Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well howdy there folks. This is my first "official" blog on this site that my wonderful wife set up. Sarah has been getting on my case for a while now about posting so here I am. In case you are asking yourself "hey, who is this super cool new guy that's blogging here?" let me show you.

This is me:

Yes, I am that cool and those are the sweetest chops ever. Anyway, not much going on here. You could probably tell by Sarah's blogs that we're all about the snow here. Its a regular frickin winter wonderland here. I work from home mostly so its not that big a deal to me, but I do like to get out every once in a while without needing a snow trencher to get out my front door.

Kinda grouchy today. I filed the taxes this past weekend and we have so many things we need to do or have done around the house that the return is all pretty much spent. Don't get me wrong, I like that we got a return and I'm very grateful....however, I just hate the fact that there's always stuff waiting to suck up the money as soon as we get it. Oh well, guess that's what money is for. Just keep making and spending.

So while thinking of all these wonderful ways to spend our money, I have been listing all the projects we need and want to finish. We have our backyard and fence to complete, we have our game room to finish, we have our bedroom that completely needs to be redone, we have the kids rooms that need to be finished up, we have the office that needs to be finished, we have the kitchen that needs to be finished, we have the garage that needs to be finished, we haven't even started on our living room or just any basic home decor.....the list goes on and on. Parts of our house just look like we moved in yesterday and slapped a painting on the wall just so it wouldn't be completely bare. I love my house, but there is just so much we want/need to do with it. I came up with 2 or 3 more projects everytime I wrote 1 down. I know its the "joys" of homeownership but sometimes I wonder if the bullshit will ever end. Will it ever just be done and we'll be completely happy with everything the way it is and not need to do another thing? Most likely no, but its a grand idea. I know this is not our "forever" house either, which is one of the reasons I don't really want to get too invested in molding it into our perfect home. One day we WILL have our perfect home so I'm holding out for that. This one is great, but its temp. However, we still want certain things done with it.

Well all that project listing didn't really help with my mood. Mostly because we're ass deep in winter goodness and I can't even really do most of these projects until the weather changes. And I was already irritable today cuz of stupid crap at work and not being able to get anything done, in addition to the fact that the kids have a snow day which means I get to hear them bicker and fight all day instead of just in the evening. So my neverending project list just added to that. Plus the fact that seemingly all extra dough will be needed for this stuff rather than fun stuff like vacations and all that jazz. It just seems like such a huge ongoing ordeal sometimes. I wonder if it would be better to be stranded on a tropical island where my most important decision is which cocount to drink out of instead of the color scheme and bedding for our room or how much braces for the kids will cost.

That seems to be enough for now. Mostly because blogging about all this junk makes me think about it again and makes me aggravated all over again. And partly cuz I'm not super into blogging. So that's last call folks, gotta cut you off for now. I promise I'll be back again sometime this year so stay tuned.


  1. Um well that wasn't quite the exciting entertaining blog that I had promised of you..however, I'm super glad you blogged! See..doesn't it feel nice to get things out on cyber paper? :) I love you..our house is great..even if we aren't completely happy with how it's looking, it's a home that I'm so glad that you provide for us. Just simmer down big guy..Momma loves him LOL!!

  2. Hey son, great blog and love the photo. You look so "COOL" and like a bad boy, (I know your not). We all have sooooo many things on our back burner, lots of projects, lots of wishes and lots of dreams. We take them one at a time and everything works out in the end. A big hug to you and keep up the blogs. We love reading them. Thanks for sharing.
    Dad & Aldo