Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good evening :)

It's already Wednesday, yay! Can't wait for Friday. Just seems like it's been a reeeeeaaaaaalllly long week. I'm sure most of you can identify!

Blog commenting is down. Way down. Is it like the economy? LOL I see lots of bloggers commenting on the lack of commenting. So, come on! We need approval! Just kidding. But, it is nice to hear from you. I have to admit, I've been very bad at it, too. But, we're not talking about me here. HAAAAAAAAa Ok, maybe I've had too much sugar. I amuse myself.

I watched The Family That Preys today. Ooh, it's good. Rent it. Even if you hate Tyler Perry, you will like this one. Promise :)

Deanna, Ash, Monet and I went out to Corinne's last night for a jewelry party. It was fun to hang out together. We had some laughs and some good eats.

I was hopin to go out with Kristi for a bit tomorrow afternoon but the blasted tax return just keeps not showing up. Supposed to be here this week. We'll see! We're trying to do a little Valentine's Day shopping. Yay! Valentine's Day is fun :)

J has another JBQ meet this weekend. It's his second to last match. Oh how the time flies! Ash goes through May I think. Anyway, he's all studied up and ready to go. Hopefully he'll achieve his goal of quizzing out this time. He works so hard, and gets so very close!

Then Sunday we have our normal morning duties with jbq/tbq and church and then something after that with something down there. Blast if I can remember. Then that night Chris and Ash have all the drama practices and A has TBQ practice and we have to figure out how to attend the leadership meeting that is going on during the drama practice. Hmm..we weren't even gonna go until Pastor Stan reminded everyone at church that leadership means if you do anything..from nursery to pastoral staff. Oh, yeah, I guess we should probably go then. LOL

A girl in our church (we've never met her that we can think of) accidentally shot herself yesterday morning and is down at St. Al's. Last we heard the bullet was lodged in her neck and she had no feeling in her legs. That they were trying to figure out how to do surgery to remove it and do the least damage. The prayer request email described her as the "daughter of" so we figured she was a kid. But then today my Mom said she looked in the paper and saw that she is 27. Strange. It was ruled an accident. I'm wondering if maybe she's in a job where she needs a gun and had just gotten home? Oh matter. She seems to be in a great mood from what they say, doing very well and is very alert and talking, etc. We haven't heard any updates so far today. Maybe pastor can give us an update at church tonight.

I need to get Chris a binder of some sort for his drama stuff. He thought he had one but can't find it I guess. Poor guy was goin to practice tonight with a fist full of papers and a pen. Anyone who knows Chris for 5 minutes knows that that is driving him flippin insane!

I want to make banana bread but don't have enough time before we have to leave. Such is life. :)
Maybe tomorrow..maybe not.

Our family friend Carolyn is coming to visit the second weekend of March, can't wait to see her. She's so fun and funNY to be around, and makes a mean salsa. We're gonna celebrate Matt's bday that weekend I think. Cuz he and Laura are gonna be in Mexico for his actual bday. They invited us to go with them to paradise but dangit where's the money when you need it! ;) When I finally do get to go to paradise they're gonna have to pull me off the beach kicking and screaming. ;) One of my customers at work is trying to talk me into a cruise. We'll see. I'm getting closer, but not all the way there yet.

My friend Jess' Nana (great Grandma) is having heart troubles, please keep her in your prayers. She's up in age, but never seems like it. She still mops her own floors and everything! She's lived alone since Jess' Mamo (Jess' gramma, Nana's daughter) passed. Anyway, Jess says the doctor's cant figure out what it is that's causing the trouble.

My Mom is home with a headache again. Poor thing really needs to catch a break. She had that flu bug for soooooo long and I think it's just taking her awhile to get back on track. Of course us Mundy women do enjoy non stop headaches anyway, just par for the course.

Dog crapped all over the garage today, just to bless Chris' morning. She had no reason to, just felt like it. :) Well, I don't think she'll feel like it again very soon.

We're planning a trip to Montana in August to visit our family friends who I haven't seen since Ash was probably 1 yr old. So excited for a family vacation, and for Jaden to meet my "God parents". I think I actually have a few of those ;) Ash doesn't remember them, obviously, so it will be fun for her. I'm just excited to get back to Montana and enjoy the magnificently amazing scenery. I absolutely adore it. We've got lots of plans for the time there and hope to be able to fit it all in. Can you believe that the 4 of us have only been on ONE other vacation together? Other than that the summer will hopefully be filled with camping trips, if the gas prices stay "low" that is.

Anyhoo..on to other things! I'm healing up very quickly, back feels pretty dang ok! We'll see how I feel after cleaning on Friday, but for now I'm doin good. The stitches on my face and neck are healing up quickly, too. I'll go back to Doc Rogers in a month to have a final check up, but am doing great. He's super pleased with how everything has gone.

Today the weather was amazing. My car told me it was 56* out. I don't know if that was true or not, but I'll take it. It was sunny and breezy (windy in Kuna, of course) and not too freezing. Wonderful. Made me think about camping and fishing.

Well, I'm gonna go. Gotta leave for church in a few. Have a good night. Love you


  1. HOLY COW! You are so darned busy. Where do you get the energy? Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. I am just now getting back to normality after my trip. I've still been forwarding photos and emailing all the family members that I reconnected with in Wyoming. That part has been so cool. I have one cousin here in SF and am hoping to meet her husband and have lunch or dinner with them soon. I am still in awe of all the family and friends we had the pleasure of sharing our love with.
    I will try to be more attentive to the blogs.
    Love ya

  2. energy? not sure what that is. ;)

    I saw one album on walgreens of your pics, did you send out any others?

  3. In total I sent three sets of photos. George's, mine and my cousin May Lin's was the first one on Walgreen's photo website. I have since uploaded MY photos on the Walgreen's website. I put captions on the photos. If you want I can invite you to see that. Let me know.

  4. Comments better late than never ok? Just checking the blogs since I worked last night. Sounds like business as usual at the Mendiola house! Glad to hear you are feeling better and gotta say the house looked pretty spiffy when I got home today! Looking forward to the JBQ tomorrow ... loves and kisses to all.

  5. LOL ... got a good giggle about Sadie pooping in the garage. That's awesome!