Sunday, November 2, 2008

 We had lots of fun at the corn maze! Ash was with her TBQ team shopping so she didn't join us. Anyhoo, we got to watch pig races (SO CUTE!!) and play in the corn and run over Obama's face (the maze was in the shape of his and McCain's faces)..u know, all the fun stuff ;)

After the maze adventure we went on home, I made a carrot cake and then relaxed for a few minutes before Matt n Laura came over to watch the game! Matt also brought over his deer meat so he could grind it into ground meat with my Kitchenaid. How fun! And you know we busted out some Rockband while they were here, too..cuz that's just what we do. After that they went on home and I, as usual, went straight to bed and passed out probably mid sentence.

Oh, this is all disjointed now, but I got to go out with Kristi and baby Berkley to breakfast yesterday! We went to this super cute little restaurant in the old section of Nampa called Little Kitchen. Yummy! It was kinda spendy but we got a big meal and good service so it was worth it! The atmosphere was super cute, too. Anyhoo, then we went to Costco on our joint venture where we buy stuff and then split it up as to save money! Got lots of good stuff and spent less than 50 bucks! Then we went back to her house, split the stuff up and I to Winco to finish my shopping. It was there that I nearly went friggen postal. I had forgotten that it was the 1st. Which means all the checks and welfare cards were filled. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every aisle was like a line at Disneyland. At one point the lines to the checkout were backing into the aisles. I almost just left my full cart and walked out so many times, it was SO claustrophobic in that place. And it was muggy in there b/c it had been raining all morning. Had to talk myself down from panic attack..also envisioned grabbing cans off of the shelves and just chucking them at people telling them to get the HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!! It's green beans, you don't need to analyze it, just grab the effing can and GO!

Anyway, today was nice and quiet, even for a Sunday :) Got up n went to church then came home, ate some pizza and took a nap. Chris took Ash to TBQ practice, I continued to lay in bed with the heating pad. I forgot to mention that this morning b4 church I was sneezing (about 40 times..or 7) and threw my back out. My upper back and neck are all sorts of painful now. So after awhile I got sick of laying in bed (WHAT!) and came downstairs to roll on the exercise ball for relief (no) and do the 2 yoga poses I know to help (no). I think I'll just take a Zyflamend tonight and call it good. Will be better by mornin! Then Chris took us out to run some errands and get a bite to eat. J didn't have play practice tonight b/c Brenda is super sick, so he went with Chris and I. Then we went and sat in on the end of A's drama practice, chatted with some buddies and came home. I'm gonna start a new paragraph, just for fun.

Then we all sat here in the office and played with editing stuff on my Picasa program..adding eyeballs to our noses and my teeth to J's stuff like that. We got a pretty good laugh out of it. Hope the kids (I) don't have nightmares from it!!

Now I'm just sittin here chatting with you and listening to my Upton music. Ahhh, perfect.

Did I tell you that the MRI came back showing NO internal vascularity? I call that a miracle :) Doc Rogers said when he got the ultrasound results back showing internal vascularity that he was like "Oh crap. This isn't good." But then the MRI came back and showed zero internal vascularity which is specifically what Judy prayed against at church that night. Even more cool is that I never told her that there was internal vascularity. Amazing, eh? Anyhoo..I don't think I ever shared that with you..forgive me if I already did! :) Good news deserves to be repeated. Other than that I'm looking at a surgery date of Thurs. Jan 15th. And should be able to go back to work on that following Monday as long as I don't lift anything heavier than a phonebook. SWEET!!!!

Well, I better get goin. Have a wonderful night my loves!


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