Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ashley is now dictating her blog to me as well. Here is what SHE has to say:

My NEW favorite thing to do isssss...SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I fell on my butt a lot, it was still worth it. It's really hard to steer and when you want to go snowboarding, or learn, you better be prepared for some pain the next day. And I mean serious pain.

I was at my Mom's work and I helped out by taking out cleansing stuff and separating them into different bins, there was soap, am facial stuff and pm facial stuff, some weird ear thing, and a sponge. I don't know what that has to do with cleansing, but it was fun. And, I also shredded paper but it sucked because the shredder kept overheating after like 4 papers. And then I got to try a yummy health bar that was Belgian chocolate chip. It was yummyyy. And then after all my hard work, I earned six dollars...............AT MY MOM'S WORK! It was pretty exciting.

And, that's all I have.

Here is the picture that we took of Ash specifically for this super cool blog entry:


  1. I had posted this comment a few days ago, but I guess it didn't come through. So Ash, we were wondering if the guitar you are pictured with is a new interest or is it "JUST AN AIR GUITAR"? Our guess is that you are learning to play. You are always learning new things and it would really be great if you do learn to play. Either way it looks great. Know how much we love you and are so very proud of all of your accomplishments.
    Grandpas Frank and Aldo

  2. It's actually her Guitar Hero guitar :) Video game..

    It's her most favorite game ever, I think. She and Chris have a great time yeah, in a way, she is learning how to play guitar! heehee