Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh hello there....

Fancy meeting you all here. So how's it going gang? Well I hope. The wife and I just finished up a movie and now she's got a hankering for some Mac and Cheese so I figured I'd pop on in here and see what's what.

Tonight for our viewing pleasure we had "Why Did I Get Married?". Sarah loves all of Tyler Perry's movies so she added this one to the queue so we could both watch it. I will admit, I'm not the biggest T.P. fan...specifically Madea gets on my nerves. T.P. is kinda like the low rent version of Eddie Murphy before Eddie Murphy became the low rent version of Eddie Murphy. All the playing different characters schtick gets old for me. Anyhoo, this one didn't have Madea and T.P. only played one dude so I was ok with it. It was actually a pretty good flick...still a feel good chick flick, but I enjoyed it and laughed a few times. If you dig these types of movies, you should check it out.

I think Sarah may have mentioned this already, but this was the first weekend in quite a while that we weren't booked solid with stuff to do. It was nice to just sleep in and kick it at our own pace again. Saturday we worked out in the yard and started getting stuff spruced up. The kids chipped in and we all busted our butts clearing away all the junk and getting the yard back into shape. Still got a few things to finish up this week before the Big Bash next weekend but the majority of the hard stuff is done.

After all that work we were beat. Sarah and I fixed dinner while the kids played outside with Cody and Andy for a bit. I grilled up some teriyaki steaks that I'd had marinating for a couple days and some zucchini with EVOO and Chacherie's. Sarah whipped up some mighty tasty mashed potatoes to go with it and we had ourselves a right good feast. Then we headed upstairs and vegged out the rest of the night with the kids. We watched some shows (mostly a Home Improvement marathon....that show still makes me laugh) and then hit the hay.

Today was another leisurely morning. We got up, had some chow, showered and then headed out so Sarah could do a little shopping with her b-day gift cards. We hit the Kohl's and Old Navy and she scored herself some jeans and shirts. We also snagged a super sweet sangria pitcher and glasses set on an awesome sale and Kohl's. We'll have to fill that up and bust it out next weekend. After shopping we came home and Sarah and Ash headed back out to the gift shop in downtown Kuna, but they were closed today so no luck there.

Whipped up some Boca's for dinner then went up and played some Xbox with Sarah for a bit until she got too tired. Then I jammed out some RockBand for a while with the kids cheering me on. BTW, I freaking HATE David Bowie's "Suffragette City". WORST. SONG. EVER!!!!!!!!!! We chilled with the kiddos for a bit and caught another Home Improvement episode. The kids love that show too and they're always surprised that we've seen all of them. They think T.V. didn't exist before they were born I guess. Anyway, after that was bible story time and then the kids were off to bed.

That brings us to now! Great weekend eh? It was nice to just putter around the house and hang with the familia. BTW, Sarah just informed me that her Mac and Cheese tastes like turd....I could have told you that already. Boxed M&C is the worst dude.

Well that's pretty much it for now. I gots to be getting off to bed shortly for my beauty rest. Hope you all had a great weekend too and got to relax a bit. Looking forward to seeing many of you next Saturday. Have a splenderifficly fantastical week everybody!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

How could I forget to tell you!?!
Chris got me the boxed set of Planet Earth Series on Blu-Ray!!! The picture quality is soooo amazing, looks like I could literally just walk right into my TV and be in another world! Oh, and BTW, the Planet Earth series is one of my favorites of allllll time. Have you seen them? My honey is a goooood man and he really, really DOES know what I want! :)

Thanks for all of the bday cards & ecards & blogs! What a great bday it was :)

I'm off to make Saturday breakfast with Chris and then we're off to work in the yard all day. Tomorrow I think Matt n Laura are coming over..I can't remember what the boys were gonna do but Laura and I are gonna paint the office! Woohoo! So, if that happens, I probably won't be online for awhile since I'll have to take everything out of here, including the computers! AHH! Well, we could laptop I suppose.

Mom says DeAnna might want help painting the baby's room, and Jess is wanting to paint her my summer is starting off right!! I get to paint, paint, paint!! Notice I say SUMMER..that's because I am refusing to acknowledge Spring since it can't seem to stick around more than an hour or so.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!

Loving you!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We all watched Nancy Drew tonight. mmm sorta entertaining..the kiddo's liked it a whole lot.

Chris made a huge thing o' nachos tonight, though, so we got to eat up that yummy goodness while we watched the flick. Then the kids and I polished off a bag of marshmallow filled fudge cookies..otherwise known as Moonpies..but I bought the generic brand. And, I must say, they are SO MUCH better than the "real thing".

Kiddy's are now in bed. My day was was the 8 hour day at work today. I know, I know..what's so big about that? is constant running around, packing, unpacking, talking on the phone, playing with children (who just happen to be completely adorable), stocking shelves, rearranging things..u know, imagine moving into a new home and unpacking all day...but doing that every day. See? It makes for a long day :) Well, that, and the fact that my roundtrip car time is rounding out at a nice hour & 15 minutes now with roads being closed. But, it was a good day, and went by fast. Sickly, I enjoy my work :)

Now I am sleepy and really have nothing exciting to say. Just wanted to check in with you and tell you that I love you.

And, like I tell the kids everynight b4 bed, "Have good dreams of angels, Jesus loves you."


Sunday, April 13, 2008

The bbq bday party was a hit! We had a great time..totally relaxing and enjoyable. Sat outside for a lot of it, the weather as amazing. Matt made beer up the butt chickens, 2 cinnamon chipotle ones and one regular herb one. DELISH!!!! Chris grilled up some of the biggest steaks I'd ever seen. Mom had her yummy veggies going and some baked beans, we had bean salad and lots of snacks..crackers with all sorts of different dips and cheeses for them..had the curry chicken salad I made and some baguettes. Then we finished if off with my Mafioso family chocolate cake. You should ask me for the recipe. You'll be addicted.

After that, we all went over to Gramma and Uncle Don's to visit and bring them food. Gramma looked pretty good. Gave me some more stuff :) I already have her wedding ring b/c she couldn't fit it over her knuckles anymore (arthritis), but today she gave me the silver one she bought and has been wearing as her wedding ring for no longer fits, either. She gave Jon Grampa's watch. I think it meant a lot to him. He loved his Grampa so much. Anyway, Uncle Don said that why she almost had a stroke was b/c they were having her take water pills with her bp medication and I guess that's not a good thing. He said that that's what had given him a stroke was the same exact combination. Doctors sometimes, I swear. I know they are wonderful and I trust the ones I've been to. But, after the way they treated Grampa and now this with's like once you get old they just kinda guinea pig you out. Anyway, Gramma said she wasn't scared, she thought she was gonna die and she didn't care. Uncle Don said he was scared. He's lived with the grandparents basically his whole adult life, taking care of them, giving Gramma a beautiful yard to look at..then Grampa left us last year, I believe 2 days after their anniversary. So I can imagine how scared he must have been to almost lose Gramma yesterday. Anyway, for now, she's doing well. Thank God. She was wearing a cute pink long sleeve shirt and some teal colored pants, with big pink fluffy slippers.

Oh, yeah, and Charlie got hit by a car yesterday! He has to have surgery tomorrow as his pelvic bone is broken. Please pray for the little guy. He's a real trooper. For those of you who don't know, Charlie is Jon & DeAnna's mini yorkie, weighing in at barely 5 pounds.

Now we're home, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet. Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes. I can feel the love, and I appreciate it.

Love you all


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Today is my sweet Dad's birthday :) I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have him as my father. He's worked so hard to give our family the best he could, all the time. There's never been a moment when I doubted his love or commitment to us. He has always been there to encourage me, laugh with me, keep me in line, and give advice when I asked for it (ok, maybe a few times when I didn't heehee), and to give me a push when I need it. I couldn't have asked for a better Dad, friend, or Grandfather for my children. He truly loves us, and never forgets to show or tell us. He proves to us, by the way he lives his life, that you never give up and you never lose faith. He's accomplished so much in his life, but the greatest of all of them is raising up his children "in the way they should go", and doing it with grace and humility. He's a great man of God, and has helped to change so many lives around him for the better. I'm always proud to say, "This is my Dad".

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I just remembered that someone asked or commented or something wondering about whether or not I could give u a discount on products where I work..nope, you can't have a discount, sorry! But, the prices are already 30%+ off of retail, so you're still getting a great deal. Sorry I can't remember which one of you mind is fading in my "old age"! HAHAHAHAHA ~Sarah~
Are we happy plastic people? Just a question to ponder in whatever way you might.

Anyhoo..Chris is still upstairs, laying in the dark, with a hot water bottle on his forehead. He's having significant caffeine withdrawals. Thankfully I quit drinking the liquid crack back in November, so I'm not in any pain now. Hope he feels better soon..I miss my dude.

I'm almost done with Beautiful Boy. I will finish tonight. It's rippin me up folks. So much of it is way too familiar to things that have come to pass in our own lives. But, it's a really, really, REALLY good book. One, like I've said before, every parent (and anyone who wants children) should read. We think as long as we raise our kids in a good home, they are safe and will make good choices. But, they aren't, and they don't. Not always.

The blueprint of your life is good enough as is..don't go trying to change it. Just follow the freaking blueprint when looking to "plan" your future. Just another thought to ponder in whatever way you might.

Came home to a delish dinner tonight. Kids gobbled it down super crazy fast. Even Jaden didn't take 2 hours to eat. Chris had made some sort of a meat thing in a gravy type thing (ok I really dont know what it was but it was great! LOL) and put it over brown rice, then had brussel sprouts cooked up in the good stuff and then steamed carrots with butter and cinnamon and sugar..delish.

Speaking of brussel sprouts, any of u all ever notice that sometimes they have a horse radishy after taste? WE LOVE THAT!! 2 times now we've gotten a bunch that have that after taste. Which has made us think that we should make a horse radish sauce for them from now on. Oh YUMM.

Anyhoo, finished dinner off (1/2 hour later that is) with the sludge drink for the cleanse. I had to finish it outside because it made me dry heave. I know, big surprise with MY gag reflex! haha. Anyway, the drink isn't bad at all. It's the consistency of a smoothie that you let sit out too long so it's kinda frothy and thick. Yeah, ick. But, it's pretty much tasteless. And the only reason I gagged was b/c it was kind of like you had sucked back dust, the particles of it just kinda stick in your throat. I'm making it sound horrible, but really, it wasn't. Now taking those chevy suburban sized pills before bed tonight might prove to be another story!!

The kiddos are in bed, its nice and quiet down here. And, I must admit, a bit lonely. I don't get lonely often. I really, really enjoy being alone. But..tonight, I am. I think I'll go up and cuddle with my hubby and talk about the day, if his head can handle it.

Love you all, have a great night!! Take a little time to enjoy the view, whatever it may be. There's beauty in even a dung pile, if you look at it the right way :)


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Top 'o The Mornin' To Ya!

Well hello there blogger-ites! How the hell are ya? I'm just sitting here on this fine morning sipping a cuppa joe and getting ready for the adventures the day holds. It's been a little while since we chatted and I'm glad to see you're still here.

Let's much to talk about. Today we're going to help my Aunt Judy move back to town and into her new place. It'll be good to see her again and nice to have her back close to us. They are driving in sometime today and should be here early afternoon.

After that, we'll be heading over to our good friends' (Gabe and Andrea) house for the rest of the evening. Gabe and I have a project to complete. A secret mission if you will. Actually, its nothing that exciting...we're just going to change the brake pads on our car. Bought the replacement pads yesterday and I'm pretty stoked to do a DIY on the old brakes. First time for me. You could say I'm a brake virgin. Gabe is an old pro though so we should hopefully avoid a poor replacement that causes us to careen off the road. Plus I read up on the whole procedure on the internet so technically I'm an expert now! Gotta love that freaking internet....the knowledge of the world at your fingertips. Big shout out to Al Gore for inventing it, LOL!!!

Once our brake adventure is complete, we'll enjoy a nice homemade mexican dinner with our buds. Good company, good food, and more than likely a few good drinks. Perfect way to spend a Saturday evening. Just don't expect me to be up too early tomorrow morning.

What else? Oh yes, the kiddos had yesterday off. I however had to work and was extremely busy and Sarah had to work all day also. Finally finished up everything though and I decided to watch my new Blu-Ray copy of "I Am Legend". I absolutely love that movie....probably one of my all time faves now. The kids wanted to watch it with me and I said "Sure, come join me my little ones". Well the kids FREAKING LOVED it! I knew it was a kick butt movie but its not necessarily one that a 6 and 12 year old might enjoy. I was wrong. They both got completely involved in it and even got a little emotional at some of the more touching parts (they both got a bit "teary" and their "throats hurt"...ha ha, gotta love their descriptions). Anyway, when it was over they both stated with absolute conviction that it was the best movie they have ever seen and was their new favorite movie of all time. Wow. So with that glowing review, if you haven't seen the movie yet I strongly suggest you watch it as soon as you can. My kids will love you forever if you do.

As I mentioned earlier, we bought our replacement brake pads last night. We ventured out to our local Schucks Auto Supply, however they didn't have the pads I was looking for. Their other stores had them in stock but in order to get both front and rear sets I would have to go to two different stores. I said "F that noise dude" and just took the next step up in pads that were available there. They were a bit more expensive but not too bad....probably would have wasted the same or more in gas just driving to the other places.

When we were done our tummies were grumbly so I took the fam out to dinner. We decided on Italian food and settled on Carino's (formerly Johnny Carino's but I guess Johnny got the boot). We got there at just the right time and only waited a couple of minutes for our table. After we were seated though, the lobby filled up and there were lots of dudes waiting. We ordered and chatted and waited....and waited.....AND WAITED!!! It took for-freaking-ever to get our food. The tables all around us were in the same boat too....even the people that were there before us. Our waitress was frazzled and not very good. Not sure if she was new or just didn't care or what, but she sucked. All around us tables were getting visits from the manager to comp meals or desserts....not a good sign. We asked for some more bread to snack on but that never came. I did get my water refilled (the only time it was refilled the entire time we were there) and the waitress said our food would be right out. 30 min later if finally came. I asked again for our bread and she said she'd be right back. We ate, and it was meh. Sarah's dinner was pretty good...some sort of bowtie/chicken/bacon/sauce concoction. J had pizza. Ash had a huge bowl of fettucinne alfredo. I had snow crab/spinach ravioli that didn't seem to have much snow crab, but had a shitload of basil. Oh, and it was barely lukewarm. But I was so hungry I didn't care. As we were finishing our meals, the bread came. Rad. Anyway, fairly disappointing dinner but it was good to just get out and visit as a family.

On the way home we decided to stop and rent "The Game Plan" which, as Sarah mentioned, stars her beloved Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Sarah and Ash had already seen the movie in the theater when they had a Girl's Day, but J and I had never seen it. It was entertaining and funny and an all around good family flick. I popped some corn and busted out a little of the dark chocolate Toblerone my loverly wife surprised me with earlier. It was a nice relaxing way to wind down the day. After that it was off to bed for everyone.

Anyhoo, that's pretty much all for now. Oh, our good friends Jason and Tiffany found out they were having another baby girl. Congrats to those dudes! Although that probably means they will have to try at least once more for a boy but there's worse things that could happen! :)

Gotta run now. I smell a tasty breakfast being made for me. Have a great weekend and subsequent week faithful readers. Talk to you all later!

P.S. -

I got Sarah's birthday present yesterday too. I really think she's going to love it, at least I hope she will. Want to know what it is? Lean in a little closer and allow me to whisper it in your ear.


Cool huh? Don't you wish you were getting that too? Now don't tell Sarah, its a surprise and she has to wait a couple more weeks to find out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

So it's been a few days, shoot me. ;)

Worked all day yesterday, didn't much feel like chatting once the day was done. Internet decided to crap out this morning and stayed that way for the better part of the day. By the time it came back on it was almost time to go to work..but, none of this probably matters much to you.

J and Chris have been under the weather, but seem to be doing better today. J's still stuffy, but good to go. He had to leave school early yesterday. Can't tell you how horrible my Mommy heart felt to know that I wasn't the one picking him up..Chris did, so I'm thankful one of us can. But, still. It's the job I want. Before I start crying, I'll stop.

Played some rockband today with hubby, I'm no longer allowing myself to play on "easy". I'm on "medium"'s not quite as easy, duh, but I still do pretty well for the most part!

Chris and J just went out on a walk with Sadie for Daddy Son time..Ash is in doing the dishes. Funny, she begged for at least a year to do the I think she'd rather throw herself into a pit of liquid magma. So goes the life of girls..and unlucky boys. J's taken on the chore of feeding the dog lunch and dinner everyday. Something he also begged to do daily but now that he does, he "forgets" and sighs and doesn't really find the joy in it. Funny how us humans are..we forget how quickly we begged for things when they start to get familiar. I want a job! Crap, I hate this stupid job. I want time off! Crap, I can't find a job. I want a car! Crap, I can't pay for my blasted car. I want to pay off all of my debt quick! Crap, I have no money b/c I'm paying all of my bills off quick! I could go on, but I guess I won't. You probably get the idea.

On the brighter side of playlist freakin rocks. I added quite a few new songs the other day and weeded out some of them that were starting to get on my nerves. Hang out and listen for awhile, if you want!

The weather is so great today. Sunny, not a cloud in sight..up to 60* on the way home tonight. Can't wait till its a sweet 85* out there. YES!!!

I guess I have nothing else to say. Except, I want dessert!! Strawberries and homemade whipped cream. I don't have either of those things, but I can dream, can't I?? :)

Love you guys, have a great night!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ate WAY too much guacamole last night. I couldn't stop myself. Made 6 avocados worth of guac and I ate half the bowl. All night long I just knew I was gonna puke it up..never did. This morning I can still feel it there..beginning to wonder if it will EVER digest. It was purely delicious though. And, although I said last night that I wasn't going to have guac again until we go to Jason & Tiffany's house for mexican food later this month..I think I lied. Cuz, I think I need some for lunch. ;)

Speaking of mexican fiestas, when we go to Gabe n Andreas this weekend to do our brakes and eat and hang out we're gonna have a huge mexican meal, too! It's in the air baby..and I couldn't be happier. We're gonna also help Aunt Judy move into her new place on Saturday, if they get here by then. So, it will be a very full day!

Cleaned the bird cage this mornin, vacuumed the upstairs and dusted the house, n blinds. I feel much better now. Probably should vacuum downstairs, too..but that seems to involve bringing the vacuum back downstairs, and I'm just not sure I feel like doing that.

The kids both had their little April Fool's for us this morning..each pretending they'd cut themselves and had catsup on their hands..hmm..first time I've ever seen orange red blood..haha J was so excited b/c Chris fell for it. In his defense, he was in the bathroom and J was yelling at him from the other side of the closed door (while A & I egg J on) that he had cut himself while trying to cut an apple for us and needed a band aid. Chris yelled, "WHAT!" and swung the door open to find J saying "April Fools!!" Then proceeded to laugh and mimic Chris.."WHAT??" "WHAT??" "WHAT??" It was pretty funny.

Chris and J seem to be having a fight with allergies..or maybe colds. Not quite sure yet. J's sneezing a lot, nose running, coughing at night..I'm pretty sure it's allergies. Chris says his throat is just scratchy and he things that he might not be feeling too well. I gave him orders to spray my Throat Defense stuff in his throat (which did help, instantly) and drink some hot tea. I'm thinking the donut he ate for breakfast won't be helping much if it's a cold. Sugar's a no no if you have a cold! But, oh well.

Sadie likes to help me clean, by licking everything. She sits and quietly licks. She cleaned the whole right side of my office desk yesterday..was cleaning the door frame and my shoes this morning..she just likes to do her part. She's a good lil helper. And she gets very proud of herself..comes running over to me wagging her butt around like she's done something GRAND..and, she has. :)

Goin to the Girls Night Out in Kuna tonight with Mom & Ash..can't wait! All the gift shops (I think that means FOUR gift shops LOL) stay open a little late and have snacks n drinks and you get 10% off of your stuff and can get entered into a drawing for a $40 certificate to El Gallo Giro and also $10 off certificates at each store..COOL! In case I failed to mention this before, The Wild Ivy Gift Shop here in town is my new obsession..I want everything they have. I told Chris, "Get me a gift certificate there for my bday!!!" He said no..apparently he has other ideas. Hmm. We've already axed the camera idea..too much freakin money and we need brakes. I'd rather have brakes than a camera any day! No need for a camera if you are dead and can't use it b/c u chose not to get brakes.

So, what have you been up to? Anything exciting in your life lately? If not..go do something! Every day should have SOME excitement!

Love you!!