with many more to come. If you are in the area, please try to attend one of the performances. You won’t be disappointed! Ash also loves to sing movie songs & make up silly dances with her friend, Bradee. When those 2 girls get together there isn’t a dull moment! We love the energy they bring! Ash still loves to draw & is continuing to grow into a great writer. She’s always up for trying to beat Daddy at movie/music trivia, and is getting to be pretty good at it! She’s also starting to cook and bake more, and is doing well!

Jaden is still with Junior Bible Quiz. We had a new boy join this year, so J is enjoying that. Although the girls never fail to keep him on his toes! He is always busy with some activity, project or game. Jaden goes & goes like an energizer bunny from sun up to sun down. He keeps us very entertained! He’s also started home school this year, he loves it and all of the projects/experiments he gets to take part in. His sister is very jealous, but excited to join him in home school next year. Jaden is still pursuing his love for drawing, and has started drawing classes on Monday evenings, taught by the best draw-er we know..Daddy! Jaden’s most favorite place on earth is still at Grammy & Grampys’ house, they have quite the adventures! He also enjoys his friend Bryce’s “HUGE” backyard!

Chris is still with Hewlett Packard, & enjoying most of his days there. :) We’re thankful that his job is able to provide for our family. In his spare time (yeah right) he is involved with Ashley’s drama team at church, & is co-coaching Jaden’s Bible Quiz team with Sarah. He also enjoys movie & game nights with our buds. He’s gotten to go shooting a few times, & has enjoyed our camping trips too. I think, though, that he would have been a bit happier had there been an occasion to use his gun while we were camping. Bears look out! He & Jon did have a “run-in” with a few very unlucky chipmunks. Next year, he wants to begin slaying larger prey..Elk! He’s all set to start golfing again this spring, too.
Sarah became a full time stay at home Mom again in November. Proving, once again, that the Lord knows & fulfills the desires of our hearts! She is now home schooling Jaden & absolutely loving it. Sarah is still coaching Junior Bible Quiz, but has taken a break from all of the other things she was involved with. She’s returned to her love for baking & cooking, which is fun for all! She was at the pool just about every day (for hours!) while it was open over the summer, enjoying many days of fellowship with her swimming pals! She loves her Thursday night laughing sessions with her friend, Jess. She’s enjoying more frequent date nights with her husband (He sure is a cutie!), and coffee dates with her Mom. Time with family & friends is her main interest in free time, but quilting may be making a comeback. Photography is always a passion, she had lots of fun over the summer taking pics around Idaho.

As a family we have enjoyed camping trips, a family reunion, & even a weeks vacation in McCall where we got to watch Sarah’s brother Jon compete in amazing LaCrosse tournaments! We finished our landscaping projects this last spring, and did some painting around the house.

AND (drum roll please) we got to welcome a new nephew to the family! Cash Carter Mundy entered the world on November 19th. He brings pure joy! Looks just like his Daddy. Sarah loves to snuggle him when she gets the chance. We look forward to many fun days as we see him grow up to be a cowboy, and kick butt in LaCrosse! I think he and his sissy, Monet, will be the best of friends.

We have added a new puppy to the family. Her name is Greta (Havashire breed). She is just as devious precious as can be. Sadie wasn’t too sure about this new sister when she first arrived. In fact, she was downright furious! But, she has come around and now has lots of fun playing with Greta. Greta is pretty sure that she is boss, which is funny considering she is just a tad over 1 pound and Sadie is over 50 pounds! She loves to snuggle up and sleep in Sarah’s fleece jackets, while Sarah is wearing them of course. :)

Sadie had a busy year with going on walks (with her new leash that doesn’t allow her to pull..HALLELUJAH!), playing endless hours of fetch and swimming in the river. She’s also had lots of playdates with her doggy cousins and really loves that. As soon as we get within 5 minutes of Mom n Dad’s house she starts getting antsy just knowing that her cousins are close! We also had the pleasure of discovering Sadies love for eating horse poop this summer while camping. Delicous AND nutritious! And after her “meal”, just to be sure we all knew she’d enjoyed it she would ROLL IN IT! Ahh, yes. (Did that fall into the TMI category?)

We are down to one bird! Mary seems to be enjoying her widowhood. Turns out she never really liked Lloyd at all! She lives in Ashley’s room and sings at all the wrong times. Like, in the middle of the night..or when Ash is trying to study for Bible Quiz. But, Ash loves her so she is willing to overlook her annoying habits!

Our friends’ son, Joshua, who has been fighting Leukemia, is now in remission! Praise the Lord for that. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Their family is very thankful for all of you, as are we.

Well, short of updating you on how our cars are doing, I think we’ve summed up the year pretty well. :)

We pray 2010 is a year filled with growth and blessings as you continue to draw closer to the Lord. He loves and treasures you. So do we!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year, with love,

Chris, Sarah, Ashley, Jaden, Sadie, Greta, & Mary


Excitement Pictures, Images and Photos

Could Christmas vacation please come a bit quicker???  EEEEE!!!!  This is the definite upside to homeschool (there haven't been many downsides yet..).  I just LOVE that I will have all this time off with my kidlets! 

We had a fun weekend.  Friday night Chris had a poker game here at the house.  While they were having fun downstairs, my friend Jen and I Scrabbled and chatted the night away upstairs!  She and her hubby, Eric, have a different way of playing than I've seen before.  Proof that interpretation of rules is a beast all it's own!  However, it was super fun to play "their way"!  I actually liked it a lot.  Not as stressful as the other way.  Chris says he won't play that way, though, so I guess I will only play "their way" when she is over!

Anyway, then Saturday we had a TBQ meet all day, our team did well!  It snowed all day.  We got a few things we were needing from Fred Meyer and then came on home.  I got in a nice long-ish nap and then got ready for the TBQ girls to come over for a movie and snacks.  It was a great night.

Then yesterday, we had JBQ practice, Church, a birthday party, and Ash went out with her TBQ girls for some shopping time.  So when Chris, J and I got home we just sort of lazed around.  Chris and I played Scrabble and watched The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.  J watched some cartoons in our room..then we ate some dinner and just did nothing really.  It was GREAT!

Tomorrow our friend is coming to pick up the Trailblazer to take it in for maintenance..and then we will get new tires put on it.  Ahh joyous times!  So thankful to have a mechanic we can trust, though.  We've been through the run around so many stinkin times.  Those days are over!  Hip Hip HOORAY!  Anyway after we get the maintenance and then tires put on, Chris' bonus should be pretty much gone, I think.  But, praise God for those bonuses.  We so need them and appreciate them.

This week we have the TBQ Christmas party and talent show on Friday night, should be fun.  Then Saturday Chris is going out in the morning with his bud for breakfast and some movie called Avatar.  Then that night we have the annual Christmas party out at our friends' farm.  Tons of food, friends, Santa even comes with presents (I'm not a Santa fan, he doesn't have place in our personal Christmas..but this is fun).  They dress the donkey area all up for rides (I think they still do that, I never go outside) and our friend hooks up a hay ride thing to his 4 wheeler and takes the kids on rides.  My kids SO look forward to this every year.  Then on Sunday...well, Sundays are Sundays.  Busy, busy!  Anyway, every day is filled with something, but we are enjoying ourselves and our time together.

Chris and I watched The Express last night after the kids went to bed.  It was SO good.  SO sad.  SO uplifting.  SO..just everything.  I loved it.

Hope you are finding things to fill your days with that bring you joy. Until next's a verse I love:

Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you've got, be resolute, and love without stopping.
*1 Corinthians 16:13,14 The Message*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today I have this to share with you.  I really don't think any other words from me are necessary.  The video speaks for itself.  Love you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My puppy likes to sleep inside of my fleece jacket.  I tuck her in an then zip up the jacket.  She cuddles right up and goes to sleep.  It's so cute!  Looks like I have a huge tumor on my chest, that breathes.  My dog, Tess, that passed away right before we got Sadie used to love to do this, too.  So it's bittersweet.  I miss that stupid little dog every day.  She was so annoying, but she was mine.

Got to chat with Wink today for quite a bit.  Well, he talked I listened.  He's so fun..full of ideas and always willing to work to make something better.  Not afraid to talk about his feelings, or to give you a straight answer.  I really love that.  He's going to get our ceiling fans hung in our house too.  That will be nice.  We've attempted to have a few different electricians come do the work, but apparently they are just too busy to make money!  Or maybe it's just not enough money to make it worth their while.  No matter.  We've found someone willing and who won't charge an arm and a leg.

Had long overdue coffee time with a friend this morning, and movie night with the girls tonight!  Also got to take J and his buddy Delaney over to the Library for some book searching.  I forgot my card, and apparently checking out books at the Kuna Library involves extremely high levels of security the likes of what you would encounter at say the flippin PENTAGON.  I have my OLD library card, I have my drivers license, I have my social security card.  Nope.  Can't check out a book.  Nothing they can do for me.  Wow.  So, Chris and Ash came down and rescued me..brought me in my library card.  Thank God for them.  Now I've been granted the privilege of bringing home a few books, that no doubt have hidden government documents in them..or maybe they are laced with gold.  Who knows, but they are SUPER valuable.  I know that.

My babe took us out to dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight, El Gallo Giro.  Was a surprise, and was nice to get out and do that together as a family.  Unfortunately, something didn't set right, and I promptly came home and ran up to the bathroom..3 times.  BLAST.  My bowels are not my friend.  The family got a laugh out of it..we are sick puppies that way.

It's been a busy week, and changes are never far from my path. But with each one I get closer to where I am meant to be. As long as I am moving forward and in the direction He has laid out, I am happy.

Well, that's about all of my exciting news for the day!  Hope you've had a wonderful day, regardless of circumstance. 

Thanks for the movie, and the sugar cookies Tiffany.  You are such a good friend.  Love you. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hubby is puking...

What a sad day it is!  Hate it when my hubby is sick.  And even more than that I hate it when it involves puke!  I'm praying it doesn't spread to the rest of us.  I don't want everyone puking..but I SUPER don't want to clean UP puke when the kids can't make it to the toilet!  That's CHRIS' job!!  And, he can't do it if he's pukin too. ;)  I have a super sensitive gag reflex, but he is made of steel.  Proof, once again, that we are meant to be together forever :)

I finished all of my Christmas cards last night.  I couldn't really afford to print off all of the newsletters this year so, instead, I handwrote in every one of them!  We had close to 80 cards this year.  Yeah.  HELLO ARTHRITIS!  Anyway, I figure I will send out the newsletter via email with some pictures attached.  That way if "they" want pictures of the fam, they have the option to print them off, or send them in for prints.  Win win, right?

It was -5* in Boise this morning.  Um, that's cold folks.  Real cold.  I'm not sure what it is right now, but I can assure you it's not palm trees and lemonade weather!  The good part is that the snow is actually staying around for awhile.  And, since it didn't warm up yesterday it didn't melt and then freeze into a solid sheet of ice!  OK, I can't speak for the main roads.  But our neighborhood roads are great.  Snow packed and non slippery.  Me likes.  I hope it stays this way and I hope it dumps feet upon feet upon feet of snow!  Of course, I also want the roads to remain clear.  But, it would be nice to have a real winter where it doesn't go from 45 to 15 every other day.  AND so far the sun has stayed out!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could be wrong but I think the inversion comes when it is warmer in the valley than it is up above?  OK that could be way off.  But, if it is the case then I want it freezing cold here all the way till spring.  Check back with me on this next week when it's been cold for 7 days and I'm booking imaginary flights to Fiji.

Well, I better get back to my morning chores and get that coffee started..then on to schooling the boy!  Have a wonderful Tuesday.  Love you bunches!

Remember, inferiority is a choice.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."  I personally love that quote.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

People can be super annoying.  Just wanted to start with that.

Now that that's out of the way...

The outside Christmas lights are up!  My super sweet hubby went out and put them up today even though it is frigid out there!!  They look gorgeous :)

I made the big turkey dinner again tonight so that we can have leftovers!  We didn't take any leftovers home from the "real" Thanksgiving.  So where all of you are probably at the point where you never want to see anything resembling turkey dinner again, we are super excited to have it!  I made a pumpkin cake, it's pretty dang good.  New recipe.

I'm hoping the snow holds off till tomorrow afternoon.  It flurried this afternoon and evening and the clouds are looking pretty daunting.  But, I have to go clean a house tomorrow morning all the way down on Glenwood and State (about 45 min from here in good weather).  I don't want to drive it in snow!!  EEK!

Ash just asked me what you get if your Tootsie Pop wrapper has a star on it.  I told her that I thought, years ago, that you used to be able to turn them in for a free Tootsie Pop, but wasn't sure.  So she asked me to look it up.  Oh, she also has questions regarding the wrappers with the Native American on them.  Well, according to these wrappers mean nothing.  They never have.  The Tootsie Roll/Pop company has been declining/ignoring requests for free pops with these wrappers since 1930.  They aren't sure where the rumor started, but apparently have no desire in putting the rumor to rest. Some small time grocers have allowed kids to trade in these "star" or "Native American" wrappers for a free pop, but it is at their loss. I thought this was really sad and lame of the Tootsie Pop company (not sure of their actual name..does it matter?) and wanted to share it with you, too.  Because if I was a company who had tons of people (mostly kids..who are just adults waiting to happen, really) thinking that they could get something for free and even going so far as to send in wrappers with requests for the free pop for SEVENTY NINE stinkin YEARS..I'd do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyhoo..not a big deal, really.  Just thought you might like to know that tidbit of American History.

I'm gonna sip some coffee now...

It's really cold upstairs...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr 

I just can't believe that Christmas is so quickly approaching.  Seems like just yesterday I was putting my decorations away!  We all keep talking about how it doesn't feel like Christmas yet.  Even the kids.  And that's when you know something has really gone awry.

I love snowmen.  I think they are so very precious and cute.  I also love Snoopy.  My very first ornament as a child was the Snoopy bell ornament.  Here's a picture I found of it online just now!!

Every year at Mom's house I get to put that ornament up top, front, and center!  Mom has gotten each of us one new ornament every year since birth.  And when we bring in a spouse or child, they start to get one ornament/year as well.  The tree is getting very full!  But, it is so fun to remember way back when we got each one.  It's a great tradition.  Every year she says maybe she should quit buying them because we have SOOOOOO many now.  But we all say, "NO!  Don't stop!!"  So, she keeps on keepin on.  She's tried to send us home with them, too, but we put the kabosh on that as well.  At some point there will have to be a second tree put up at Mom n Dads or else we will risk the thing falling over.

The new puppy, Greta, doesn't really seem like a Greta to me.  And, I'm starting to hate the name.  She doesn't know her name yet so really it doesn't matter if we keep it.  But it's so much work to change a name.  That makes me laugh.  But, really, it is!  I'll think about it.  Ehh, she'll probably stay Greta.

Have you seen Monsters VS Aliens yet?  We totally love that movie in this house!!  If you haven't seen it, you just have to!  It's so entertaining.

I need to fix my's kinda big and it needs a transparent background. Maybe tomorrow :)

Well, I suppose I'm rambling again :)  I've been known to do that from time to time (always).

Love you!  Hope you've had a beautiful day filled with sunshine and warmth and love.  You are so very special, and I'm thankful that you were born!  Walk in love!  I know (believe me), easier said than done!  But, if we don't have goals, we will never reach them.  So (again) walk in love!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally, a picture of the new puppy!  Her name is Greta.  As in Greta Garbo, not Susteren.  She's a precious little girl!  She reaffirms the fact that I am very thankful for no more children!  I am just done with that portion of my life.  I am no longer interested in multiple feedings and potty training.  So, anyway, our family is now complete.  2 adults, 2 children, 2 dogs and 1 bird.  Some of you newbies may be thinking I should get another bird..I assure you I should not.  Everytime we have had more than one bird, the other one kills it slowly.  As in starving it.  It's weird. 

Anyway, it's been a long week and at the same time a short week.  Seemed like it would never end and then I realized it was already over!  We had a Junior Bible Quiz tournament today.  My team took 2nd place!  Pretty exciting.  I'm very happy to have the team down to 4 people on one team instead of having it spread into two different teams.  Now Chris can stay and be my co-coach AND our team has a better chance of placing.  The tournament went super fast today.  We were home by 12:30 I think.  We just have one more tournament after this.  I didn't bring my camera today but if I get some pics from someone I will post for you.

We all sat down and wrapped presents this afternoon, was fun to do that.  They're all under the tree and lookin pretty good!  Other than that we are watching BSU slam out another win.  They are in the bottom of the 3rd quarter and the score is 42/0!  I'm pretty sure they've won.  haha  We're turnin it off now to watch a Veggie Tales movie (Wonderful World of Autotainment).

We are hiding today.  Not answering the door.  Not answering the phone.  Just having family time.  When the kids are in tears and asking for a day where we don't have to do anything but be together, it's time to change things.  Even though we are involved in things they love and with people they love, it just gets to be too much.  We're all a bit burned out and re-evaluating.

Well the movie is starting so I better go!  Love you all and hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

If you're in a place where you don't know which step to take next..which way to turn..remember, He will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; He will counsel you and watch over you.  It's a promise!  Get lost in His Word and you will find that your path has been laid out (perfectly) by the Master!  Place your focus on Him & everything else will fall into place, if it's in His will.  And that which doesn't, was never meant to. 

Onward and Upward friends!

Friday, December 4, 2009

1. Favorite gift you are GIVING this year?
My nieces little outfit is pretty cute.  That's probably my fave :)

2. How many parties are you attending between now and Christmas?
None.  We will have family stuff but not parties leading up to..

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Today I'm gonna say its "My Grown up Christmas List"  just cuz it came to mind first.

4. Who was your favorite elementary school teacher and why?
I think her name was Mrs. Rodriguez, and she was the 1st grade teacher.  We had lots of fun in that class and got to make our own hard back books!!

5. If you had a choice to live in any other period of time (other than now) what era would you choose and why?

I dunno, I would love the farm life back in the theory.  But something tells me that life wasn't easy on Little House on the Prarie!  I also love the Anne of Green Gables movies so that might be nice..not sure of what time period that was to be.

Monday, November 30, 2009

1. Favorite website

My favorite website is  I don't go there very often, but it is my fave for sure!  She's got recipes, photo advice and great photo art, blog, etc..very entertaining.

2. Favorite color

BLUE!  Every shade, love it love it love it.  There is no other color that can capture every emotion from depression to jubilee!

3. Facebook?

It's less and less fun every day.  And, it wasn't ever fun to begin with.  But, it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and that IS fun!

4. Favorite Christmas song?

I like Christmas music in extremely small doses.  As in it can start on Christmas Eve, and needs to be done by Christmas day.  The same song of any style over and over annoys.  But, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (The Christmas Song), Mary Did You Know and Silent Night are a few of my faves.

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake?

I love real trees but we have a fake one.  When we moved to Texas the real trees were INSANELY expensive so we HAD to get a fake tree.  We've never gone back.  Although next year we plan on going to chop down a Charlie Brown type tree.  Then again..that's a lot of work.  Might as well save a tree.

6. Hottest celebrity?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson..about 5 years ago.  Kevin Costner, always.

7. Favorite restaurant?

In Idaho, El Gallo Giro

8. Favorite magazine?

Southern Living and the Paula Deen one

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays?

Water and coffee

10. Favorite Christmas movie.

Christmas Story!  And then all of the old ones.  Also, Elf and Polar Express.  Where I cannot hardly stand Christmas MUSIC, I LOVE Christmas MOVIES!!  I watch them non stop from the day they come on until the day they take them off again.  We've been watching since just after Halloween this year.

P.S. How do I get an active link for the Friend Makin Monday site?
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving mini vacation down at Mom n Dads.  Went down on Wednesday around noon and stayed till around noon on Friday!  Then we came out and picked up the new puppy, Greta. As soon as we got home, I took Greta upstairs for a nap with me!  It was great.  She's sleeping next to me as we speak.  She has major energy for about 15 min (sometimes we get 30 min out of her) and then she's out.  I'm sure this will change as she grows.  :) 

Yesterday my Mom n Dad brought out the last of the 3 family heirlooms I've been inheriting.  I have 2 desks and now one chest.  They were my Grandma Hartmann's (my maternal gmother).  So glad to have them all.  Also, this weekend, my Grandma Mundy gave me all of her recipes in her recipe tin.  Some of them are so old they are hard to read.  Really special to have them.

The sun is out today, not a dark cloud in the sky :) 

Well, I hope this day is going well for you!  I'm off to look at all of your blogs to see what I should be posting today :)  If memory serves, it's Friend Makin' Monday?? Could be totally off on that.

Love you!  You Matter!  Walk in Joy!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok, next one..

This one is asking me to list these 10 things, here we go! :)

1. Turkey or Ham?
We always have turkey.  Most of my family is not into ham.  And, I almost always make it. Thanksgiving is "my" holiday :)

2. Favorite side dish:
Mom's mashed potatoes

3. Favorite dessert:
No matter how many desserts we make, the one I always look forward to most is the Chocolate Cream Pie

4. Black Friday: Are you going or not?
We haven't been in years.  Since before my son was born, which was almost 8 years ago!  But this year we have decided to go.  I won't lie, I'm only going because it means I get coffee and breakfast. :)

5. If so, what's on the top of your list?
Whatever Chris wants for Christmas and then we are hoping to find some good deals for birthdays that are quickly following Christmas. 

6. Going out of town or staying close to home?
Thanksgiving is my "non traveling" holiday.  So, we will be home..but not my home.  We will be at my parents.  It's easier for us to have it there, they have more Gramma won't make the drive out to Kuna. 

7. Hosting or helping?
Well, it's kinda tricky.  I sort of host but I sort of help.  It used to be that I did 99% of it but just hosted it at Mom n Dad's house.  With the change in the money situation over the years it has had to become more and more of a co-op situation.  Which is fine, too!  It's actually really fun that way.

8. Name one family tradition at Thanksgiving:
Umm eating till we almost vomit?

9. What do you do after dinner?
Wonder if the boys will clean up.  Realize they wont, and then we start cleaning up.

10. What are you most thankful for this year?
The opportunity to be able to really enjoy it and my family without having to worry about fitting it in with a work schedule.
I've been a naughty blogger.  But, I am determined to catch up!  So..let's start with the 7 interesting facts about myself thingymajig.  I know I'm not doing it totally right, but if I have to go find the graphics for the blogger nominations and then nominate lots of dudes, well, I just won't do it.  So we modify. :)

7 Interesting things about interesting ol' me:

1. It's pretty hard to feel any better than I do when my home is clean and full of the scent of some yummy candle.  Today's candle is: Feliz Navidad by Yankee Candles.

2. If I'm having a rotten day, there are a couple things that can cheer me up.  One of them is tacos at El Gallo Giro.  Another is a Tall iced Americano with cream and vanilla with whipped cream from Starbucks (if it's cold outside I want the hot one without whip).  Keep that in mind next time you, or someone else, ticks me off.  haha

3. A hug can make all the difference.  Sometimes bringing laughter, sometimes bringing tears.  But all the same, it brings difference.  I'm not always sure what it will it's a surprise for both of us! haha Anyway, thank you for the hugs :)

4. I hate shoes.  I only wear them when absolutely necessary.  Because of this, my car is usually full of shoes.  I take them off immediately when I get in the car.  And then when I get home I leave them in there.  This drives my husband crazy.  Now, in my defense, I usually wear flip flops so it's not like they take up a lot of room.  But, still.  I even admit, it's annoying.  But, it's my car and I'm the one who drives it 99% of the time so I think I have final say on what I leave in there.

5. Static cling.  Its origin is straight from the deepest depths of hell.  And that's that.

6. I could eat my Mom's mashed potatoes with every meal for the rest of my life and be a happy camper.  They're so yummy and buttery and perfectly salty.  And they bring me right back to that place I never want to be away from.  Home.

7.  I'm always on the hunt for a softer, cuddlier, snugglier, more enveloping blanket.  Doesn't matter how many I have, I'm always convinced that there is one out there that is just a smidgen better.

Ok, I'm feeling wild so I'll go ahead and nominate uhh 9 people?  I can't remember what it said.  So let's go with 9.  Will the following 9 people please sit on down and write out 7 interesting facts about themselves for our viewing pleasure (on their blogs, not mine)?

Chris Mendiola
Ashley Mendiola
Barbara Mendiola-Janzen
Heather Hillman
Tierney Gillihan
Georgiann Gillihan
Aunt Judy
Jen Clover

OH, and fact #8.  I detest the fact that they have removed spell check from the blogger stuff.  WHY would they do that???

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here are a couple pics from our recent family pics.  Our friend Heather took them!  I think I gave you the link to her blog awhile back.  Anyway, I'll post more later.  But it's been forever since I blogged, I thought I better at least do something!  Later tonight I plan on doing the "7 Things" blog from Tiffany.  About time, right? haha  Love you guys

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I just LOVE chocolate chip cookies.  Well, any cookie really :)  But since I just polished off the rest of the chocolate chip cookies that's where my brain is at.  Yummy.

Just wanted to share.

But, I also feel like I'm supposed to say to someone out there reading this that it's going to be ok.  Don't worry.  He's got it all under control.  Let Him fix it all.  In this world you may be experiencing many troubles and heartache, but take heart, He has overcome the world.  And He is bigger than any mountain you are facing.  Take it one step at a time.  With Him, all things are made new.

Love you guys!  Hope you are having a wonderful week.  Take time to bless someone..when you bless someone, you also bless yourself.  xoxo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Facebook is quite possibly the most annoying social network on the planet. It never works right, it's ugly. It's boring looking. It's got no flair. I just can't stand it. The word DETEST comes to mind. But I must stay there because everyone has deserted the beautifully designed and fully flaired Myspace. *sigh*

I just needed to get that out.

Well we are in the middle of week 3 of homeschooling. I'm not tired of it yet. In fact I'm growing to love it more everyday. We just have so much fun together. Thursday we have a field trip to a movie theater to find out the inner workings of a theater. Kind of fun.

Went to my friends Pampered Chef party tonight. It was so nice and relaxed and fun. And the food was great! Love it when parties go like that. The ones filled with awkward silent moments are always, well, awkward. Not the case tonight. ahhh refreshing :)

I'm working on editing pics from this last weekends JBQ meet and Shoshone Falls visit. But it's slow going. I just don't have a whole lot of energy or desire left over at the end of the day to sit and edit pictures for hours.

Read Hosea last night. There is a scripture in there that I LOVED. It is:

Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, break up your unplowed ground. For it's time to seek Him until He comes & showers righteousness on you. Hosea 10:12

In the next chaper it talks about how many things God did for Isreal..all of the provision, the grace, the help, etc..and then here in this first line in 11:7 (Hosea) that says: "My people are determined to turn from me." 

As a Mom who had had moments of insanity the past few days, and as a wife who had moments of hurt feelings yesterday (PMSing doesn't help)..and chose to dwell on them instead of let them go, this verse hit me hard.  My family didn't turn away from me..but I was nursing my hurt feelings.  And in that sentence I realized how the Father feels when I choose something over him.  When, essentially, I turn from Him to another.  No matter what amazing things He has done for me, and no matter how much I love Him for it, I turn.  I turn.  I turn.  And I'm not the only one.  The passage doesn't say "Sarah is determined to turn away from me."  It says MY PEOPLE.  


Every morning I have devotional time with Jaden before we start school.  Then most every night Chris and I read a Psalm together.  But I've been feeling the Lord tugging at my heart that I need more.  More time with Him.  Alone time.  Admittedly, much like the editing of my the time I have "time" to sit down and do "nothing", I have little energy and/or desire to dive into a personal Bible study.  

This last week as soon as I go in to lay in bed I hear Him say, "Please spend time with Me."  I know He means in the Word.  But, instead I pray and drift of to if to pacify Him.  Well, He's not pacified.  He's not entertained.  He's not had the wool pulled over His eyes.  He's hurt.  Because, again, He has blessed me beyond measure..and again, I turn.  So, last night I decided to turn AROUND.  To REturn.  And as I prayed that He would reveal Himself to me in His Word, He did just that.  He is always faithful.  When I found that first verse (10:12) it just popped off the page like a neon light.  It's not time for me to be tired or to sleep.  It's time for me to SEEK, and to break up my unplowed ground.  It's time to grow. It's time for me to gain understanding, and wisdom.  And there is only one place I can find that.  Anyway, I wasn't going to share that but it came there you have it. :) 

Don't turn away from Him.  He loves you.  He so wants to spend time with you and love on you.  When you've had a day of hurt and confusion and frustration, don't turn to something else to soothe you.   Turn to Him.  He longs to soothe every pain you have.  Don't wiggle in His arms, instead rest.  Just rest.  You don't have to explain.  You don't have to even say a word.  He already knows.  Just let Him love you through it.  There is no better salve for your wounds than the love of Jesus Christ.  So let Him heal you.  You don't have to beg.  You just have to allow.  In His arms there is safety beyond compare.  Just let go.

And on the good days, He is the best dancing partner around!  He's so excited to hear your joys, your triumphs.  He adores every hair on your head.  His banner over you proclaims LOVE!!  You are the apple of His eye.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hope you've all been enjoying your week :)

Home school is in full swing, and we're having a blast!  I won't lie and say it isn't tiring.  It totally is!!  But, it's sooo rewarding.  I love it when the lightbulb goes on and he gets something.  His little face lights right up!  We've done quite a few different things already this week and it's only Tuesday!  I won't bore you with the details, but we are still both very excited when it's time for school in the morning :)

Chris got J up early this morning, they took Ash to the bus stop and then went on to buy their new movie, G.I. Joe!  They are up watching it now. 

We've been enjoying awesome weather the past few days.  Sunny, breezy, cool.  Perfect!  I'm enjoying all of these days while they last.  Snow is on the way, I'm afraid!  I will enjoy it this year, I'm determined to!  I think it will be easier to enjoy because I won't have to drive in it.

Saturday, our friend Heather ( ) took our family pictures!  We had soo much fun and can't wait to see the results from all of our hard work smiling! :)  Jaden, I'm afraid, will have his fake smile in most of them..but I think Ash did pretty good.  It's hard to tell when I'm not behind the camera!  I need to work on sprouting those eyeballs on the sides and back of my head. 

Well, I'm off to take Ash to quiz practice. But here are some new pics of the puppies!  I haven't picked mine out yet...and I'm only showing you the girls b/c I'm not getting a boy. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi, friend :)

I hope your week is going well. Mine has had ups and downs, but even in the downs there are blessings to be had, if we choose to look. And I am determined to CHOOSE to look.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

People are growing, changing directions, moving forward, moving backwards, staying stagnant, showing up, disappearing..some being faithful, some failing miserably. But in every instance there is an opportunity for growth.

Are you going to stare at your Goliath from afar, turn away and hide? Or will you choose to hold Daddy's hand and RUN towards that obstacle, trusting that He will be with you and help you conquer even the mightiest of giants? I hope you choose to RUN! Let the exhileration of running with your Father towards your mountain take over. Leave fear behind and strain ahead towards the blessings waiting for you on the other side.

I encourage you to really dive into the knowledge of how deeply He loves you. Not many people would truly run into bloody battle with you. But He will. And, He never loses.

Align yourself with His word, fill yourself with his truth.  Grab His hand, and when He says, "Ok sweetie, it's time to RUN with Daddy, we've got a war to win!"  Be READY to RUN!!

You are more than a conqueror and you can do ALL things in His name. So..what are you waiting for? 

I'm cheering for you and believing in you!  Be ready, my friend.  I love you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's super windy outside. My leaves are tryin their very best to hold onto the branches but they are failing. Soon I will be looking at empty trees. Anyhoo, looks like a storm's rolling in. I heard nasty rumors of snow this week. But I refuse to go there.

Deanna's baby shower was yesterday and it was so cute! We had a good time. She's such a sweetie. Can't wait to meet my new nephew! Monet (her 1 yr old, my niece!) was so entertaining! She had everyone laughing.

Saturday we had friends over. Chris made his famous tomtato soup (if you you think you'd hate it, you're wrong!). And Kathy brought over her jambalaya and Mississippi mud cakes. Georgiann brought pumpkin cake (which I finished off tonight!). Pastor Joe & Steph brought cheesecake! Needless to say, we ate very well :)

OK now the wind is blowing at Texas strength. I don't like that. MY TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They better not break in half! EEEK!!

I'm gonna make dark chocolate truffles tonight for the first time. We have a girls night at Pastor's house tomorrow night. It's a chocolate theme! So everyone has to bring something chocolate-y to share. YUMMM Anyway, I won't have time to make them tomorrow so I'm doing it tonight. I hope they turn out yummy!

It's raining now.

I'm probably gonna have to make some hot chocolate now.

I'm feeling like I'm a boring blogger today..and lately. Sorry!!

Hey, guess what, Monday is almost over!! It's one day closer to the weekend! Hip Hip HOORAY!

Love you much. Take care of you. You're important to me, so don't neglect yourself! xoxo

Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Howdy :)

Tomorrow starts the move at work..gonna be a lonnnnnng last week. But, the extra money will be good. Christmas money :)

Chris and I played Rockband with J for a bit tonight. He's so cute with his guitar. He has some pretty fancy moves! I had to sing tonight. EEK! For some reason I scored really well with it, but I have no idea how because I thought I sounded like a cat being tortured. haha Oh well, we had fun.

Then J and I were off to get Ash from her friends house. After that the kids and I went to Paul's. Daddy said we could take $5 bucks and get something sweet to eat! :) Love it when he says that.

Oh, after work today I headed out to Kristi's. We visited for awhile and then she took me out to Chapala's for tacos. They were soo yummy. Was great to have time with her. She gave me lots of great ideas for activities with homeschool. I'm so excited to dive in and get a schedule down.

Ash is having her shopping day with Grammie tomorrow and then spending the night. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun and tons of giggles.

J is gonna go out with Miss Tina for a bit tomorrow to watch a soccer game and hang out. They are good buds. He's pretty excited for that.

Well, I doubt I'll blog again until next week some time. The weekend will be jam packed, but fun. Can't wait for all of the activities!!

Love you guys so much!! Your assignment: Love yourself as much as I love you. OK, you probably won't succeed at doing that, but you can have a lot of fun trying! You're great. You're better than you think you are. You can do it. Really, you can! Mountains are climbed one step at a time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok so how does the layout look to you?  Can you see the outside border that shows a flower?  Or is it almost all white?

If I choose the 2 column layout, it is perfect on my desk pc, but strange on my laptop.  If I choose the 3 column layout it is perfect on my laptop, but funky on my desk pc to where I can't hardly see any of the's almost completely white.

What do you see?  And what kind of computer are you using?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playin with the blog.............ignore the funk.  I know my header needs a pic in it..but photoshop is downstairs and I'm upstairs..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not sure how I feel about this new blog layout.  Might be a bit dark.  Well..a bit's black.  I don't think it gets much darker than black.  :)  I want something lighter.  I will look around :)  I'm gonna get a new font.  Laura has super cool fonts on her page and I covet them.  haha 

The weekend was awesome.  Had Jen and Eric's wedding, which was so beautiful!!!  Then later that night we got invited to go to dinner with the wedding party and some others that were in town.  It was super fun :)

Guess what happened on Sunday?  MY PUPPY WAS BORN!!!!  I came running into church and Pastor says, "Did you hear??  You're gonna be a Mom!!!" So exciting :)  I left quiz practice a little early and rushed off to their to see 2 of the 6 being born.  It was truly amazing.  Was so happy to be able to be there.

I'm gonna pick up one, maybe 2 houses for cleaning. So if you or anyone you know is interested let me know.  I'm lookin at the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.  Already have the 9am-11am slot filled.

We are getting our family pictures taken on the 31st by our friend Heather!  Her pictures are AMAZING.  We did a barter..she and her husband got a ton of our landscaping rocks and we get pictures!  I told her I think we got the better end of the deal :)  Anyway, we have no idea what we will wear, maybe jammies if all else fails :)  That would be SO US!  hmm  I'm sure one of the pics will make it onto the Christmas card, but I'll email you some once we get them.

This coming weekend on Saturday we have a get together planned and then on Sunday we have DeAnna's baby shower!  Can't wait to see her and Monet..and Gramma.  I haven't gotten to spend time with my Gramma in a long time.  Makes me sad.

Chris is down making fresh popcorn.  I'm not a big fan of the corn but I LOVE butter and I'm looking forward to it :) haha

I got another call for a job interview today..from a woman who sounded so miserable.  I thought hmmm..maybe I should go take that happy job instead of staying home!  haha yeah, right.  When I called her back to let her know I'm no longer pursuing employment the lady says all urrrgishly (new word), "Let me know if it doesn't work out."  OOh yes, I will.  Good Lord.  Why would anyone want to interview for a job with someone who sounds like they hate their job?????  Oh well..matters not.

I suppose I should take my resume off of the job sites. 

I ironed clothes last night.  I love ironing.  I quit doing it a long time ago.  But, oh my gosh I love to iron.  Glad I decided to do it.  It's such a relaxing way to pass the time.  I love the sound of the steam.

I found out that it wasn't too late to get J into the homeschool program we want (for this and next year at least).  So exciting!  And one of the things he will get to learn is sign language.  So fun!  I think we will wait and do this portion of his schooling when Ash gets home so we can all learn together.  Really excited for that.

Not sure I'm happy with the direction Amy and Matt are taking in Little People Big World.  What do you think of the season so far?

Looks like we will be co-opping the tamale making this year for Christmas with Chris' family.  And that it will be at Chris' cousin Renee's house instead of his Grandparents.  Will be different, but so fun!  I'm excited to get to be part of the preparation again this year.  Wasn't able to get the time off last year..which was sad.  Especially since it was probably the last year that Gramma would participate in making them.  But I'm sure she will let us know if we make them right or wrong this year! :)  She's so cute.

Well, I guess I better go for now.  But enjoy your evening.  Make the most out of even the littlest joys.  Because the the little joys add up quick, if you let them :)

We'll chat soon..

**UPDATE:  I changed the blog to a new color..still not sure about it, but at least it's not so dark :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eagles wings Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm a ball of emotions tonight.  Part of me is so joyous I almost can't really fathom that this joy has really returned to me.  I think I had pretty much locked this part of me away because losing it was just so hard for me.  And the other part of me is hurt and violated and angry and raw.

We have had a horrible year with my sons teacher.  She refused to communicate with us.  Last night we finally met her for the first time.  We were so upset when we left there.  I couldn't even put a thought together.  OK, I had plenty of thoughts, but not many that I should have had.  And I felt so horrible for sending my son there, when he belongs here, with me.  And, I've always known this..about both children.  It took me awhile to get to sleep last night and when I did get to sleep it was restless.  I woke up with that still nagging rot in my stomach..kept my son home from school.  Thankfully their fall break starts tomorrow, so this is perfect timing for what's happening now. 

The whole drive to work I sobbed and cried and just talked to the Lord, asking for His help.  I knew that there was no way, but that HE could make a way.  I asked for a window, a door, a crack, a crevice..any way that I could get out.  I asked of Him that today would be the day..I've prayed those words so many times over the last umpteen years.  I can't even tell you how many times.  "Please Father, let today be the day.  I can't do this on my own, but I know that through You I can do all things.  You never forsake me.  You never leave me.  You know every hair on my head.  You know my every hurt and you feel it right here with me.  I am your servant.  Show me Your face Lord. You make a way where there is no way.  I know all things happen in your perfect timing Lord, but I'm having a really hard time grasping your reasoning for waiting.  Regardless, I trust you.  I know you are my Provider.  You care for me.  You give your angels charge over me. Please Father, let today be the day."  Anyway...I got to work, still barely holding it together..and throughout the day just kept praying, "Let today be the day Father."

For those of you who don't know really the ins and outs of my/our families past you are probably wondering why the heck I'm freaking out over a parent teacher conference.  Please know that the conference has little to do with it..and at the same time, it has everything to do with it.  To make a long story short, I've always wanted to be a stay at home Mom.  I hate being away from home and my kids' behavior shows how much they hate Mom being away from home.  I never planned on being a Mom or a wife, but I am.  And I have allowed myself to love it..there is truely nothing I have enjoyed more than being a wife and a mom.  I've known that my kids were never to be in public school.  That they were to be with me.  But that hasn't been the case.  We've had "sign" after sign that they need to be home..My husband and I have had very different views on this. But he has been slowly changing his position, which only encourages me to continue my prayer:
"Please Father, let today be the day."

As many of you probably don't know, because I've kept it quiet for many reasons, I have been looking for a new job.  Every job I find is not working with where I know the Lord wants me to be.  I needed something temporary because the kids are going to be home schooled next year and at that time I would need to stay home or find something with different hours. 

If you've read "back issue" blogs you know that I asked for prayer..that my goal was for me to stay home all together.  That there was no way, but that I knew God could make a way.

Today, He made a way.  A way where there was no way.  He let today be the day.  Today I saw my husband for the first time.  The husband I have longed for.  The husband the Lord promised for me.  The husband I thought I could never love more, I now love and appreciate so much more than I can even describe.  The Lord has truely answered my prayers today.  Once again, proving that His timing is perfect. 

As of November 1st I will be home, where I belong.  My son will not return to that school.  Ashley is doing wonderfully and will finish this school year where she is at, then start homeschool next year.  But, finally, our family will be whole again.  I will still be doing a few side jobs, but they will be on my terms and I can take my children with me. 

Jaden is over the moon ecstatic with the news of being able to start home school earlier than expected.  His eyes got all big and teary when I told him he wouldn't have to go back to that school again.  He's already got PE ideas for me :)  He didn't deserve the things his teacher did or didn't give him.  He is the sweetest most loving and caring boy I've ever met and I refuse to let anyone break his spirit.  Whether intentionally or not.

Anyway, I have such tremendous peace.  Peace like I haven't had in years.  A new peace.  I know that I can appreciate this gift so much better now than I would have even 6 months ago.  And in that comes His perfect timing.

So, I am soaring on wings of eagles..and at the same time my Mommy heart is hurting over what was said yesterday in the meeting.  But you know what?  I have to let it go as Chris reminded me tonight.  What Jaden will remember from this is that Mommy and Daddy love him and keep him safe and value his needs.  And that is what's important. 

Well, I guess I just wanted to share with you what's been going that's my story :)  The fast we've been on is over as of midnight tonight.  And I am so glad that Chris and I took part in it.  If not for the fast I would not have been able to see things in my life that seriously needed changing because I would have continued to block it out with the drone of the TV.  Its amazing the changes you go through in 30 days of fasting.  As Chris was saying on Sunday, our vision is so different when we take our sunglasses/blinders off.  It's so much clearer and we can see things for what they really are.

I'm thankful.  I'm humbled.  I'm loved.  I'm at peace.

Love you dearly.  Thank you so much to you who I've sent all of my "please pray" texts to over the past month.  You will never know how much they have meant to me.  Never give up on the desires of your heart.  If they line up with the Word of God, they will be yours.

We'll chat soon..

Monday, October 12, 2009

beauty for ashes Is 61:3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Isaiah 61:3
…To give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness…

I know a lot of you are struggling right now, and you are not alone.  I found this scripture today and then found the picture that fit it beautifuly!  I pray He will blanket you in His peace and love on you with the deep, healing love that only He can offer.

Love you!

We'll chat soon...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Translation:  Can't sleep.

We were just getting to sleep last night when some _____ kids came and rang our doorbell a bunch of times, waking us up and alerting the whine machine in our dogs throat, because she thought she had a new visitor to play with.

Got to sleep after that....

Around 4:15ish I wake up feeling like I'm gonna throw up everywhere.  My stomach is actually churning, felt like a bread machine.  It was very strange.  I could feel whatever is in it swishing around and contracting.  Hmm..parasites?  Alien?  Gross.  So anyway, that began the "can't sleep process" again.  Then I started feeling a bit better, was able to roll over to my other side without the Alien exposing itself all over the bed.  Felt better for a minute...then my head started pounding. WHAT?  Throw me a bone here!  I just want to SLEEP!

Then I start thinking about all of the things I need to get done.  Boy howdy (that's for you babe), do I have a TON of stuff to do.  None of it requiring just a few minutes of time.  Everything requires a significant amount of time, and with undivided attention.  So my mind starts spewing off filthy ideas to me..."You should just get started on one of the projects now."   "You have a few hours before you have to be could probably get even two of the tasks done."  "If you keep yourself busy maybe your head won't explode brain matter everywhere from the impending aneurysm."  "If you just get into the massive email you need to send, your body will forget alllll about wanting to spew food everywhere."

I'm trying to get all of the ideas out of my head, and almost accomplish this...then my bladder starts talking.  "Um, Sarah?  I kinda gotta go."  OF COURSE YOU DO!

My throat chimes in, "It's a parched and weary land in here...water please?"   NO!  Later!

Legs finish it off, "We sure are restless...maybe you should get up and take us downstairs."  FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, up I go.  Put my jammie bottoms on, come downstairs, satisfy my bladder and my legs...ignore my throat..for fear of adding more fuel to the vomit stew currently simmering in my stomach.

Mind starts speaking again, "Wonder if you're pregnant..this has been goin on for awhile now."  SHUT UP brain..hubby is babies.  "Yeah, but it's still possible..just go buy a test."  NO, it's not possible. I've had monthly proof that your babbling is NOT a thought with merit.  Plus I have nowhere to put a baby.  And, in addition to that, I don't want anymore babies.   "Maybe God wants you to have another baby."   If God wanted me to have another baby I doubt you'd be nagging me.  It would just happen.  Zip it.

Anyhoo..I came and woke my computer up from it's slumber..looked for the program I was just sure I had on this pc (used to stand for personal computer..but in this case it stands for piece.crap.) only to find that I did NOT have it on this pc.  Maybe it's on hubby's pc.  Don't feel like moving over 3 feet to find out. project #1, done..denied rather.  To the back burner it goes.   Onto project #2.  I go online trying to find templates for my next project..something to get my creativity flowing.  Nope, ghetto.  Nada.  Horrible examples.  Project #2, on the back burner next to project #1.  This leaves my information overload email that I need to get out (like 2 days ago).  It requires opening Word.  It requires going to get the spreadsheet thing so that I can tsfr it to my pc for my files...but it's in the kitchen.  And I'm in the office.  Throat thinks this would be a good idea to go out there and get the info sheet..because then, likely, I'd give into it's demands for hydration.  Nah.  Not goin in there.  Project #3..sort of on back burner.   Moving along to Project #4...lesson plan for Sunday kids church.  REALLY need to get on that.  But, the materials are in the back of the car...which is an equal distance from the office as is the kitchen.  Much too far of a walk.  And, my legs have decided they are no longer restless..but rather lazy.  Of course they have..they do this everytime I give up on sleeping.  I frequently daydream of sawing them off..with a butter knife.  Just to teach them a lesson.

Is that lavender I smell?  Why is there still lavender in my office from the Christmas presents I made LAST YEAR..or wait, was that even the year BEFORE last year?  I hate the smell of lavender.  It makes me sneeze.  It makes my nasal passages close up for winter.  I should throw it out.  Nearest trashcan is in the hall bathroom..sorta next to the garage (work).  Or in the kitchen..sorta close to the fridge which holds the water (vomit).  Nope.  Lavender stays where it is for now.

It's now 6:30.  I've been up for over 2 hours now.  Ash just woke up and is in the shower.  This means it is officially too late to go back up and try to sleep again.  My day has officially begun.  Soon my tiny son will wake up and come give me hugs and look at me with his big blue eyes.  Ash will come down and ask me how I slept and why I am up so early (even though it won't be any earlier than I normally get up).  And then after that my hubby will come in and ask me why I left so early?  How long I've been up? Am I ok?  Then he'll tell me he's sorry I had a hard time sleeping.  He'll ask me why I'm wearing his head scarf thingy and probably give my forehead some kisses.  My pup will at some point during all of this come in and love on me..acting as if she hasn't seen me in 40 years.  I just love the way she is always so excited to see me.  Dogs are lovely creatures, don't know what I'd do without her.

Well, I'm rambling.  I realize this.  I found this quote last night:

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.”

Just thought I'd share that with you.  I loved it!!

Have a beautiful Saturday..find something to do that brings your heart joy..even if it's just pushing all of your projects to the back burner and enjoying some quiet time to yourself.  Love you.

We'll chat soon..


Friday, October 9, 2009's been a week.  I'm so glad it's over.  There were good moments and bad.  But God is good and He's still on the throne.  And I just know beyond all knowing that He blesses those who follow His leading..even when it's not easy.  The blessings far outweigh any of the cursings.

My life is changing directions and I have to say I have total peace about it.  I'll talk about it more later..but let's just say things are going well..even though the storm rages around me.  Sometimes getting out of the boat and walking out on the water is a hard thing to do..but as long as we keep our eyes firmly focused on the Savior, we will not sink.

TBQ quiz is tomorrow, if you're in the area come by and support our quizzers!  They will be dressed in crazy attire.  Starts at 9am I think..goes on for the better part of the day.  Drop in for a match or stay for the day!  Kuna Life Church..across from the High School, on Deer Flat.

Went to the Fall Festival at the kids' school tonight.  It was fun.  COLD.  But, fun-ish.  The fireworks at the end were awesome.  Thought maybe we'd meet Jaden's teacher finally tonight..nah.  She wasn't there.  Bless her heart.

Got to go visit with my Mom (and later my Dad) today after work.  It was so fun.  Mom and I had some brainstorming for my life..she read me a great thing she wrote about our family was so beautiful.  We were both crying in the end.  She's an amazing writer.  Then Dad came home with the doggies and I got to play with Nezka.  She's gotten super tubby and adorable.  Love that little snorter.  Mom n I chatted about different things in the Bible.  And also chatted about Redeeming Love.  She loved it it over the weekend :)  Then it was time for me to go, but not before Dad insisted on giving me dinner to go.  I love him.  So Mom warmed me up some mac n cheese and gave me a water to go..I swear.  I have the best parents on the planet.  Honestly.  They love me so good.

This blog is boring today, huh.  I'm sorry.  There's so much I want to say.  But I just don't have the energy right now.  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! can't do it on your own.  But that's ok!  You weren't meant to.  With HIS strength, we can do ALL things!  We will mount up on wings of eagles!  The Lord is with you mighty warrior, so RISE!

We'll chat soon...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

honest scrap Pictures, Images and Photos

I got this from Laura's blog: Life Happens, who first got it from Tiff at My Journey in Motherhood!

The logistics:

  1. Say thanks and give a link to the one who gave you the award.

  2. Share 10 honest things about yourself.
  3. Present this award to 9 other fantastically brilliant blogs of content or design, or peeps that have encouraged you.
  4. Tell those 9 people they've been awarded and make sure they're informed of these guidelines. goes.

1. Although I very rarely swear anymore (Thank you Jesus, this is truly a miracle), I do still swear on the inside quite a bit.  This is something I am working on.  Getting better daily.  But it's a work in process.

2. I don't like hair on sinks.  I really hate hair all together, anywhere but on the person/animal it belongs to.  Unfortunately, I'm a girl with long(ish) hair and I "shed".  AND, I have a Golden yeah, my house is flooded with hair.  Refer back to #1 for further clarification on this problem with hair.

3. I love mexican food.  I could (and pretty much do) eat it every day and be totally content.

4. Being in the country soothes my soul.  I long to be in a field of daisies..looking at my farm house off in the distance.

5. I've decided I would like to go to Ireland to rent a little cottage (or whatever they would be called there) on the nothing but read books, watch old movies, burn candles, eat cozy food and drink hot chocolate.  No work.  No site seeing.  Just me and the countryside.  There will be random sheep on the countryside.

6. I love prophetic worship.  Jason Upton being my favorite so far.  I love the way he allows the Holy Spirit to move through him. I listen to his music probably more than anything else.  Also enjoy Don Potter and am getting into Rick Pino, too.  Turn off the lights and let the Spirit move.  ahhh

7. I don't like to sweat.  At all.  Ever.

8. Screaming ill mannered children grate on my nerves.  Again, refer back to #1.

9. I'm somewhat of a hermit.  I love being home.  Probably because I'm not here much.  But having a day at home where all I have to do is relax and nap at my leisure..divine.

10.  My main goal is to grow into all He wants me to be...both as His daughter as well as my family's wife, mother, daughter, sister,'s a daily struggle.  But with growth comes growing pains.  The pains show me that I am indeed growing, so for this I am thankful :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This was at the end of my devotional this morning.  It was perfect.  Thought I'd share it with you.  Because sometimes that little dash can involve changes that we aren't necessarily going to enjoy but ones that are necessary in order to grow into all He wants/requires us to be.  Have a beautiful day guys.  Love you so much.  You can do it..whatever "it" may be for you today.  You may not be strong enough on your own, but with the guidance and help of your can do ALL things!

Here's the quote:

You may live much longer, or you may not. Only God knows. You don't decide when your life starts or ends, but you decide what to do with that little dash in the middle. What are you doing with yours? *Greg Laurie*


We'll chat soon..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What a great day it's been :)  Our JBQ practice was decent this morning.  I think we were all pretty sleepy.  But the kids have such a good attitude and just love the Word.  That's a good feeling.  Love to see their sweet smling faces.  They make my heart swell with joy.  Then we went into church and the last song of worship was none other than the song I posted on here this last week, With All I Am!!  Awesome.  The Lord is such a great comforter.  Love my Jesus.  Then after church we were chatting with buds and Kathy mentioned she made chicken noodle soup.  Oh YUM.  We decided we would have to make chicken pot pie for dinner tonight.  Then a bit later after she'd left her daughter came up and said "Mom says get your butts to the house for some chicken noodle soup!"  YES!!!  So excited.  It was delish.  The company was great, her house is so precious.  It's just home.  I love houses that feel like home.  Then it was off to the airport to pick up Judy & Randy!  YAHOO!!  So glad they are home.  Sad they had to leave their beautiful beach vacation, but glad they are back with us. 

It's a rainy, cold, dreary day outside.  And it's very cold inside as well!  As many of you know, I am cheap.  I don't like to run the heater or the AC anymore than absolutely necessary.  Now with not having AC at work this summer I have totally changed my view on the AC portion of my cheapness.  I want it cool.  I don't want to sweat A N Y M O R E!  But, in my home right now it is 65*.  Hey, if you're cold go put some socks on.  Grab a blanket.  Cuddle with a loved one, or your puppy. :)It would be a great day to cuddle up and watch a movie with some hot cocoa.  But, I am still thick into the 30 day fast.  So no TV for me! 

Today I decided to search out some bloggers around the world.  I've never done this.  My blog has been private since day 1, but last night I opened it up.  No more locks.  And today I figured out how to search for people with common interests!  How fun!!  Excited to get to know the new people in my life.

My hubby is on the couch across the room, reading by the soft light of the lamp.  He sure is a good looking guy.  He has the sweetest profile..which my son also has.  They are just sooo cute.  Anyway, I've got him reading Redeeming Love now.  He loves it :)  He was sceptical at first, I may have told you that.  Because the front of it looks like a trashy romance novel.  But now he's sucked into the story.  Gosh, I just cant say enough about this book.  I know, it's bordering on obsession, right?  But I have to tell you, it is literally the most beautiful book I have EVER read, next to the Bible.  Ok..I'll stop.  I won't say anything else about the book until at least a few paragraphs from now.

Ash is down at TBQ practice.  They are memorizing 1st and 2nd Corinthians this year.  She's doin great!  They are in the middle of their flocking fundraiser, she's loving doing that.  I think it's her most favorite part of the TBQ activities.  For those of you who don't know, flocking is when they go out at night and decorate peoples' lawns with lawn art...flamingo's, ladybugs, etc.  And then they leave an envelope on your door. You can donate money and/or pay insurance to not have the flockers return.  There's more to it, but to be honest, I'm not really schooled on it.  Anyway, she loves being sneeky in the cover of dark.  We haven't gotten flocked yet this year, but I'm sure it's comin!

I get to go feel my new puppy in her mommys tummy on Tuesday!!  Can't wait!  We've decided to name her Pumpkin.  Although, Taters is still my personal fave.  I will probably end up calling her punkin taters a lot. :)  Can't wait to have her in our family!!  Thanksgiving can't come soon enough.  My friend, Val, is going to get one too.  YAY!

Well, I guess I don't have much more to share today.  I'm feelin sleepy today and working on not dreading tomorrow.  To everything there is a season..and this one I will enjoy.  His mercies are new every morning, and I am so very thankful for that!  Just as today, tomorrow is also the day the Lord hath made.  And I WILL rejoice and be glad in it! 

Love you guys.  Take care of yourselves.  And, don't give up.  It's always darkest before the dawn.  But your dawn is coming!  You're never alone.

We'll chat again soon..