Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Saturday :)

We just got home from the TBQ match. WOW, LONG DAY. Didn't make it to Gabe's party. Considering it ended at 4, we would have only been able to get to the last 10 minutes of it, if we were lucky! Oh well, I'm sure he had a fabulous time.

The meet was great, Ash got THREE, count 'em, THREE quiz outs!!! We were all so excited. I was working the buzzer machine (the thing that counts all the time and such) so I couldn't be outwardly excited. Had to bite my lip to keep from smiling. She's still there now. Meridian invited our team (and I think the other ones, too) to stay after and have root beer floats and play board games. What a fun way to end the day!

I got my "wish" and my fam IS coming over for lunch after church tomorrow!!! Makes my heart happy. Well, actually, I haven't heard back from Matt & Laura yet. But Mom n Dad and Jon n DeAnna & Monet are coming! I'm making chicken enchiladas. Mom's bringin over some homemade guac and chips n salsa. Can hardly wait to eat! I guess I better get the chicken in the pot tonight so all I have to do tomorrow is assemble and put it in the oven. I'd assemble tonight but then the tortillas get soggy and that's just gross.

I've been grinding my teeth at night, which is why my jaw is in such pain. I had suspected as much, but it was confirmed the other night when Chris woke me up and said, "Honey, I think you're starting to grind your teeth!" It was an exciting moment. We've got an answer!! LOL Anyhoo, I think maybe in grinding I've knocked part of my filling loose or that there was a little extra filling "stuff" on the side of my tooth b/c there's an edge to it. Feels like there's a popcorn kernel there, but there isn't! I took a nail file to it today on the way home. It didn't do anything but rub my poor lip raw. LOL Chris knocked the file out of my hand and told me to quit it. Sheesh. Pushy, pushy. We swung by to see if Dr. Haws was still at the office but he was gone already. I'm not in any pain so I can't see calling him for an "emergency". Will just go in on Monday. In the mean time I've got to stop grinding my teeth! And in order to do that, life needs to slow down. haha, right.

I was asked today what we are doing on Christmas day. I didn't realize anyone cares, but you must! heehee And now I see on quite a few other blogs that folk are sharing their Christmas plans. So, I'll follow suit! Christmas Eve I have to work until at least 3 (unless I don't..which, I do) and then we'll go out to Caldwell for the annual tamale feed and time with Chris' Dads side of the family. Then we'll, after shoving our bellies full of goodness and laughter, drive home bleary eyed and cozy up in our beds. Then Thursday morning we will wake up and have our little family Christmas time together here at home, maybe have some toast n coffee/tea/hot chocolate..then get ready (which means put slippers on and brush teeth) and drive down to Mom n Dads. I say around 10 or 11..but if things happen as they usually do, we'll probably be up and opening gifts by 8 and out the door by 9. And, considering we have, I think, 8 gifts to open (which I'm NOT complaining about in the least, mind you!)..leaving at 9am is being generous! Anyhoo, then we get to spend the whole day/evening down there with them and my Gramma. Chris' Gramma Edens decided to celebrate with family on the day after Christmas so we won't be driving around everywhere on the 25th! We are excited to be able to have our own separate time with each part of the rushing. Mendiolas...Mundys...Edens. ahhhh peace. So anyhoo, the day after Christmas I have to again work all day (till 5 unless I don't..which, I do) and then the Edens Grandparents are having a Christmas "Open House dinner" from 5-7. So we'll go over there and visit and exchange gifts. Chris' Aunt Teresa will be there, too, so we'll get to chat with her. I'm so excited! This will be the first year we aren't trying to cram everything into one day. We'll just get to relax. Then I think for the weekend we will just stay home and do nothing. I don't get any vacation time like Chris and the kids do, so it will really be our only family time during their break. Ok, so that's our day(s)! If you haven't already blogged about your festivities, please do! Now I'm all into knowing your business! HAHA

It's absolutely freezing here today and windy, too. If you walk outside you are instantly a popsicle and then when you get inside it takes a long time to warm back up again, even if you were only outside for 20 seconds! (which we did a lot of today, that's how I know!) It's snowing now, and has been for awhile but the flakes are soooo teensy weensy tiny winy that you can hardly see them!

Tomorrow is the kids' Christmas performances at church. YAY!! I know I've mentioned it probably one too many times so I won't mention it

Wow, I better get that chicken in the crockpot for tomorrow. Time is slipping away!!

Ok my brain just left my body. I was gonna tell you about something else and have no clue what it was. hmm Well, anyway, my buddy Kim's birthday was yesterday. She's livin in Texas now. Sure miss you Kim!! Hope you had a great day. Love you!

Thanks to all of you who have sent us Christmas cards. They are lovely, and so are you! I promise to get ours out soon. Maybe even this coming week!

Take care :)


  1. Glad to hear that you get to have a relaxing Christmas and take time to enjoy all sides of the family without being rushed. I hope your Christmas is as special as you are.

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  3. What a wonderful Hoiday treat to be able to enjoy each of the family events without having to rush around. That give YOU time to enjoy them all and make the most of them.
    Congrats, once again to Ash and J on their outstanding performances. We are so very, very proud of them. A BIG HUG and KISS to them both. Glad that you could keep your composure, too!
    I've been under the weather. We have had severe rain storms here, and as usual, the rain brings on a cold for me. I woke up all congested and coughing this morning. I've felt it coming on for a few days. I'm doing better tonight. We got more cleaning done today and are getting things in good order for the holidays.
    Can't wait for the 23rd. Those Broncos will do us proud.
    Take care of yourselves and try to keep up the pace. We love ya dearly!