Saturday, January 26, 2008

J is dictating his blog to me, here is what he'd like you to know:

Mommy is nice (I didn't bribe him to say that!), and Sadie is a nice girl, and she licks my hand a lot and then I get slobber on my hand. And, I like my family.

Here is the picture J had me take of him specifically for this blog entry..he's a crazy guy.

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  1. Our Dearest J,
    What's wrong with a little slobber once in a while. Sadie must really love you as much as you love her. We also know you din't have to bribe your mom to say that she is a nice mom. We are proud of you for being such a joy and expressing your love for your family. That is important to all of us. We love you so much and keep those blogs and photos coming.
    Grandpas Frank & Aldo