Thursday, September 10, 2009

EEE!  My puppy is gonna be a Thanksgiving baby!  As in I get to bring her home on or around Turkey Day!  EARLY Christmas for me!  Ok, I know I said the puppy was for Sadie.  But, well...ok, it's for me. There, I said it!

We have 2 possible names since it's a Thanksgiving baby.  Here they are:

1.  Turkey
2.  Taters

Tell me which one you like.  Chris, of course, hates them both.  No matter.  He said we should name her Cranberry.  But I know if we do, my brother will just forever call her dingleberry.  Funny..but wrong.  LOL!

Life is ummm challenging.  Nothing new there.  Work is ummmm challenging.  Something new there.  Well, new-ish.  I'm too ____ (not sure of the word I'm looking for) to elaborate on it, so I won't.  I'll just say I'm thankful for my job.  And I'm thankful for the upcoming day when I won't need my job.

I'm enjoying the cooler days, when they choose to arrive.  And cherishing the hot days even though I've grown to hate them.  Cherishing them because soon it will be freezing and dark and damp and I will long for a hot sweaty day.  My friend Judy is helping me to enjoy the seasons of life.  I enjoy the seasons of life, but would enjoy them more if they were the seasons I picked and ones that ended and begun at my command.  I realize that has nothing to do with weather.  But, well, it sort of does.  Anyway, I'm not much into this seasons lesson, but growing is good and grow I shall! 

Do you ever just have that deep ache in your soul for Jesus?  I do.  I love my quiet time with Him.  And I long for it like a girl longs for her new boyfriend to call.  So thankful for Him and for the quiet moments we share. 

We leave for camp tomorrow.  And Ash leaves for her camp.  This is our last camp of the year.  Oddly, I'm ok with it.  This year has brought a few changes forth in me.  1. I no longer enjoy 100 degree days.  2.  I only sort of enjoy camping.   Eek, it hurts to even write that.  Maybe it's just a phase.  But, camping just seems like work now.  Why?  I dunno.  Maybe cuz I'm working full time..and that by the time the work week is done, the very last thing I want to do is pack up a portable home into the back of my car and drive 2 hours to a plot of dirt where I will then unload said portable home and proceed to be filthy..cook a lot of subpar meals, sweat a lot and bat off flesh sucking insects..undoubtedly trip in the dark..pee on my shoe and sneeze a lot.  Fun?  Where?  I'm old.

My home is cozy.  I need to paint.

My home is very clean.  I can breathe.

My dog is gorgeous.  She sheds too much.

I've got so many things going on and juggling, although one of my strong suits..makes the arms a bit tired.  I tear up a lot.  And for no reason.  No really, for no reason.  Saying good morning at times can bring on tears.  Or, I'll be telling a story to someone and all the sudden begin to tear up.  Wow.  Jesus take the wheel! LOL

Well, I'm rambling.  But this is a diary of sorts, and it's meant for rambling.

My kids are adorable.  Absolutely adorable.  I love them.  Everyday.  Every way.  Sometimes I don't like them.  But I always, always love them.  Ok I always like them too.  I just don't always like what they do. 

My husband..oh my husband.  Could a husband be any more precious?  I don't think so.  How is it possible that after 14 years I still get butterflies just thinkin about him!  I always thought my Mom was silly when she'd say things like that about my Dad, but now I know..she's not silly.  She's just in love.  She loves him, and she allows him to love her.  That's big.  It's said that your relationship with your spouse (and others) directly reflect ur relationship with God.  OOh..that gives me a lot to work on ladies n gents.

Well, I better get goin.  Lots to do..

But, I love you.  Even if we don't talk as much as we did.  See eachother as much as we used to.  I love you.  I think of you.  I pray for you.  I believe in you.  Don't quit.  You're here for a reason, and the reason doesn't involve giving up.  Be strong, be faithful, and don't forget to take time to listen to His voice.  It's important, and so are you.  ((hugs))

Until next time...please remember that tomorrow isn't just "another day" 


  1. Thank you Sarah for your rambling ... I love it! Thanks for the tribute to 9/11, too many are already beginning to forget. Hope you had fun camping, and I must agree - it's harder and less enjoyable after a week of work... I know that's when I stopped enjoying it as much... but, it's a phase! I'm excited about the puppy - gotta suggest 'Christmas Elf' for a could call it Chrissy (Chris would LOVE that!). Talk to you soon. Love you all lots and lots.

  2. We hope that your camping trip was an enjoyable one for you, even though it is a lot of work. Maybe knowing it will be the last one for the year will help. I know what you mean though, that is one of the things I don't miss about camping. I've become a citified person. Can't seem to help it. We have however, really enjoyed our weekly trips to the Russian River. We went on Thursday this week because they were having a jazz festival on the weekend. We are planning on going again next Saturday. The beach closes on the 27th of the month. That doesn't really take too much work to prepare for and makes it quite enjoyable and gets us out. You should see our tans.
    Take care of each other and know how much we love you.