Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just sittin here enjoying the happy silence. Well except for the music playing. But it's my music so it is still classified as happy silence :)

It's been cold here but I'm realizing that it must be a milder climate than normal b/c Bogus isn't even TRYING to open by Thanksgiving! Do they even have a flake of snow up there yet? I guess I haven't looked at the mountain lately. Ok I just checked their website..yup, no snow folks.

Talked with one of my church buddies about homeschool tonight. We had 2 hours of info and chatting n fighting back mommy tears with each other. I've been wanting to start doing that for forever now. More seriously looking into it as of late. Ash will start first and then J will probably do it in 3rd grade. Maybe sooner depending on how things go. Anyway it's super exciting, and Chris is supporting it too so that's a big thing. The kids have so many activities and friends that they won't be "hermits" by any means. Plus, they'll get to learn about our views on creation instead of only the other views. Why every view except for ours gets to be discussed in school is beyond me. I'm not asking for it to only be taught according to our belief, I'm just asking for our belief to be discussed as well as the others. If you have a chance to watch Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, we highly recommend it. Chris and I watched it last week and were just appalled at how far (or how backwards) things have gone.

Anyhoo..We move offices starting this weekend. So don't want to move. But it will be good once it's done. Other than that stock is low b/c we're getting it down to where we don't have to move as much. By we I mean the movers. ;) We have to do stuff too but no heavy lifting.

I love Jason Upton. Worship at it's best. Listening to Wait Upon The Wind right now. Barbara, if you have time u might wanna listen to it. I think u'd like it right now :) It kinda goes along with what u were writing about. (in my playlist towards the top of the list)

Getting excited-ish about Thanksgiving. I always have a hard time around holidays. Why, not sure. Thanksgiving and Christmas both in particular seem to be so centered around self and not on what they are supposed to be centered on and that always really REALLY bothers me. I guess I just don't understand why it is so hard for "us" to take our eyes off of ourselves. But, that's human nature I suppose. I am determined to enjoy Thanksgiving and be thankful for another year with my family, and my beautiful Grandma. Thank you, Jesus, for my Grandma. Thank you for not making me say "goodbye" just yet. I know, I always say, "Just one more holiday with her Lord." But I realize that it won't always be. And, that's ok. I'll just be thankful for today and "let" You worry about the rest.

The kiddos are so ready to put the Christmas decorations up. Have I mentioned this already? Feeling very de ja vu-ish. ANyway, at this point I'm thinking it will be late next week if at all b4 we get stuff out. There's just never enough time. Every time I think we have time, something else comes up and our time is taken away. Yes, we could say "no"..but it's just never that simple if u catch my drift. And, we do say "NO" to more things than you might think. At any rate, the decorations will be put up and I so look forward to a quiet day with my lil family to get that done. It's always so much fun. And, I love watching the kids put their decorations up.

Chris made a wonderful dinner both last night and tonight. Last night was shredded beef tacos. Then tonight he used the left over beef for nachos. My man is amazing. Truly blessed. He makes my heart leap for joy and warms my spirit with his embrace. I love you honey. I love you, I love you, I love you.

I dreamed of Fiji again today. Daydreamed that is. One day..one day. I'm pretty sure that my lil corner of Heaven will have a Fijian beach. :) And there I will sit in my Father's lap in complete peace with tears of joy streaming down my face..napping in His arms. Listening to stories and feeling His love like never before.

Well, I suppose I'll go now :) Here's a video for u to watch! Love you


  1. I've been meaning to ask about the move. I thought you guys had just moved recently. Is this a bigger and better space? Hope it works out well, anyway. Is it closer to you or not?
    You're right about the holidays. Aldo is the same way. I hope that we all start to think more of others and being good people, instead of always wanting more and more. Maybe all that will change some day. Hopefully soon. I think that at times like we are having now, it will make learning that a lot easier. We ALL have so very much to be thankful for and that should be our main focus. Love will make us stronger and keep us all together. Family and friends are our foundation.
    It sounds like Ash and J are really getting set for the decorating. That is always a fun time for parents as well as kids, especially when it becomes a family affair. And well it should be. Keep the love ALIVE!

  2. Aww shucks babe, I'm just trying to be a good hubby for you. Glad it seems to be working! :) Love you tons sweets.

  3. You two are so cute....!!!!

    HEY, is that Sarah in the picture? Awesome and it looks like that place you went to last year..???

    Love you all to pieces!

  4. Huh? What picture? Now I'm lost, help!

  5. Sorry just realized that I hadn't replied to you Frank! Yes, this building is closer to home, shaves about 10 minutes off of my driving time so that's GREAT!!! It's a good move, just very very tiring and the end is no where in sight!!

  6. Oh I think maybe u r talking about the "Breathe" picture? If so, that's not me..just some pic I found on the internet :)