Thursday, May 7, 2009

So I haven't blogged in about 30 years..sorry!

Things have been hectic, but that's always the case! I find that by the end of the night I'm to exhausted too put two words together much less a blog!

J got accepted into the charter school for next year so we are really excited about that. Both kids will go there next year and then they will start homeschool the year after that..A's 9th grade year and J's 3rd grade year.

Ash had her last TBQ match for this "year" and did great. She came in 5th overall and 2nd in something else, and then their team came in 2nd as well I believe. We were/are so proud of her and the team. They did an awesome job, and the awards ceremony was great! We had teams in from Idaho, Washington, Montana and I think Oregon. Can't remember if they were there or not to be truthful.

I'm laying here with a fever..feel fine from the below the lungs down, have a sinus infection from the lungs up! Stupid post nasal drip kills me every spring and my lungs always take the brunt of it. Not sure why the fever has popped up. But it ticks me off cuz now I can't go to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to a doc in the box or something.

We are getting some landscaping done..they are finishing our fence and doing some curbing around the flower beds. Then we will lay down weed barrier and get perma bark. My brother is gonna build us a wooden awning for the patio. Can't wait till it's all done.

The school year is almost over and I'm so happy. The kids are, too..for now. Of course one week in they will be saying they're bored and miss all of their friends. Hey, that's what kids do!

Chris is out with his church buds tonight. They went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then to see the new Star Trek movie. They're pretty excited. I'm excited to catch it on BluRay when it comes the comfort of my own home and without the crowds and Trekkies!

Well, I'm gonna go. Sorry this blog isn't more exciting. I'll try to be better with this.

Love you mucho!

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  1. Hey, I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. I guess you think that about me, too! Sorry you're not feeling well. Pobresita!
    Congrats to Ash on the quiz outcome. We are very proud of her as well. Of course we are also proud of our little J. I was getting worried after I read in The Statesman that a 13 year old girl from Kuna had gotten the swine flu. Glad that school is almost over and the kids can really enjoy themselves. It will probably make thinks wilder for you though. Oh, well! That's life.
    So Chris is still a Trekkie, huh? What a surprise.
    You take care of yourself and get better. We love you all, miss you and can't wait to see you in July.
    All our love.