Sunday, July 25, 2010

God is in the "excepts"

I got this from the Living Waters Facebook page yesterday..they always have amazing thoughts to share:

"When you think you have nothing, begin to remember the excepts in your life. I have nothing, except, a couple of dollars, I have nothing except the clothes on my back, I have nothing except an automobile to drive, I have nothing except a roof over my head. You see it’s not in the nothings that God works, but God is working in the exceptions."

We have to shift our focus off of the crap surrounding us and instead focus onto the blessings drenching us! Don't open your door this morning and step over the blessings in order to get to the complaining. Instead, stop and enjoy the blessings. They're yours! And before you know it, all of those complaints will be meaningless. You ARE blessed. ♥

Have a great day! Love you lots.

We'll chat soon..


  1. LOVE this! This is so true, and moving. I actually needed this. Thanks! <3

  2. Amen Sista! Love it we need to focus on him providing for us and quit taking it all for granted! Good stuff!