Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well, we are (queue Steven Tyler) back in the saddle again.  We've had both the TBQ and JBQ meetings and are all set to start class.  Drama has started back up.  But back to JBQ..we had 11 kids last year on the whole JBQ team..this year we have (drum roll please), TWENTY SEVEN!!!!  Wow, God is good.  I have 2 new kiddos in my class and, one of them is a boy!  Should make J very happy..not that he doesn't enjoy the ladies' company..that is as long as they like to do boy stuff.  Anyway, school started back up this week, too.  Both kids are enjoying it..well until homework time comes and then they remember that it's not so fun.  And neither of them are enjoying spanish class.  I told them they are disgracing their heritage by saying that and that they will learn every last blasted word, with a smile on their face.  And that's that.

So...I'm saving up for a dog :)  My Pastor and his wife breed dogs.  Yorkie's and Havashires (Yorkie Havanese mix).  I'm gonna get a Havashire.  They will be black and brown and I get pick of the litter!  They will be ready in the second week of December.  OH, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! :)  Really, I'd be fine without another dog but Sadie really needs company.  And I do love me a lapdog that doesn't make me sneeze.  The new puppy will be only about 4 pounds full grown from what they've said.  This I can handle :)

I spent over 2 hours tonight separating out questions for my JBQ'ers.  We have 10, 20 an 30 point questions this year..and I have the kids separated into 3 teams.  Anyway, I was talking to one of the other coaches tonight and she said she likes to separate out questions in all pertaining to Joshua, etc.  So I did that with all the different categories possible.  And then divvied up the rest.  Harder than one may think to make things fair and then decide which team would be best for which set of questions...And making up the teams of 2 was difficult, too.  Especially not knowing how the 2 new kids will do.  But,the good thing is that within a few weeks I should be able to tell who makes a good team and who doesn't...ok this is just me talking out loud and you're probably bored to tears.

Have a great week.  Love you!  Hey you know that person in our life who you love like crazy and would do anything for?  Treat yourself like you treat them.  xoxo

(P.S.  Where did spell check go?  Well just ignore my typos :)  )


  1. So, busy at the Mendiola house! Looking forward to the quiz matches - when do they start? And glad to hear the kids are doing well in school. You take care of yourself, too, ok...please? Love you all lots.

  2. Thought I wrote a comment...where did it go? Anyway, just good to hear all that is going on, that the kids are doing well and everyone is plugging along. Love you all lots. Miss seeing you... you'd think we lived states apart huh?

  3. We've got it set up to where the comments need to be approved before we post them. :)

    JBQ quiz matches start in October. The first two are out of town (Twin and Nyssa) and the last two are in town (Meridian and hopefully Kuna). Not sure about TBQ's schedule, I need to take a look at it I guess!

  4. Would appreciate having the schedule when you get it, that way I can come out and root for the kids...and brush up on MY Bible knowledge too!!!

  5. Glad to hear that things are going well for you and the kids. Best of luck with JBQ, the job and to your boss.
    I am so happy to hear that Ash and J are learning spanish. They may not like learing it at this point, but it will really make a difference in the future. It can change things for them in college and the job market. That's a ways off, but believe me, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Tell them to hang in there and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Our love to you all.