Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prayer, Sarah Palin, World Series, School & Holidays! Oh my!

The last month or so has been so filled with loss, tragedy, sadness, and struggle.  It seems every time I turn around I get a text/email/call from someone asking for prayer for something serious.  Really makes me realize, even more than normal, time is short.  Make sure the ones you hold dear know you love them, and that they are valued.  You just never know when your time with them will end, but one thing is for sure..it will be sooner than you'd like.   As you think about it, please be praying for those who have lost loved ones, or are struggling through disease, life altering instances, etc.  When we pray for others we open up all of Heaven.  Let's open up all of Heaven together, and ask for peace to rain down upon the Lord's people.

School has been a bit rough, not even gonna try to sugar coat it for you.  This year is when they want us 3rd grade learning coaches to start pulling back in our involvement as far as school tasks go.  It's quite the adjustment for us.  Where we used to get to work through everything together, he now has to sit for much of the time figuring out things on his own, etc.  The hard part for me is, I know if I would just read something to him (he's a very good reader, that's not the point), or re-word something, he would get it right away.  But, instead I have to sit back and let him try to weed through it on his own and come to his own conclusions.  Then helping him after that.  The teachers tell us Learning Coaches that this is a huge transitional year for all 3rd graders, so to expect it to be a bit of a struggle.  Anyway, I do see progress so that is encouraging.  But, not only does it frustrate the teacher side of me, it hurts the Mommy side of me.  He needs me less and less.  In some ways I welcome that.  In others, I resist it.  But, he must grow into the young man he's intended to be, without the umbilical cord.

Ash is doing really well with her classes, and is very involved with student council as well as other clubs and activities.  Math, I think, may always be a struggle.  But she's giving it her best, and that's all we ask for!  I'm in no way a math genius, so I can understand the frustration caused by not excelling in it.

Chris has been working his butt to the bone, as usual.  But, we are ever increasingly thankful that he has a job, times are hard.  HP (his employer) took the 2 of us (no kids!) on an all expense paid trip to game 3 of the World Series.  It was AMAZING!  Truly the trip of a lifetime.  We got to go with a group of other people who also worked on the account that got picked for the trip.  We shared lots of laughs, great food, and made the most awesome memories.  We even got to meet, and hang out with, Hank Aaron!  We also got to see President and Laura Bush, and Nolan Ryan.  Oh, and Kelly Clarkson!  I mean, come on.  Really?  I'm pretty sure this is a trip we will never, ever forget.

We watched the first of 8 episodes of Sarah Palin's Alaska the other night.  Wow, Alaska is gorgeous.  Breathtaking, really.  I must go there sometime.

I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is "my" holiday..no traveling, just staying home with my family and having that quality time that we never get any other time of year.  Some think it's selfish.  And, maybe it is.  But, I guess I just don't care.  It is very rare that my family gets to come together for time without limits.  And this is our time to do that.  Every year is also one I fear will be the last with my beloved Gramma.  I love my time with her.  She's threatened not to come this year, she's being stubborn and saying she will stay in the retirement home for the day.  I, as usual, tell her she has a seat waiting for her.  So far she's always shown up and had a wonderful time.  We shall see if she graces us with her angelic (haha) presence this year.  I'm sure she will.  If not, I promise to only ugly cry in private. 

I'm actually feeling kind of excited for Christmas this year.  Not sure why, but I am.  I even have Christmas music playing right now.  Can you flippin believe it!  I can't.  We think we are going to get a real tree this year.  Ash is very excited for it.  Jaden is threatening to move out due to the fire hazard it creates.  And such is life in the Mendiola home.

I bought our Christmas cards last night.  I am trying to decide if we will include a letter in with it this year, or not.  Your thoughts?

Well, J is almost done with his math work so I better wrap this up.  I pray you are all well, and finding many reasons to smile.  I know it's become cliche, but I just want to say, "Jesus loves you."  Because, He does.  So very much.  Be blessed my friends. 

We'll chat soon..