Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here is the much anticipated pic of the patio set..I finally found a table that didn't have a glass top AND wasn't eleventybillion dollars! WOOHOO! I just didn't think a glass topped table and Jaden would get along very well. We wanted one that could seat 6, but the bigger metal tables were all over $300. No thanks. So, we pieced together this different chairs than what came in the set and then got the umbrella that was in the display with the set. Now if it would stay nice and clear outside (aka, no thunderstorms!!) for more than 5 minutes, we could enjoy it fully!

For you fellow VBC members..our June book club selection is up!

Well, it's time for Momma to post..that means, it's picture time!!! :)

Those are the most recent pics of of our babies :) Here's one of J at his graduation

Graduation, needless to say, was very hard on me..I had to leave after the songs and ceremony to go to work (missed the ice cream party) which started it all off. Why am I THAT Mom. The one who has to leave early from important things. I hate that. Of course, if it had been any other day than Wednesday that they had the graduation, I could have been there for all of it. So, whatever. My life is blessed the way it is, sometimes there are kinks in it, but it's still wonderful. That's what I told myself all the way to work that morning ;) Anyway, it's a strange thing to have your last baby graduating kindergarten..and your biggest baby graduating 6th grade, going into middle school. All of the sudden, I have no more babies to take care of! What is a girl to do? Obviously these kidlings still need lots of caring for and nurturing..please, stick with me here..if you're a Mom you know what I mean. Babies grow up so fast. Most of the time you are begging for them to grow up and quit acting like infants and then you realize, oh shit, they went and grew up while I was complaining. Well..the graduation was sweet, they sang us songs and were all still excited to see Mom's & Dad's in the crowd. Waving madly and smiling ear to ear..most of them missing teeth. Hey, this is sounding more like a rest home.. LOL

So Thursday night (which was their last day) we got the kiddos a little gift and cards and took them out to a graduation dinner. J wanted McDonald's hamburgers and A wanted italian. I said heyll no to the McDonald's but agreed that he could have a hamburger..actually I think it was a cheeseburger he wanted from there, which is interesting b/c he hates pretty much all heavily processed food (then again, what isn't?), at the top of that list is processed cheese. Hmm..oh well. Anyway, we took them to The Ram..Ash had pasta and J decided to have fish n chips instead of a cheeseburger. He said they were good, like Uncle Dave makes for him in the summer. Then we went to Walmart and got all the fixin's for ice cream sundaes. Came home and shoved our faces. The kiddos put in Kim Possible (movie) downstairs and camped out down there (that's their favorite thing to do..who could blame them, their bedrooms are the size of matchboxes).

It was a good night :)

Then yesterday I worked, took Ash with me b/c we had the Edens/Mendiola girls night last night! It was me, Ash, Barbara, Judy, and Rebecca. We bowled! It was super fun. And, we didn't have any men there to be "better" than us! LOL Well, there was one guy next to us that was taking his craft WAY too seriously. Was sweating before he even went up for his first whatever it is..throwing of the ball. Carazay!

Then after that Ash and I went to Winco and did our grocery shopping for the next two weeks, and shoved into that budget, stuff for my friend when she gives birth and camping food and food for poker night. Woohoo! I am woman, hear me RRRROARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, it's Saturday morning..9:35am and guess's quiet..we aren't rushing out to do one's is good.

I got to see pics of Ryan and Leslie's (Amber's sister) new little sweetie, Cooper, today. He is soooo cute!! And, so tiny! Can't wait to meet him in real life. I guess the little dude couldn't wait another month to see his Mommy & Daddy, so he came a month early! That's a baby for ya :)

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you do! I see a lot of weeds in my backyard. But, I think maybe they will need to be enjoying their home for a little while longer. My back is a little kinked in the upper region today. Maybe I'll trade weed pulling for a nice sit in my chair out back and read my book with a huge glass of water by my side :)

Love ya!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Wow, its been a while since I blogged and it seems that so much has been going on lately. We've been so busy with work, birthdays, friends, family, school, and so on and so forth. So lets see....where to begin? I'll just give you a chronological recap of some of the highlights.

First off, Dad and Aldo arrived in town last week. We got to see them Monday night after they got in when we were all over at T's birthday party. It was a good time and great to see everyone. Didn't get to spend a lot of time with everyone since it was week/school night and we had to get the kiddos home early. We saw everyone again on Friday when we went to my Aunt Diane's house for a cookie baking bash. The kids and I picked Sarah up from work and headed over after grabbing a quick bite at Burger King and winning a few free burgers in their Indiana Jones game. Had a good time with everyone but again had to head out somewhat early cuz we were so tired and J was starting to feel kind of icky. We were supposed to see everyone again on Saturday, but weren't able to make it (more on that in a bit) which was too bad. We would have liked to spend more time with everyone but stuff happens. Dad and Aldo left today (unless plans changed) so they are probably on the road right now. So when you guys get home safe tonight and read this, it was great to see you again. We wish we had gotten some more time but we'll hopefully see you again soon and we loved being able to hang out while you were here. Love ya!

So Thursday was FIELD TRIP DAY for the kids. Both Ashley and Jaden had big all-day trips with their classes. J was heading to the zoo and Ash was going bowling and then ice skating. Sarah and I both had the day off (well Sarah did have an extra cleaning job lined up for later but was off from her regular gig) so we each went along with one of the kids. Sarah went with J to the zoo and I went with Ash bowling and skating. We headed over to the school bright and early and got ready to head out. I noticed right as we were getting ready to board the bus that my phone was dead so I had no contact with Sarah for pretty much the rest of the day. Luckily we all survived with no incident so that was good. Bowling was fun....skating, not so much. I decided not to skate even though Ash and her friends were begging me. I figured it would be easier on my old bones to watch others eat it on the ice rather than taking part in it. And man, there were some serious wipe outs. Several heads cracked on the ice, many falls and a few hurt limbs (hands, elbows, arms, legs, feet, etc...).....definately not something I wanted to do. But the kids had fun and after a couple freezing hours of spectating it was all over. We boarded up the bus and headed home. Sarah had a move out clean to do that afternoon after their trip so J went with Grammie during that time and they both got home later in the evening. We were all so tired we just headed out and grabbed some dinner at the Gallo Giro and then came home and crashed.

Friday day was pretty uneventful. J had no school but Ash had a full day and Sarah and I worked. Took Sarah to work that day and picked her up as I mentioned so we could go to the cookie bake. After that we got home and all went to tired.

Saturday was fun but super crazy. First off, it was "Bro's Day" as I think Sarah mentioned in an earlier blog. Since I had to leave around 10am, Sarah had to get up early to go get all the supplies for her potato salad and cake that she was making for her mom's birthday party the next day. After she got home I took off for the day's festivities. First stop was Starbucks so I could get a bagel and my morning cuppa joe. Then it was over the to movie theater to meet my buddy Jason and watch the new Indiana Jones movie. The movie was awesome! It had a couple of far fetched moments that I thought were a bit over the top and one truly horrible groan-inducing part that should never have seen the light of day. It was so bad. George Lucas officially now has some of the WORST ideas in screen history. What happened to you man?

Anyway, after the movie we headed into downtown Meridian and hit this place called Andrew's Rib Shack for lunch. Jason recommended it and said it was awesome. Sarah and I had actually tried to go there before but it was closed so I was excited to try it. We walked in and were greeted warmly, and while we were trying to decide what to order, one of the counter girls gave us each a huge rib to sample. It was the special that day and it was SOOOO GOOOD!!!! I decided to get that and Jason had the pulled pork sandwich. Grabbed a couple of brews and our food and headed out to the patio to sit outside and eat. Good food, good weather, good friends and good conversation.

After that we parted ways. I had to get down to Garden City for my haircut and made it just in time. Our friend, who also does our hair, is going on maternity leave and that was the last chance until August that she could cut my hair. Seeing as how I was already pretty shaggy, I didn't think I could wait that long so I squeezed the appointment into my busy day. After the cut, I had to run a couple errands before we were supposed to be out to Caldwell for a family gathering at my grandma's house. However, J had awoke that morning and was not feeling well at all. He actually woke us up crying in the bathroom cuz his stomach hurt so bad. So he and Sarah were going to be skipping the party and it was going to just be Ash and I. I was really pressed for time and was already going to be late but we were still hoping to make it.

First stop was Circuit City. We had finally received our stimulus check from the government and I was going to pick up Sarah's new digital camera. We had been researching them for the past couple of days and were pretty set on the one we wanted. I ran in and found the camera she wanted but they didn't have it in the color she wanted. So it was off to Best Buy instead. Both stores were having awesome camera sales that ended that day, and Sarah wanted her new camera for her mom's b-day party on Sunday so I had to get it then. BB had the camera in the color we wanted, but when I actually got hands on with it I was not impressed. So the hunt began for another one. I had actually scoped out a few models just in case of this very situation. I hopped on the phone with Sarah and we started figuring out the next best in the store and her at home researching on the internet. We finally decided on the right one (which she loves btw) and I was on my way again.

Next stop was Walmart. Jaden has been saving his money and his savings jar was full so I had promised him that he could get some toys that weekend. Well, now that he was sick he was all worried that he wouldn't be able to get his toys so I told him I would pick up his stuff when I was out. Also had to get some cream cheese for Sarah that she had forgot. Got to the toy section and talked to Jaden on the phone to make sure he still wanted what he originally decided on. Of course, that turned into me giving him a complete rundown of everything in the toy aisle and him changing his mind several times before finally deciding on his original purchases. I grabbed him a Batman mask, an Indiana Jones action figure and a fake switchblade knife. That's my boy!

Last stop on the way was to get gas. So much fun. I pulled in, put the usual amount in (which usually fills us up) and drove out with barely 3/4 of a tank. Love gas prices. The prices had actually increased $0.06 from when I drove by the same station eariler that morning. Gas.

Finally I was on the way home. I had called my dad a bit before and let them know I was running late but still planning on making it out. They said come on out, food was waiting. So I was racing home and my cell phone rang. Looked at the caller id and it was work. Great! I was on call that weekend and it was just my luck to get ringed up for an escalation. They explained the issue and I knew I would have to look into it when I got home. It wasn't something I could just have them do over the phone. I was hoping I could fix it quick and then head out again, but no such luck. I ended up working on the damn thing for over an hour. By the time I finished and called my dad again, they were packing it up already. There was no way I could make it out by then which was a bummer, but as I said, stuff happens.

Sunday was pretty leisurely, for me anyway. J was still sick so I stayed home with him while Sarah and Ash went to Sarah's mom's b-day party. They had a great time and I saw the pictures before they were deleted (story for another time). J rested most of the day. I had to do a little work and then I sat down to watch a movie and relax. Dave called and a bit later and said that they and my Dad and Aldo were all wanting to come over for dessert that evening. He was having them over for dinner that night and since they were just down the street they were going to stop by. So I whipped up some brownies and had Sarah get some ice cream on her way home. Since company was coming I figured I better mow the lawn then too. I was originally planning on doing it the next day but I had time so I got on it. The problem was, I was out of lawn bags and I only realized that after I had already mowed about half of the front lawn. So I had to mulch, but the grass was so tall already that it just left enormous chunks of grass all over. Looked shitty but at least it was done. I'll go back and mow it all again later. Sarah and A got home and everyone showed up a bit later. We gave Dad and Aldo the tour, had some dessert, visited a bit, then everyone took off.

Monday we were all off for the holiday so we decided to go out and do some shopping since J was feeling all better. Sarah wanted to get her patio set so that was the focus for the day. We headed all over. First stop Lowe's where we found a cool set for a good price, but decided to keep looking. Fred Meyer, Walmart, Joes, Target....nothing else had what we wanted. We broke for lunch at Whitewater and decided to just go back to Lowe's and get that set. Had to go by Walmart first to get some stuff, then loaded up and headed back to Lowe's. We got back to the store and started getting everything we wanted....table, chairs, umbrella, umbrella stand. We were carting the stuff up front and trying to figure out how to get it all home. We decided I would have to make two trips. First me and Ash and the table,umbrella and stand...drop that off....come back for Sarah and J and the chairs. The girl helping us said that if we split the purchases up into several transactions, each transaction of $50 or more would get us $10 off. Cool! Bought the table first then loaded it and had some room still so I went back for the umbrella and stand. Got the umbrella but they were out of the stand we wanted. I had a dude check inventory and they were on order but he could give us the floor model at 10% off. We took it up front and the cashier had a heck of a time figuring both the 10% and the $10 off but we finally got it. Loaded up, drove home, unloaded, dropped off Ash, threw a pie in the oven and headed back. Found Sarah and J, got the chairs and went out to the garden center to check out figuring it would be faster. We were only behind two other groups in line, but naturally the lady currently checking out had a cart full of flowers that weren't marked. It took the cashier forever to figure out what to do and finally sent the lady back to see if she could find tags I think.....whatever! After waiting for about 15 min we headed back inside. We got in line behind some lady and her daughter that were checking out and again, register drama. WHAT THE CRAP????? They finally got their crap sorted out, we checked out, loaded up and headed home. Unloaded, got dinner ready, it started raining so we couldn't set up the patio stuff or eat outside. We watched a movie with the kids, ate, they went to bed, Sarah and I built the patio stuff in the garage then moved it out back when the rain let up then crashed in bed ourselves. LOOONNGGG weekend man.

Anway, we're already almost to another weekend and even though this week was short, it already seems like so much has happened. But that's a blog for another day friends.......

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mine Momma!

My Mom is. She just IS. If you thought of every wonderful, funny, crazy, touching, thoughtful, caring and adoring word, she would be all of those. She's just always been everything to all of us. She'd stay up till 3am (or later!) to help us with projects, or comfort us when we were hurting. She'd bring me breakfast in bed when I was sick..beautiful breakfasts, not just cereal. She made our clothes, she home schooled us when she felt public wasn't doing a good enough job (and they weren't!), she taught us all about the love of our Savior. She taught us to love everyone, and to be kind. She taught us to be polite and thankful. She lead by example. She still does. She pushes herself so much further than any human should, but she does it because she loves to see others smile. She never puts herself first, and we beg her to. But, she has a servants heart. And because of it, she has blessed so many lives..more than I could possibly try to count. When I tell people I am Vicki Mundy's daughter, they instantly grin from ear to ear and tell me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and funny and loving Mom. My Mom will drop everything in an instant if her family or friends are in need. There's nothing she wouldn't do or give to help us. She's a wonderful wife and mother and friend and Grammie and sister and Aunt and cousin and anything else I might be leaving out. I am so grateful to have been blessed with this woman as my Mom. We've grown so much both on our own and together..and through it all, she's always been the inspiration I've needed to keep striving, to never give up and to love with everything I have.

Thanks Mom, for being you. You make my heart smile. I love you!


WWOOOHHOOO!! For those of you who missed the news, we finally got our "stimulus" check the other day. Which meant that it was finally time for me to get my birthday camera!!! Actually, I did a move out clean (as you know) last week so that paid for about half of it. SO, I still have money in my allotment to get my patio set, too. SWEET!

Anyway, hubby researched cameras for me all night on Friday. Then yesterday morning we were both looking at them before he had to leave for his "bro's day" with Jason. I thought we had settled on one, but then when he got to the store later, he found out that the reviews on it must have been whacked b/c the camera took horrible pictures! And, it was the 10mp one! Huh? Weird. So, then he was looking around there and we were on the cell talking..I was researching them online and came across one that he had looked at but it was 40 dollars more than the other one was so I had originally discounted it. But, he picked it up and it took awesome pics and the reviews online were great, too! AWESOME! So, long story short (might not seem like that was short, but really, it was..I promise) he brought home my new baby! I promptly charged it up so it could be ready for Mom's bday party today..took some pics last night and then hopped up bright and early and took more this morning! I sent out a web album but I have to admit I'm a little delirious..if you didn't get it and would like to, let me know. Until then enjoy the 3 I've posted in this blog.

Well, J hasn't had a fever since yesterday so I think he might be able to go to Mom's party..but his head (eye) is still hurting bad off and on. So we'll just wait and see how he's doing closer to the time we have to go.

I better go get things ready for today. Lots to do and time is never on my side!

Love you guys!!

P.S. YAY FOR NEW CAMERAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008 it's been a few days. Time flies whether you're having fun, or not.

Anyhoo, My boss' dear friend of over 25 years passed away this last week. This is the friend they had started the vitamin business for so that she could afford to get the RM-10 which helps raise the blood cell count (or whatever it is..I can't say I'm an expert..I just know it's amazing). So, it was a quiet and emotional and hard week. In the end, she didn't die of cancer, she was still in remission from that as far as I know..but instead she died from an infection she got after they removed part of her liver. The doc said with whatever it was, they only give 3 days to live and sure enough, she had 3 days. Anyway, they had the funeral on Friday so I worked a full day while they all went down to Twin Falls for that.

Thursday I had the day "off". Went to a field trip at the Zoo and then picnic with the class over at whatever that park is called over off of Warm Springs..the huge one..can't ever remember the name. Anyway, then went back to Mom's house (she went with us on the field trip) to drop J off with her. I had to go do a move out clean for my the rush of the morning I had forgotten to load all of my cleaning stuff in the flipping car. I only had a bag of cleaning rags that I had washed that morning. I was not happy. Mom convinced me not to worry about it, that I could use her stuff. And, I did. But, we all know, it's never as easy to clean with someone else's stuff as it is your own. Or, at least I think we all know that. Maybe I'm just weird? Don't answer that. lol Anyway, after 5 tail busting hours of cleaning I went back to get J and then out to Kuna where I picked up Ash and Chris and we went out to El Gallo Giro (my fave mexican restaurant) here in Kuna and relaxed and ate and ate and ate and enjoyed the atmosphere. Well as much as you can when your whole body is screaming for you to kill it, quickly. I swear, doing move out cleans are death. Absolute death. Anyway, then towards the end of dinner (took awhile, they were crazy busy..that's what happens when you go out to dinner at 7 instead of at 5 when we usually go) J started getting a headache and felt like he was gonna puke. Chris took him to the bathroom..came back, no pukey. But, he didn't look too hot. So, I took him out to the car while Chris and Ash finished their delishables. He started feeling better as he got fresh air and then just had a headache. So, I gave him some meds and sent him off to bed when we got home. He was all better the next morning.

Friday after work we went to Aunt Diane's for a get together...for anyone who doesn't know, the Dad's are in town until the end of the month. They're staying with Aunt Diane. Anyway, Grampa Frank wanted to have a cookie making night with all the grandkiddys. So they all made snickerdoodles, his famous recipe. And, they were SOOOO good. I ate too many of course and was having issues with keeping consciousness. I just don't do good with sugar anymore. My heart no likeys it. Anyway, we got to bring home a container of them so I'll enjoy them for days to come, but this time I'll have only one at a time ;) So..after we left there we had to stop by Target so J could look at something..I think Indiana Jones stuff but I'm not sure. And, Ash needed pencil lead. We left there and on the way home J and I both had horrendous headaches. I gave him meds when we got home and sent him to bed. Then when I went to check on him later he was drenched in sweat and shaking :( Poor baby. This morning we woke up to him crying in the bathroom. He had a fever and felt like he was gonna throw up. Daddy convinced him to settle down and try to remain calm. I set up a bed for him in our bathroom, got the usual water and saltine crackers..he slept for hours. Finally around noon I had him come downstairs for a movie and some Propel. He's doin better now, thank God. Usually he holds onto his fevers for days. Anyway, because of this, only Ash and Chris will be going out to Gparent Mendiola's house today for the bbq. I'm sad we can't go, but don't want to risk infecting everyone there.

I made a 10lb bags worth (and 20 eggs) of potato salad this morning for Mom's birthday party tomorrow. Will make the cake later tonight, carrot cake. If J doesn't have a fever again at all up until we go tomorrow, we might take him. Otherwise, Chris will stay home with him and Ash & I will go.

There's a chance we might be welcoming a new dog into our home. Our friends are having to give away their retriever/lab mix 1 year old puppy, Cowboy. Sadie is also just about a year old, she would love to have a brother. There's one other friend looking at him today I guess, so hopefully they won't want him (I know that's horrible) and we can have him instead! The kids want him to come live with us "right now". We hopefully get to go see him tomorrow. But, he's beautiful. So, prayers on that are appreciated!

Well, I'll go for now. I'm gonna go get some rest and try to ignore the filthy rooms/floors/bathrooms, etc in this house that desperately need cleaning.

I think I'll take Monday off from work..I have the choice to go in, but I think no. I really need a day completely free from work.

Love you guys. Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend, don't forget to give thanks for those who gave so much for our freedom, and maybe even say a prayer for the families who are mourning the loss of their soldier(s) right now. It's not just a 3 day weekend, it's a time to reflect on all of your blessings and how fortunate you are to have freedom, because of someone elses sacrifice.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

It was a beautiful day..not sunny, but nice and warm and a little humid, had a bit of a good storm there for an hour or so. Made me homesick for Texas. Had a lump in my throat for the better part of the afternoon. I won't lie, there are still many days when I want to pack up and go back. But, life without family, even if it is in your ideal setting, just isn't worth it. I know we are where we are supposed to be and I'm thankful to be here. But, there's not a day I don't think about going home to Texas. We tell each other that one day we'll buy a vacation home there. That would be nice. My cousin Amy just moved to the Dallas area and my super cool buddy Kim moved to the Dallas area last year. Still have all our buddies down in Houston, too. Hopefully we can make a trip down there in the next year or so. The kiddos always talk about wanting to go back to Texas..they'd be pretty thrilled if we told them we were goin there for a vacation! We really had a wonderful life there. But, our life here is blessed, and wonderful, too.

It's Chris' game night...he's out in the game room having fun with his buddies.

Went to T's bday party last night. We were surprised when we pulled up and saw the Dad's standing in the driveway! They had called us earlier and had Ash tell us to tell everyone Hi for them so we just figured that we'd see them when they had gotten time to settle in and rest after the long drive from San Francisco..but NOOOO, they're like 2 little energizer bunnies! Anyway, it's always so good to see them. Makes my heart smile when they are close. Anyway, T's party was nice. Amber made a super cool cake. I forgot my camera..CRAP! She said she'd email me a pic of it, when I get it, I'll post it for yall.

I found my friend Alan on Myspace! We'd lost touch just before I went into high school, or maybe just as I was entering high school..can't remember which. We had moved to a new house and somehow I lost his info. Anyway, it was so nice to find him! Always nice to find friends you'd worried you'd lost. He's in a band now, they are fabulous!! It's called Lieutenant Marscapone.

Jenn, how did your interview go today??? I'm on the laptop and don't have yahoo messenger up here so I can't chat with you!! Hope it went well.

I was watching some horrendously boring movie called Away From Her earlier..had to turn it off b4 I hurt myself. Now, I'm watching my beloved Alaska Experiment. It's an awesome show!!

We've got a huge 2 weeks ahead of us, absolutely jam packed. I'm not quite sure how we're going to fit half of it in. I'll just take one thing at a time..right honey?? LOL

Chris is going to see Indiana Jones on Saturday with Jason. It's their "Bro's day". They're so excited. They've been planning it for a long time.

Well, I will stop for now. You all have a wonderful night. I love you like crazy and am sending cyber hugs your way!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How could I have forgotten to tell you about J's black eye!?!

As most of you know, my son just adores walking in front of and behind swings while people are swinging on them. He's enjoyed this game of chicken since he was just a wobbly little toddler. We've told him over and over, "J, you can't walk by a swing, you're gonna get hit in the face!" He always would reply in one of two ways. 1. "Why?" or 2. "OK." sometimes he would even reply with a combination of answers 1 & 2. But no matter which answer he chose, it was always accompanied by the look of 'my parents are idiots'. He just couldn't fathom that he was putting himself in the presence of extreme danger!

Well, anyway, last week he finally lost his game of whacked good in the eye. He still managed to think it wasn't his fault, and that Teigen MUST have done it on purpose. No, son, that's just not so. So, although he is still confused as to why he can't walk by swings, he has promised that he won't do it anymore. And, he's also decided that when he's waiting to get on a swing, he will wait to get on until after someone else is off instead of attempting to go up close to them and ask if he can have a turn while they are in mid swing and their body is moving at mach speed towards his face.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today was NARNIA DAY!! The movie was great :) The first one (theater version not tv version) will always be my favorite (I think), but this one had some insanely awesome favorite moments involved the two pictures above. Gave me chills from top to bottom I tell ya!

ANyway, it's still 92* outside according to my little weather bug guy on my pc..and it's 9:08pm! Such a beautiful day. Nice and sunny and breezy. Can always count on Kuna to have a nice breeze goin..we sat outside for hours tonight, reading, eating dinner, chatting..the kids all played in the sprinkler. I was gonna fill up the pool but I'm out of D batteries and Momma ain't blowin up the pool by mouth! The girls are upstairs playing Rockband and eating candy. J is watching them and desperately wanting to play with them. Oh the woes of a baby brother.

I'm wanting the Schwann's Man's chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches..but I don't have any and I haven't seen him driving the neighborhood. I could go to Paul's and get Fat Boy's..but that would involve effort.

Chris and I were sitting alone (well Sadie was there) outside, all the kids had gone inside..I said, "You know what's fabulous about tonight?.................We're not doing ANYTHING!!!!" It was so nice to have absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go..we need those moments sometimes. Today has been great.

I finished my book today. For those of you who don't keep up with our book club, it was/is called, The Shack by William P. Young. It was really good! Fun to read..well if you can call it fun.. Chris saw the other day that James Frey's new book is out..we can't wait to get our hands on it!! I think we'll be fighting each other to read it first.

We bbq'd tonight..well Chris did all the work, I ate. :) Had turkey dogs, chorizos and teriyaki chicken..well Chris says it's kind of teriyaki, kind of maybe I'll let him explain that. Regardless, it was really yummy.

Oh, btw, his hummus was INSANE. So freakin good. I had a guacamole moment (u know..the problem I had with guac a few weeks back where I couldn't stop eating it?) and ate more than any human should eat in one sitting. Well, I didn't sit...just shoveled it in and then wiped my finger around the bowl and sucked my fingers clean. Yup..I did.

I'll let you go now. Have a great night! Dad's, I think you leave tomorrow is that right? Well, be safe! Love you and see you soon :) I love the rest of you, too, just in case you were worried.

P.S. I love to use "..."'s

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ok, ok..

(don't forget to look at Chris' blog for today, it's below this one)

So..Friday, what happened Friday? OH yes..Friday I prepared the dip for the baby shower..did some stuff around the house..made my man a hearty breakfast..later, I took J to work with me..we left a little early b/c we had to stop and get a present for his friend Kaegan's birthday party and also find me a pink shirt for the baby shower. Everyone had to wear pink. I don't get along real well with pink. Well, I tried on every shirt at Old Navy..found one that I thought could work. J loved it. We checked out, ran to Shopko got the gift, drove threw Carl's Jr to get J some lunch and then rushed off to work. After work, we went home and I tried on the shirt. Chris loved it. I got a look at myself in a real mirror (versus the Old Navy warped one) and said, "I look like an effing sausage" We went back to town to return it and look we had to go back to town to get Mother's Day cards. Returned that pukebag of a shirt to Old Navy..tried on a few more failures then we left for Walmart. At Walmart I found a great tshirt, and for only $6.77. Chris says, "Babe, I don't know why you didn't just come here to begin with, you know they always have what you want." Yeah, yeah..I know. But, I just hate dealing with the cave dwellers who work there..and the degenerates who shop there. Oh wait, I shop there. oops

Well, anyhoo..Saturday morning Ash and I got up bright and early, got ready and left the house at 9. I thought I had everything I needed, but I hadn't made a list. I know, I think it's the first time in life I didn't have a list. And because of that, I later realized I had forgotten my muffin tin as well as the chicken. Oh well..that's what grocery stores are for. So, we went and picked up the cake at the cake lady's house and then to Zurcher's to pick up my balloon order, then rushed down to Mom's, dropped that stuff off, picked up the other balloons and headed down to Fred Meyer to drop them off to be filled up, oh, and to pick up more chicken and to get mini Phyllo shells instead of a muffin tin. The cashier was having a melt down..we squabbled a bit..I had to tell her quite a few times to calm down and that there was no need to be worried about anything..she finally caved and realized, I think, that she was having a "moment". Anyway, then back to Mom's house to prepare the food for the shower. Mom came home soon after that and rushed around cleaning and setting stuff up..yada yada yada..hours later, the baby shower started! It was such a great day. Everything was beautiful, she got SO many gifts it might as well have been a wedding. I think it was the best one I've ever been to. She was surrounded by family and drama..just fun. What a blessing that was! We stayed late helping to clean up and then I went home..Ash decided to stay the night there instead of coming home with me. Mommy heart was crushed b/c this meant she wouldn't be there for Mother's Day morning to help make the breakfast they had all planned together. But, whatever..preteen minds have been proven to function at almost zero capacity. She, last night, came and told me how very, very sorry she was that she made that choice. I told Chris, I can completely understand why it didn't cross her mind that it would hurt my feelings, I know the mind of a kid in puberty..I know that she would never intentionally hurt anyones feelings, and she did work all day making me a special gift. He very correctly said, "yeah, but that doesn't make it any easier" True, true.

ANyway, so Sunday, I got up and came down to make the blackberry coffee cake for later in the day at Mom's house. J came down and gave me a huge hug and told me Happy Mother's Day and gave me the poem he wrote in class for me. It was so sweet. Made my morning. Then he went and got Chris and they came down and Chris gave me his was beautiful as always, and said all the right things. :) Then they started in on making my breakfast, it looked like it could be on the cover of a magazine, of course. Chris just really has a knack for making meals look beautiful..oh, and it was. Absolutely DELISH!

Well, after that we got ready and left for Mom n Dad' there and chatted outside while the weather was still nice n sunny n warm and then when it got dark n cold we headed inside. Dad grilled up burgers (turkey burger for me..aww nice!), then we ate the cake..the kids had ice cream sundaes..I think Dad n Gramma snoozed a bit..then we all went our own way..we went to the grandparents like Chris said..but they weren't there so we went on home. On the way we stopped at Maverick to see if they had my Georgia Peach frozen yogurt. We've been doing that for weeks, every time I come out disappointed. BUT, yesterday they had it!!!!!!!!! So I mixed that with the cheesecake frozen yogurt and entered into paradise. I was SO EXCITED!!! The day couldn't have been any better. Then when we got home I went to bed and passed out for a few hours. It felt SO nice to have rest.

OK, so the power has gone out 3 times so far while I've been trying to write before I have to re-write anymore of this ONE MORE TIME, I will go. Have a great week! OH, and here are a few pics from the shower:

DeAnna and Mom

DeAnna and her Mom, Teresa

DeAnna & Ash

The cake! In case you can't tell, it's a little teddy bear on the horse with a lasso in one hand and her cowboy hat in the other. The shower was in a baby cowgirl theme.
I think if you double click on any of the pictures it will enlarge to normal size and be easier to see.

Hey dudes! Well another weekend is in the books and here we are on a bright and beautiful Monday morn. Ahhhh.

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend....and I hope you remembered it WAS Mother's Day and gave a shout out where needed. We had a pretty easy going day for the most part. We got up and made a special breakfast for Sarah and gave her some M-Day cards. After that we got ourselves all dudded up and headed over to Sarah's parents' house where everyone met for lunch. Then we headed off to see Grandma and Granpop Edens and my mom, but they were at dinner so we dropped off a few items and headed home.

Once we got home Sarah crashed and slept for a few hours while the kids and I watched Empire Strikes Back. I tried to muster up the will to mow the lawn but I just couldn't do it. Plus it was kind of cold and windy and looked like it was going to rain so I postponed that nonsense.

OH, super funny story that I'm surprised Sarah hasn't already shared. The other day Sarah had hiccups and came out of the bathroom complaining about them to me. I started saying some comforting words and then......AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I screamed at her out of nowhere and startled the piss out of her. It was both hilarious and helpful at the same time. She was super on fire at me for scaring her so bad but later had to call and admit that I actually got rid of her hiccups. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

Well that's about all for now. We've got another full week and weekend ahead so we'll be keeping busy. J has his trial run at a full day of school this week to prepare them for first grade next year. He's super excited and they get to go sit with the first grade class and do first grade work and have lunch at school. We've also got poker, some b-days, another baby shower, Ash's buddy staying the night and Narnia so we've got a full slate.

Hope you all have a great week and remember: wherever you go, there you are.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to our two fabulous Mommies! We hope you both have a beautiful day. We love you so much, and wouldn't be here without you .. literally!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

OK, fine, I'll blog..sheesh, don't get your panties all in a wad. heehee

I'm sitting here with toothpics in my eyes to keep them open. Have I mentioned yet that I want to remove May from the calendar? Well, except for my Mom's bday..we can't lose THAT! Does toothpics have a k in it? toothpicks. toothpics. Well, whatever. I'm sure spellcheck will tell me in the end. But, I won't edit this in the end, so that you can also wonder which one is right. (no, I'm not stoned)

How did it already get to be Thursday night is what I'm really wondering. I feel like it's Monday. But at the same time I feel like I've done so much that it MUST be a Monday in the year 2027.

Tonight we had A's middle school orientation type thingy. The principal, who looks like she could be 12, kinda gave us the general run down of stuff and then set us all free to walk around the school and look at the classrooms, chat with teachers who were there, look at projects, etc. It was fun. Ash said she didn't realize how big it was. From the outside it really doesn't look as big, so I totally understand her awe and fear! I hated junior high. Hopefully she will like it better. She's not moving to a brand new state and a brand new school like I did though, so I'm sure she'll be better off!

Ughh I have SOO much to share but I can't decide where to maybe I won't, really.

DeAnna's baby shower is this weekend. Mom n I went shopping for the rest of the stuff yesterday, it was a lot of fun to get out and do something fun with her. My days are so filled with things that I have to do on my was nice to have someone to chat with and laugh with. We also had to talk about Stella which resulted in Mom choking up and me begging her to stop talking about her before I really flipped out and had a total sobbing melt down! Anyway, onto brighter things, I'm making the food for the baby shower, should be yummy stuff. I'll take pics, if I remember, and post them.

Mother's Day is also this weekend (don't forget!), Chris wanted to know what I want to do. 1st, I hate that question. Anyway, I told him just make the big family breakfast that we normally do on Saturday (A and I wont be here that day) on Mother's Day instead. So, he's gonna do that. Will be a nice quiet morning. Then later in the morning/early afternoon, we'll go drop off stuff to his Momma and then to mine. Then back home..I think we'll take Sadie with us. She can't be alone that long. And a trip to Boise and back with dropping stuff off can easily eat up 3 hours. Ahh the Kuna life :) It's always sweet to get home though. I do love living out here. It's so nice and quiet (not counting the train).

The kids are doin great, counting down the days till summer vacation starts. Mom's excited to take them during the summer since she's not working as much anymore. Kiddo's are excited, too. They love their Grammie and Grampie time.

We're goin on our first camping trip with my brother Matt n his loverly wife Laura in June.. CAN'T WAIT!!! We're gonna all cram into their truck (yes, seatbelts for all of us, what do you think I am, crazy??), throw our dogs n stuff in the back and attach their tent trailer and get out of town!! Hey, with gas prices, you can't go in your own vehicle. YOu have to share gas prices. I paid $20 today in gas and only got a 1/4 of a tank. I wanted to set fire to the gas station. But, I didn't. I just bent over, took the fat one up the tail pipe, said thank you and drove away with my head hung low.

I think Chris is doing well, but not sure. I don't get to see him a whole lot this week. I think I'll go stare at him for awhile..he sure is a sweetie. Love him.

Well, have a great rest of your week. Hope you get to do something fun. And, if you're a Momma, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! You're important, you're needed, you're wanted, you're special and unique, and I love you!"

Nighty night


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We interrupt this blog......

I was gonna blog, but instead I thought I'd share a funny story with you all. Enjoy!

One Man's Good Fight

I went grocery shopping recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity of my patented "You're definitely going to shit yourself" chili. Tasty stuff, albeit hot to the point of being painful, which comes with a written guarantee from me that if you eat it, the next day both of your ass cheeks WILL fall off.

Here's the thing. I had awakened that morning, and even after two cups of coffee (and all of you know what I mean) nothing happened. No "Watson's Movement 2".
Despite habanero peppers swimming their way through my intestinal tract, I appeared to be unable to create the usual morning symphony referred to by my next door neighbors as thunder and lightning.

Knowing that a time of reckoning had to come, yet not sure of just when, I bravely set off for the market; a local Wal-Mart grocery store that I often haunt in search of tasty tidbits. Upon entering the store at first all seemed normal. I selected a cart and began pushing it about dropping items in for purchase. It wasn't until I was at the opposite end of the store from the restrooms that the pain hit me.

Oh, don't look at me like you don't know what I'm talking about. I'm referring to that "Uh oh, gotta go" pain that always seems to hit us at the wrong time. The thing is, this pain was different.
The habaneros in the chili from the night before were staging a revolt. In a mad rush for freedom they bullied their way through the small intestines, forcing their way into the large intestines, and before I could take one step in the direction of the restrooms which would bring sweet relief, it happened. The peppers fired a warning shot.

There I stood, alone in the spice and baking aisle, suddenly enveloped in a noxious cloud the likes of which has never before been recorded. I was afraid to move for fear that more of this vile odor might escape me. Slowly, oh so slowly, the pressure seemed to leave the lower part of my body, and I began to move up the aisle and out of it, just as an elderly woman turned into it. I don't know what made me do it, but I topped to see what her reaction would be to the melodious effluvium that refused to dissipate, as she walked into it unsuspecting. Have you ever been torn in two different directions emotionally? Here's what I mean, and I'm sure some of you at least will be able to relate.

I could've warned that poor woman but didn't. I simply watched as she walked into an invisible, and apparently indestructible, wall of odor so terrible that all she could do before gathering her senses and running, was to stand there blinking and waving her arms about her head as though trying to ward off angry bees. This, of course, made me feel terrible, but then made me laugh. BIG mistake.

Here's the thing. When you laugh, it's hard to keep things "clamped down", if you know what I mean. With each new guffaw an explosive issue burst forth from my nether region. Some were so loud and echoing that I was later told a few folks in other aisles had ducked, fearing that someone was robbing the store and firing off a shotgun.

Suddenly things were no longer funny. IT was coming, and I raced off through the store towards the restrooms, laying down a cloud the whole way, praying that I'd make it before the grand mal assplosion took place.

Luck was on my side. Just in the nick of time I got to the john, began the inevitable "Oh my God", floating above the toilet seat because my ass is burning SO BAD, purging. One poor fellow walked in while I was in the middle of what is the true meaning of "Shock and Awe". He made a gagging sound, and disgustedly said, "Sonofabitch!", then quickly left.

Once finished I left the restroom, reacquired my partially filled cart intending to carry on with my shopping when a store employee approached me and said, "Sir, you might want to step outside for a few minutes. It appears some prankster set off a stink bomb in the store. The manager is going to run the vent fans on high for a minute or two which ought to take care of the problem."

That of course set me off again, causing residual gases to escape me. The employee took one sniff, jumped back pulling his shirt up to cover his nose and, pointing at me in an accusing manner shouted, "IT'S YOU!", then ran off returning moments later with the manager. I was unceremoniously escorted from the premises and asked none too kindly not to return.

Home again without having shopped, I realized that there was nothing to eat but leftover chili, so I consumed two more bowls. The next day I went to shop at Albertson's. I can't say anymore about that because we are in court over the whole matter. Bastards claim they're going to have to repaint the store...

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well not really, but today was kind of a pisser. First off, work SUCKED!!! I got woken up early this morning by some frantic application team in India. After about 20 minutes of trying to decipher what they were saying, it became clear they needed me to perform an urgent restore. I still don't know how they got my cell phone number or why they felt that calling me directly was the best course of action, after all we have procedures for these types of requests that, when followed correctly, ensure they get the proper response. At any rate, after I finally got them to stop bugging me and let me actually work on the request I got it resolved and they were happy.

The rest of the day was filled with fixing issues and looking into things that broke over the weekend. Pain in the ass typical stuff but for some reason everything was just more complicated today....mostly due to the fact that it seemed everyone I needed help from was useless. I finally had to just end it and put stuff off until tomorrow before I flipped out.

Sarah finally got home after work and I was able to go take a relaxing shower. However, as I got in I realized I had no washcloth. I stepped out quickly to grab one and when I turned back around my foot slipped and I bruised my hand trying to catch myself. FRIGGIN AWESOME!

So now my hand is throbbing but at least I'm clean.

After dinner I decided to try calling the IRS again to inquire about our stimulus rebate. According to all the online stuff we definately qualified, and the schedule said that since we used direct deposit for our refund, we should have gotten our rebate last week. However, when I try to check the rebate status on their website it tells me that no information can be found. After sitting on hold for close to 30 min, a delightful woman came online to "help" me. I had her on speaker phone and Sarah told me she sounded like Roz from Monster's Inc. Total monotone and lack of any emotion at talking to a robot just spouting off facts. In the end, it turns out that they don't show we used direct deposit because it didn't go directly into our account. We used Turbo Tax and in order to deposit our refund into our account it goes through some other bank in California first. So becuase of that, our rebate will be mailed out at the end of the month.


I guess its still better than getting nothing so I can't really complain. However we know people that did the same thing as we did and already got their rebate last week. Whatever though. We'll just be patient.

Now its time to relax a bit. I think I'll grab myself and ice cream sandwich and go retire to the Man Cave to watch Little Peeps with the fam. Hope everyone else's Monday went better than mine. Later dudes!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well, we did it :) And by we, I mostly mean Chris. hee I did the planning and grocery listing and the prep work, but my hubby really pulled the whole thing off! But, I DID make my charro beans..because that is something no one can do better than I. ;) In fact, I just enjoyed a bowl..will probably have another later this evening.

It was a pretty quiet day really. I don't think I've ever seen a get together that involved Mundy's that was so quiet! My Mom's dog had gotten lost, so my Dad didn't come cuz he was searching the planet for her. So that left Mom a little emotional. BUT, in the end he found the little diva and all was well! Glad she didn't go far. I think they would've been pretty heartbroken if she didn't show up.

We had endless food and then lots of yummy feasted on candy once Cody busted that pinata wide open. We knew once he got up to bat the thing was gonna be done for! I guess we should have had Ash and Brandon get their swings in before him, but oh well, they both beat the crap out of the they had their fun, too.

People slowly left one by one and the boys slowly left one by one, in upstairs to play Rockband. haha Laura did, too. Steve n Bethel n Wade got a good kick out of them, I think. They are fun to watch....for awhile ;) It's pretty mind numbing after about an hour. Then they all went home.

Barbara stayed the night..we got up made Saturday morning family breakfast just like we always do..eggs, sausage, hash browns, juice, coffee..and Barbara made some dang fine biscuits, too! Then we all rushed off to see Iron Man was a bit too intense for a 6 year old. Well, for my 6 year old anyway. My kids really don't watch stuff like that, which might surprise some of you! Anyway, he made it about 45 minutes into it and then he and I spent the rest of the time walking the parking lot, checking out Harley Davidson's, whacking dandelions, exploring new buildings, etc..he found a walking stick and a stick that looks like a steeple to a church, he says. We sang some songs..he pretended to play some video games (no money) was good Mommy Son time..I'd rather have that over a movie any old time.

Now we're home..Ash is cleaning the kitchen and I saw J run by my window a minute ago (wonder where he was headed off to?)..Sadie's basking in the sun..Chris just got a call from his Dad.

I'm thinking I'll head upstairs for a nap before we go to the gparents' house later this afternoon.

Ugh...Chris just got another phone call..from my Mom this time, I guess our family dog (technically Jon's) of many years, Stella, passed away today. They think she had a stroke or heart attack or something. She loved us for a lot of years..she was a great dog. It will be so weird to walk into their house and not have her there to look at us with those pretty doe eyes and push on us when she wanted to be pet. We'll miss you Stella girl. Anyway, keep the family in your's gonna be an emotional time. We've had quite a lot of family dog drama over the last year. But, Stella had a lot of good years and she was really struggling with her arthritis and everything else, so really, it's for the best. But, that doesn't mean it's easy.

Love you guys

Saturday, May 3, 2008

So my husband is the sweetest sweetie in all of sweetie land. I may have mentioned that before..but it's just so true!

Long paragraph starts.....NOW!

Yesterday I got up at 7 (not all THAT unusual..just 30 min earlier than normal if I can help it), came down, started getting the stuff ready for the carne asada..Chris was on a were asking eleventy billion questions, and from about 2 inches from my face, but being helpful, and cute, and excited, so I was ok with it. I think last year we only had Matt n Laura over for Cinco, didn't we? Or was it Dave n Amber? I can't remember. Anyway, we had bigger get togethers in Texas and then one really big one at our Red Maple house before we moved..of course they don't remember any of that and think that this is the first time Mommy n Daddy have ever had ANYONE over for ANYTHING, EVER. hmm. Kids. We have a freakin Pinata for today, hopefully they'll remember THAT! hahahaha..oh wait, I'm quickly digressing. Anyway, then Chris came out (had been on a meeting), ran the kids to school, came back to be my ever so gorgeous assistant in packing the carne into the ziploc bags. I say ziploc but I cheaped out and got good value or something, even though I knew it was a bad idea..well, next time I will remember, ziploc only. We threw that in the fridge, I disinfected all the crap off the counter and sink, kissed the hubby n puppy, and then ran out the door to clean houses all day before going to my "real" job at the shop. Was driving down to Gramma and Grandpops, talking to Jess and where the HELL am I. Apparently my brain left my body, instinct took over and I was headed for the hills. I was already passing the mall, headed towards downtown on Franklin. CRAP! I'm on such a tight time schedule, I have zero room for mistakes, or running for the hills! So, by the time I got to the gparents I was 15 minutes late. Rushing rushing rushing..left there at 11:15, rushed down to the next house. Yes, I've picked up an old client. She was going to school and couldn't afford it anymore, now she can. She hates to clean her bathroom. I'm pretty sure she hasn't cleaned it since I was last there..about a YEAR ago!! Oh, eek. I finally had to quit trying to get it clean (she knows it will take me a few cleanings) and scraping the black mold from the door frame of the shower doors. I was gonna be late for my "real" job! Left there at 1:40. I have to be at work at 2, all the way over on Locust Grove and McMillan! Did I mention her house is over right by my Mom's house? Did I also mention that every road is under construction? Did I also mention that traffic was a cluster f*$&?????? Got to work 10 minutes late. Clothes covered in bleach..ran in, changed my shirt..worked for a bit, went back n changed my pants..finally was in clean clothes by around 3. I was in a super bad mood..thinking of all the stuff I had to do when I got home...meaning, baking 2 cakes, a lemon bar thingy, making charro beans, getting dinner ready, stopping somewhere to get a beer for my carne, etc etc etc. But, then the kids at work just, as usual, made the day better. They don't notice a bad mood, or a hard day, they just wanna hug n laugh and love on ya. I think that's why God gave us children. Anyway, they were in rare form yesterday. Drawing me pictures, singing songs, Kenadee was telling us all about her boyfriend (she's 3). I left work feeling totally joyful. Tired, but joyful! Did I mention that I never had time for lunch? I always bring my lunch with me, but forgot to make it so I figured I'd eat at Mom's, but then I ran out of time to go to moms. So I had a banana b4 I left my house in the morning and then when I got to work I had one of our protein bars that we sell. MOMMA WAS HUNGRYYYYYY I was quietly contemplating goin in and heating up the pot pie I'd left in the freezer a month ago..just as Corinne says, "Hey, Sarah? Was that your pot pie in the freezer?" I say, "Yes" She says, "Well, I think the little people (meaning the kids not my LPBW folk heehee) unplugged the fridge..they ruined everything in there..your pot pie is toast. Sorry!" I think to myself, "Of course they did. Of course you just said that. And, of course it is." I say, "Oh, no problem, it was only 25 cents anyway" Which is true, but I was ready to gnaw off my toes at that point..chew on a cardboard box..scrape paint chips off of the walls..

So, called hubby after I got off work while I was driving home, just as I do everyday and he answers saying (as always), "My sweet babe?" And I say (as always), "HI Sweetie!"..Anyway, after that's all said n done, my sweetest sweetie in all of sweetie land (remember?) says he'd already mowed the yard (our grass is VERY speedily growing this year) had one cake in the oven and was getting ready to do the next one, that he was gonna make the lemon stop n get some pizza on the way home..I almost burst into tears. Thank you God for this husband you blessed me with. Anyway, got and puppy and hubby are all excited to see me..ask me how my day was (I ignore that question for fear of losing my mind). All is well with the world :) I tell them about how stupid I felt walking into Chevron, buying one huge Coors beer with nothing else..we all laugh. I kept trying to do things and Chris kept telling me no..just to relax..hhmm I think, did he burn down part of the house? Did he go to Vegas while I was at work and lose all of our $2? No, it's just the way he is. We eat..I start in on making the charro beans, he helps..they taste yummy. Prolly will end up being too spicy for the kiddos, which means more for me. I didn't use dry beans this time, just used them from the can. Not sure that I really enjoy that method, I think they r a little too soft that way. But, oh was easier for me this time. All I have to do today is heat it up and throw some fresh cilantro and chopped tomatoes in it and it's done.

We threw a chicken in the crock pot last we'll have some shredded chicken for today, too..that is if I get in there before it completely disintegrates. heehee I should really stop blogging and get to that. on the list of to do's is the rice w/ lime and cilantro..EASY. Filling the Pinata..EASY. Grilling the meat..EASY. And then just setting everything out..somewhere..not sure where yet.

We had serious drama this week, also, with our dish washing detergent..did I already tell you this? Well, it ruined all of our EVERYTHING. We have been scrubbing them with a brillo pad and have gotten some of them back to ok..but the sheen to them is pretty much gone. We will be having to buy all new everything soon. Which we were planning on doing at SOME point anyway, just not in this near of future. Cuz like Chris said, DADDY NEEDS A FENCE.

Yeah, I really need to go now. I think the Blogger police are gonna fine me for the length of this one.

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yes, as Chris said, the week has been a little stressful. May is a very, VERY full month. I'm wishing Cinco De Mayo could have been Cinco De Juno (I don't know what June is in spanish)..we've got SOOOO much going on this month. But, having the groceries out of the way is a huge relief. In years past it's been no big deal having a Cinco get together..but for some reason this year it's just been a bear! I can't wait to just sit, relax, visit and eat. It will be good clean family friendly fun..just my speed. And, if not, well, the kids and I will just leave.

To be honest, anytime alcohol is involved, whether it's in small amounts (which will be the case) or big amounts (which has never been the case in this abode), I get super nervous and full of anxiety. I just don't like it. One drink, fine..but the stress of hoping people don't get tipsy/drunk at my house is just too much for me. I hate drunk people. Takes me back to a place with other family members that I just don't want to be. That added to the fact that I just don't agree with getting all. I think if you're getting drunk, it's to try to mask something..why not stay sober and deal with your issues. I could go ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, but I'll spare you my soap box. I'd have to say that that is my biggest stress with this get together. I guess one could hope that everyone just brings soda and water..or has enough maturity to drink in moderation. That is yet to be seen. But, hopefully there will be enough respect for our family, friends and family who don't drink or are recovering alcoholics, and our children that that will be the case. If not, it will probably be the last year we do it. Sorry to ramble on .. it's just really eating at me..and probably for no reason...I hope.

ANYhoo..went out with Jess tonight. We had, as usual, a fantastic time. Laughed a ton, ate and ate..talked about everything from here to Egypt and back..She took me out to dinner and then out for ice cream (for my bday) and then gave me gifts! As usual for us, we hate to open gifts in front of eachother, it's just embarrassing!! ANyway, so I opened them when I got home..she got me a super cool mug, we both love these porcelain mugs that have cool sayings on them. The one she got me last year for Valentine's Day said "Without Caffeine I'd Have No Personality Whatsoever"..well, now that I don't drink coffee...hmm..this years one said "Old Friends are the best gifts" or at least that's what I think it brain went to mush once I pulled out the second gift which was a IPOD SHUFFLE!! THe super tiny one! Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!!! I've wanted one for FOREVER..I think I'm still smiling. And then she got me a big bag of the Choxie chocolates that are so good they give me chills, literally. DELISH. A party in your mouth! Anyway, I just love it when it's our birthdays. It's the one time of year that we get to spoil each other. We look forward to it all year long. I haven't decided what I'll do for her yet, but I have 2 super good ideas rolling around in this old head of mine! It's just really nice to have a friend you don't have to worry about ANYTHING with..we love and appreciate each other ugly or beautiful..our friendship is just so easy. The Lord really blessed us with a friendship that has endured all things. We've gone through soooooooo much in our lives, and somehow have always managed to find each other in the chaos and stay with each other for the joys, too. Ahhh, life is good.

Well, I've got a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day tomorrow. I'm trying not to think about it. Trying reallllly hard not to think about it. But, hey, money is money! And, hopefully it will be a great day. I suppose it is what I make of it, right! :)

Well, in case I don't get to talk to you again until after the Cinco party..which I am lovingly calling the Tres De Mayo party..have a GREAT rest of your week! I'm loving you and thinking of you and hoping you have plenty of opportunities to feel loved and joyful.


Hola y bienvenidos a mi blog.

Yeah, I'm bilingual....sort of. Threw you for a loop though huh? You tune into your favorite blog and think maybe you flipped to Univision by mistake. I know, but rest assured dear readers, all is well and as it should be.

Well this week has been CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!! Work has been busy for both Sarah and myself. She's been having super huge orders at work cuz everybody needs vitamins and the such lately. I am in the process of taking on two new accounts, preparing to transition one big account off as well as dealing with a slew of projects and requests. Fun times all around.

We are also getting things ready for the big shindig at our house on Saturday. Sarah's been stressing but everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen. We got all our shopping done last night and even nabbed a couple of surprises. Now we just have prep work tomorrow and Saturday. Sarah did a spot of cleaning today and plans to do more tonight when she gets home. Oh that's right, I forgot to tell you. She's out on the town tonight with her buddy Jessica. Jess is taking Sarah out for her b-day and they are going for pizza and ice cream and probably some sort of mischief if I know them. Me and the kiddos stayed home. I made some lemon pepper grilled salmon for dinner that was YUMMO. Threw in some pears and salad, delish.

Tomorrow Sarah works all day, and I've got early meetings again (third day in a row) but after that I'm taking the rest of the day off and heading out to breakfast at Ben's with my buddy Jason. Gotta go by the liquor store too to grab the last fixings for Saturday. After I get Jaden is back to our house where we'll probably bust out a little RockBand before Jason heads back home. Then I'll start prep work for the party.

Hugely stoked for the new Iron Man movie that starts this weekend. Been hearing nothing but great things about it and it looks fantastic. Gonna try to take the fam to see it on Sunday as a relaxing day. So many stinking summer movies this year its insane. I told Sarah that I'm gonna have to set aside a little Summer Movie Account out of our Tax Rebate check....if we ever get the stinking thing! We are supposed to be in the first wave of people receiving it by electronic deposit this week but so far nothing. They started going out Monday and are supposed to all be out by tomorrow so we'll see. They better hurry up.....daddy needs a new fence.

Well that's pretty much it for now. The kids are in bed, the blog is done and now its time to go upstairs and watch Lost before logging on for game night with the dudes. So until next time readers, remember:

You're good enough. You're smart enough. And gosh darnit, people like you.

In the words of the Governator in his most famous role, "Hasta la vista baby!"

Buenos noches amigos!