Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We've been bustin tail in the yard the past few days. Last weekend Chris mowed (takes a lonnnnng time, our yard is deceivingly large). The kids and I worked in the back yard raking up all the bark and chucking it into the trashcan. Chris and I had started this the week before but had to stop once we'd filled the huge trashcan. The kids and I filled it again this last weekend. SO MUCH CRAPPIN BARK. Anyhoo..a few sunburns and blisters later the yard was ready for the curbing, which went in today! The curbing guy told us today that we shouldn't touch it for two days..we're like "Oh, yeah, ok! No prob!" As soon as he left we pulled out the weed barrier and went to work. ;) I figure I paid for the stinkin curbing,I can screw it up if I feel like it! Anyhoo we got it all laid out and staked down AND without even one scratch to the tender curbing! Woohoo! Tomorrow my new tree will arrive and be planted, and my huge pile of permabark will be piled up in my driveway. Tomorrow night we will spread the permabark out over the flower beds. It will be beautious! Painful but beautious! My bro and Laura came out tonight and brought us the wheel barrow (or wheel barrel as Chris calls it..also may be called wheel burrow..whatever, I think it's barrow) and measured for our trellis thing he's gonna put up..and for my garden thingy! (refusing paragraph usage so far..just don't want to) Anyhoo..by the end of the week I should have a beautious back yard, finally :) Then I will just need to get a few big pots for flowers and then some climbing things for the trellis so it will eventually be covered in beautious foliage and flowers! Oh and I'll need to go get some horse crap from the farm so I can get my garden going..there's always more to do, but at least the big stuff will be done. I don't think I'll be able to get a fountain this year for the back yard but who knows. As usual, donations are welcome! ;)

Ok I made a paragraph. Proud? Anyhoo..we're all itching super bad to get out camping..so far we can't find a free weekend which fries me. But, never fear, we will find a weekend! We will find plenty of them! I claim it! :)

Please pray for my friend Judy, she had her gallbladder out last week and is healing well but slowly. There was quite a bit of scarring around the gallbladder so the recovery has been painful. Please just pray that everything functions as it should and that she back to 100% soon! She's too amazing of a person to be stuck in bed. Somehow even though she's not around she still finds a way to bless everyone. I just adore her.

Mom's bday is on Monday, I get off early from work that day too! Anyway, we're doin her bday party on Sunday. Should be fun! Hope the weather is nice. Saturday Chris is goin out with his buddy Jason all day for movies and lunch and stuff. Then he's gonna come home and test his first batch of wings with some of our buddies. Will be a busy weekend but a good one. I think while he's gone on Sat I will spiff up the house all nice, Lord knows it needs it! And, maybe I'll go down to The Wild Ivy and see if I can spend my gift certificate..haha..of course I can! And, I should be able to find something for my Mom's bday there, too.

Kids are well, Dog is well, we've still got one bird as of now, and Chris and I are well too!

Take care ((hugs))

Words for today: Beautious and Anyhoo


  1. Like, wow man! When do you people rest? Sounds like things are going smoothly. Can't wait to see your new yard when we come in July. Your family project sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure you will reap the rewards. When will you plant your garden, and what kind of veggies are you planning to plant? I really miss home grown veggies.
    Love you guys so very much and a big hug and kiss to all of you.

  2. Wow - yard power! You guys got a LOT done! Just tickled for you and will be looking forward to seeing it! Wings, huh? need another taster? Love ya'll...

  3. Thanks for the beautiful photos of your yard. It looks great. All the hard work is paying off. Can't wait to have a picnic or something.
    Hugs to you all. We love you sooooooo very much.

  4. Saw the pictures of the yard - Wow! Looks fantastic! Hope the little and big aches and pains are fading by now and you are truly enjoying the fruits of your labor!

  5. Thanks! We have the trellis and garden box left to do and then just little things here and there. My brother broke his collar bone yesterday so we will be waiting a month or so before it goes up. Poor bro :( I told him he's never allowed to mountain bike again but he doesnt agree.

  6. Sarah- I'm going to have my gallbladder out soon - let me know how your friend is doing. I'm nervous about the recovery.