Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have a colllld.
(insert whining voice here)

I have no idea who that kid is, but she looks like I feel. My stupid right eye won't quit watering..I'm sneezing like crazy. My head is like Violet's body when she turns into the huge blueberry in Willy Wonka. It's likely to explode with snot. Waah. Poor me. ;) Corinne, MaryBeth, Claire, Courtney and I all have it..which makes work fun. We're a bunch of snotty buckets..but we're still having fun. Well, MaryBeth and Claire stayed home today.

Anyway, I just wanted to whine. Have a good night! Love ya

P.S. I just got the call from Dr. Rogers office..tests came back on the moles (even the name of them is gross) and I'm still cancer free! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Got my stitches out today! Woohoo :) It was extremely painful to have them removed because of the kind of stitches he did. He did them in such a way that there will be no stitch marks on my skin so he had to pull them out from the inside. HOLY GOD. I asked him multiple times if he was killing me. He insisted he wasn't and offered numbing agents which I refused, of course, b/c they cost money. He was extremely pleased with the results as am I! I haven't seen the actual scar yet b/c he covered it back up with pieces of tape, but I can see everything but that. There's barely a dip at all and no bumpy-ness in the incision whatsoever. Doc Rogers was overwhelmingly pleased with the results. Said they were above and beyond what even he expected. Hey, who says prayer doesn't work! :) So, he put tape back on it, like I said. He'd like me to keep going back every few weeks to get new tape put on for the next few months. If I do this I guess the scar will be extremely minimal. He said it's just up to me how far I go with it. We'll see..I don't much care if I have a scar, but if all it takes is tape to make it "less" then maybe I'll stick with it for awhile.

While I was there, he also took off the 3 moles that I hate most on this ol' body of mine! The one on my neck hurts most at the moment. I get the tape and stitches off of the two that required it on Tuesday, the other one he just cauterized after cutting it off. He'll of course send them in for the ol cancer tests, too..prayerfully they will come back all clear.

To top off this amazing day, the sun came out!! I was grinning from ear to ear all day, just couldn't stop myself. When I looked outside this morning as the sun was making it's glorious appearance I instantly felt a 1000 lb weight being lifted off of me. I could breathe again. Amazing how sun can change your whole life. I must have sun!! I'm not a cloudy day girl. More than that, I'm not an inversion girl. I thought about going up the mountain to see the sun last week but told Chris I couldn't handle knowing I would have to come back down into the filth of the valley. So, I stuck it out.

We had a few hours yesterday between church and drama practices (4 hours) to have our little Thanksgiving dinner here at the house! Chris has been wanting to have it since Thanksgiving, just never had the time. But, I wanted to make Chris a special dinner to thank him for everything he's done for me and the family after my surgery. Of course he ended up having to help a lot since I spaced the fact that I can't cut potatoes or lift crap! But we made it a joint effort and I made the pumpkin pie. We had a great time. Then I took him down for his first drama practice. Later the kids and I went down so Ash could begin her drama practice and so we could attend the membership class at church. J and I decided to stay for the rest of drama practice. J played with all the kids in the game room and I watched the Drama kids do their thing. They are so funny. They had me laughin all night. Then we came home and with bleary eyes watched one of our Friday Night Lights shows and then passed out.

Chris did the taxes last night when we got home, too. I know, he never stops. Anyway, we should get the return soon and then hopefully the ground will be thawed enough that we can hire someone to come plant the beautiful trees and bushes (huge) that my Dad gave to me!

Oh, on Saturday Ash did awesome at her TBQ match in Nyssa. She almost quizzed out a few times. They had a great day and from what I hear a FABULOUS lasagna lunch served there, too. I was going to go but we all decided I shouldn't chance going on such a long trip right now, so I stayed home with J. It was a gloriously quiet day. The phone didn't ring, the doorbell didn't ring. We just hid, and loved it. We watched The Hunchback of Notre Dam, and played Ziggity (a card game) and had a special breakfast. I even got to take a little nap! Then we went out when Chris and Ash got home for a bite to eat and to get Dave's bday present and a few things for our Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

It was another busy weekend but we had a great time and made lots of memories. :)

This weekend looks to be another fun packed weekend. We've got game nights planned with friends on Fri and Sat and then Sunday, well..Sunday is a day all it's own, but I'm gonna hope to have time to go down and visit with my Gramma and parents, we'll see. And, I have to go grocery shopping sometime in there. Hmm. Ash has a bday party on Saturday, too. Ok, I'm gonna stop thinking about the weekend right now b4 I get too overwhelmed!

Well..both kids are doin great, we're doin great, the animals are doin great. :) But, now I'm super sleep(ier) so I'm gonna go to bed. Have a great night. Love ya!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling much better with every day, thank goodness! I still got teary last night after my "bath" and hair's just freaking exhausting I tell you! But I even got to drive myself to work today :) I ended up having to jerk the door open to the office though and that my friends did not feel too hot. But, on the good side, I'm wearing jeans that I can now button/take off/take on withouth pain, & I'm wearing a bra that I put on by myself! YES! I'm even wearing a vest today, it doesn't feel the best to get it on but I can do it dangit! It's not taking me 5 minutes to go pee and wash my hands anymore (as if you want to know that). So, things are getting back to normal. I've yet to be able to wear tennis shoes but, that's no big sacrifice considering I hate shoes. And I'm slowly beginning to be able to feed myself without looking like a freak.

Tonight Ash and I are goin out to Olive Garden for DeAnna's birthday. Laura wanted to plan a surprise get together for her, so Mom and DeAnna's Mom are going to go "kidnap" her and then Ash and I will wait at Olive Garden for the table. Laura ended up not being able to go b/c she has class tonight, but oh well. We'll get to see her sooner or later! It should be fun. I'm not too terribly excited to sit on the wooden benches for that long waiting for the table but hopefully it won't be too long and hopefully there will be comfortable chairs at the tables. At any rate, I'm sure it will be a great night. And then I will come home and go straight to bed. While we are at dinner (Chris is driving us there), Chris and J are gonna go out for their own little dinner and probably Toys R Us time.

Well, have a great night. Just thought I'd update ya on what we're doin real quick like b4 we run out again. Love you :) And, as Jerry Springer would say: Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today was my first day back at work. It was a lonnnng day but good. I was really ready to be home. I came upstairs and went straight to bed. Haven't been out for more than a pee break since then. WORN OUT!! I'm thankful that I work in an environment where if I need to lay down on the couch or rest or go home that it is REALLY ok. My boss bought me thai food for lunch and told me to go upstairs and eat and rest for awhile. So, I did. But u know how that goes. The instant your body thinks you're letting it rest, it REALLY doesn't want to get up and cooperate again!

My friend Kim brought over some delicious homemade chicken lasagna for us last night. I will post the recipe for you when I get it. I'd never had it before. Wow. The yum factor was off the charts. Then Chris brought me up a surprise dessert of lava cakes with whipped cream. Good God I love him. Tonight we had left overs and then he made me some of our favorite brownies with a fudgy icing and then some cookies and cream ice cream on the side. He loves me. He loves my ever growing backside. Hey as long as he's happy, I'm happy! Bring Momma the brownies!

Took a washcloth "bath" last night, between that and the time it took Chris to wash my hair over the sink and dry it, it took an hour. I started crying not long after that. He again reminds me that I've just had surgery and it's ok not to be able to do things. Doesn't make me feel better but it's nice that he tries :) Better than hearing your man tell u to get your lazy butt up, right? I am the kind of person that reallllly is used to doing everything on my own and enjoys not having to rely on others for things. I do ask for help when I need it but I try to be as self sufficient as I can. So this is very very hard for me. It's worse than the pain. Just emotionally draining. But I'm so thankful for my family and friends. And I'm so aware that my struggles are teeny tiny compared to those of others. But, whether they are small or large, they are mine and I have to deal with them. The results came back on the lipoma and there were no signs of cancer, so that was great! I had completely forgotten about the whole cancer issue. Once I got prayed over and the MRI showed opposite results of the ultrasound I just gave it to God and praised Him for the healing and moved on I guess! LOL When the nurse called and started telling me about it I was totally clueless. She thought I was crazy. Maybe she doesn't know how big my God is :)

Chris had to take me to work this morning b/c I can't drive yet. He had to open the door to work for me and then push on it so I could lock it after he left. I was feeling SO FREAKIN useless. I just sat in the dark of the office (the lights take awhile to warm up and fully turn on) and cried and cried. Continued to tear up all day. I can hardly even write. I know, pity party. Get over it! I annoy myself.

So I've watched a ton of Lifetime movies in the past few days :) And Hallmark movies..and any other girl movies I can find. Also watched National Velvet, which I guess classifies as a girl movie. I've watched hours upon hours of home pup has been by my side for nearly the whole time. She walks with me when I get up, she sits lovingly looking at me, she rests her head on my legs and looks up at me. She kisses me. I just adore that sweetie. She's even refrained from laying in doorways in the dark! So for now, her attempts at murdering me are on hold. haha

J did great at his JBQ quiz last Sat. He got 4th place overall and the team took 2nd in the group. Proud of our little kidlets. Chris has been filling in for me while I've been out. The kids adore him. Of course, what's not to love!

Today is DeAnna's bday..Happy Bday DeAnna!

I was so excited that both kids had the day off from school yesterday in rememberence of the great Dr. King. I've always had to take them out of school for that day. Not only that but J brought home work they'd done on him. Maybe America hasn't completely gone down the crapper just yet. We'll see.

Well it hurts to type this long so I'm gonna go. Love you guys

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Surgery is fun.

Post-op isn't as fun.

The drugs were ok for Thursday and then for part of Friday. Started feeling not so right when I increased to 2 pills on Friday night. But by Saturday they started doing horrible things to my body and heart and by mid morning on Saturday, I wasn't peeing more than 1 or 2 tablespoons at a time (about every 4 hours) and was all swollen in water gain. This was weird since I was drinking a ton of water. I started really going downhill by around noon, of course this is also when Chris and J are in Twin Falls. Didn't wanna scare Ash so I just went in to bed with my body in serious pain (shoulder was totally fine) and lights flashing everywhere (it was dark, no lights on) and prayed hard. My mouth was totally dried out and my lips were totally dried up and nasty. At this point I hadn't peed since I could remember and my stomach hurt to the touch. The back of my neck if I touched it made me feel like vomiting and sent my eyes into a dark fuzzy haze. My head was in the worst pain of my life and I couldn't focus on anything. I had decided not to take any more pain pills (was set to take them at 12:30) felt that "still small voice" not so still and small telling me NOOO MORE NORCO. I kept praying and fell asleep. I slept most of the day and by the time Chris got home I was doing much better, thank God. AND, I was finally peeing! I would drink water and could feel it travel all the way down and had to pee within 30 seconds. Not kidding! I was half wondering if there was a hole in my stomach. So anyway, I don't know what the Norco was doin to me,but I know it wasn't good. I told Chris that no matter how bad I'm in pain I will never take it again. EVER. I took one tylenol last night before bed. Because of my hips, not because of my shoulder. I haven't taken anything today except for the antibiotic and my trusty stool softeners. FUN. :)

ANYWAY, my shoulder really feels fine. I try to stay still. If I move my arm it doesn't feel so hot. I can't hardly even wash my hands b/c I cant rub them together! Weird. This typing is the most I've done besides wash my hair this morning, well I washed the right half and tried to wash the left half. I didn't want to wait for Chris so I tried to do it on my own. Probably should have waited! haha, he was down making my breakfast :) The washing of my hair wore me out and I slept for a few hours. But otherwise the only pain I've had is feeling like it's really bruised (go figure!) and it itches from time to time. Like I hurts if I move so I don't move. I'm taking my own advice..when the kids say, "My foot hurts when I move it". I say, "Then don't move it!" I'm finding that is very good advice. :) So far no oozing or bleeding that we can see from the bandages. We aren't allowed to take them off. Which is driving me nuts. I can't shower till I get the bandage off which is on the 26th, which is 11 days post op. Which is disgusting. I can take a very very shallow bath. Hmm..not sure what good that would do me. I've been using wash clothes and wetwipe type things.

My hips are on fire. Thank you Mundy family genes! I slept for about 30 hours in a 36 hour time period when I got home and my hips have been crying ever since. I'm able to sit up for longer periods of time now, and lay almost on my back so that is helping.

It's amazing how completely worn out I am even though the parts of me that are supposed to hurt, don't really hurt (unless I move)! Mentally draining I suppose.

I don't think I'm goin in to work tomorrow. If I feel well enough I might try a few hours, but probably not. Will definitely go in on Tuesday though. Not sure if I will be able to drive since I can't really move my arm. But Chris can take me if need be.

Thanks to those of you who brought meals, and for the prayers and concern and texts. I've answered them as best I could. Today's the first day I've been able to type! YAY! Anyway, I've really enjoyed the quiet and privacy. We're doing great here, no worries. Today we've all been able to rest and have time together which has been the best part of all of this. Thanks for being understanding in our having the phones off, etc. In times like these I find that quiet is the best "medicine".

OH, I didn't have to get the drainage tube thing so that was great :)

Chris & I will continue to keep you updated as we have time..maybe even take pics when the bandage comes off for your viewing pleasure :) But anyway, just wanted to write and let you know that all is well, that we are all doin fine and are well taken care of.

Love to you all

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OK, first blog of the new year..pardon me for being a few weeks late with it :)

Seems every day has been filled to the top with something to do. Fun things, not so fun things. Enjoyable things, not so enjoyable things..u know, the usual!

Ash decided to try the charter school because that's where all of her church friends are. She couldn't decide if she wanted home school or the charter school (it only goes through 8th grade) but after her Mom ordered mandatory "think about it for 2 days" time period, she decided to go Charter school. She's loving it. Its the same school I used to clean, if you'll recall. Anyway, it's much more strict and the work is much harder so it actually makes her think! It's actually right at her level instead of being so far below as it is in the regular public schools. J is on the waiting list and can't wait to get in. We're hoping that there will be a spot for him in 2nd grade this fall. He's at the top of the waiting list right now. But, anyway, A will do the charter school deal through 8th grade and then move on to home school. We're excited, but more importantly, she's excited. She's also enjoying learning spanish in the charter school. They start teaching spanish there in I think 3rd grade or so. Maybe earlier.

My surgery is on Thursday. Thanks for all of the concern and offers to help! We have great friends and family and church family. I am positive we will be just fine and have all of our needs more than taken care of. But if we should need any of you, we will most definitely call! I promise! I'm looking very much forward to this all being over so I can get back to my life. I don't like being kept down against my will! Then again, it will be FABULOUS to sleep for 4 days in a drug induced haze of la la land. :) No worries..hopefully no pain (please?)..just sleep. Oh, and possibly emptying a drainage tube thing. *PUKE*

Ash will most likely be getting braces in February, Dr. Haws says he wants to take films and everything but that her case looks extremely simple and should take only 6 mos to a year to complete. Possibly only having to do the top teeth.

I can't think of much else. We've had birthdays up the wazoo and they're not stopping anytime soon. But, it's so nice to be a part of every one's day. Being born is important you know!

Speaking of birthdays, A's 13th bday party went of without a hitch, except for maybe those pesky candles. My brother and I were both choking back the swear words I think, trying to light those suckers! I promise to post pictures soon. My goodness I can't believe I'm so behind!!!

Well, dinner is ready so I better go. Have a great night and I promise to try to be better at blogging :)

Love you!