Friday, October 1, 2010

Back pain, home school, mosaics, and Tom Selleck

Threw my back out, again. So..what better thing to do with my bedridden state than blog? Not much. :)

The kids are both doing homeschool now, have I mentioned that? They are doing great. Ash thought it was really hard the first week, but she's gotten into a groove now and is learning how to navigate the system. Taking advantage of the live lessons, and even meeting some of her classmates, and running for student body positions!

I'm thinking of starting up a mosaics club of some sort. Maybe meet at my house once/month in the garage and just enjoy making things. I enjoy doing things where I get to smash junk and turn it into something beautiful. No wrong designs, no wrong way to do it. I know of a few people who are also interested, so it could be fun. I know Ash and I want to do it! So, even if no one else shows up, we'll still have fun. :)

Well, I suppose I don't have much news to share. Hey, are any of you watching the new Tom Selleck series? It's great!

Take care of yourself, I love you!

We'll chat soon..