Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thought I'd post a pic of the office with it's pretty new paint! It's much cozier. It has a bit of a mauve undertone to it...sometimes. We plan on getting other things to decorate with, but not till later this month. My bro is also going to build us a desktop that will span the entire wall where the existing desk is now. That way we will be able to hide the printer and filing cabinet under it w/o wasting room space. I'd still like to get a cozy chair for the office, too, but we'll see...much further down the road :)

The drama group parents all had a meeting today after church and we've collectively voted to not attend this years Nationals competition in Florida. We will instead all start saving now in order to go next year. We don't know which state it will be in, but we are definitely going. Much easier to plan for next year now, instead of trying to come up with 4k for our family to go in August! That was gonna be a bit tight.

We've got a lot of yard work to do in the back yard (and a bit in the front) this summer. I'm gearing up for it now. It's going to take some serious dedication, but it will be worth it. And, I'm excited for the results. I've also got some more painting I want to get done inside, just haven't decided on colors yet. Have some other things we are wanting to do inside, too..just a matter of money and time. Ok, mostly money. haha But if you don't have goals you can't ever expect to meet them!

Pastor always says "You deserve whatever you put up with." And it's so true. SO TRUE. And, obviously that can be a good or bad thing..depends on what you're putting up with ;)

Went and paid the Starbucks back today. What a bunch of sweeties. It's hard to leave a Starbucks and not feel cheery.

Had Chronic Tacos for was ok. No Chipotle, but good. I don't think anyone can beat Chipotle. Delish!! Chris got the fish taco and said it was really good. I got the carne asada taco..didn't taste like carne asada, but ok. J got chicken taquitos, they were good. They do give big portions, I'll give them that! And, they offered cilantro and lime as "toppings", so that was a big plus. But, I think it's a sin to serve Coke with mexican food. I firmly believe that Pepsi is the only soda that should ever be served or consumed with Mexican food (over crushed ice please). And, they served Coke. I yelled at Chris from the drink booth (he was paying), "COKE?!? They serve COKE?!?" *sigh* It's fine..better than urine. But not by much.

My sweet puppy is laying at my feet. Being soft and cozy and sweet. I'm thinkin about getting another pup. My Pastor and his wife breed dogs. They have Yorkies, Havanese and then a mix between the 2. I'm thinkin of getting one of the mixes. We'll see :) I like lapdogs (Sadie thinks she's a lapdog but she's not)..and these don't shed which is loverly. Plus they're adorable. So, we'll see..

Well, I'm gonna go upstairs to hang out with my sweetheart. Choose to make it a great day!

Love you :)


  1. Just one question. How do you know what urine tastes like? Other than that is sounded like you had a good lunch. Give me Mexican any day. I guess I come by it honestly.
    The room looks great. Good job. Just a little paint can always make a room look sooooo diferent and so nice.
    Sorry the kids couldn't go to Florida this year, but as you say, there is always next year and it will give them something to really look forward to.

  2. Good point..not sure how urine tastes. Probably a bit like beer..with a splash of coke. LOL

    Glad you like the paint!! :)

  3. Where is Chronic Taco? I've been yearning for El Gallo Giro...maybe that's coming up soon when you all have a free afternoon or evening (HA!) Thanks for the wonderful description of urine taste !

  4. Sarah, your blogs are very cheery and make me smile. Hope you have an awesome week! Tiff

  5. Chronic is by St Lukes Meridian, shares the building with Starbucks..u know across the street from AARP. It's subpar..I like it less and less the more I think back on it.