Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I was gonna post pictures for you of our last JBQ competition but I guess I left the camera in the car and Chris and Ash have already left for drama practice. Oh well, maybe next time!

I'm just so very tired. Wanted to share that with you. I found myself standing still head in hands today many times. Just imagining myself far away. Me, Chris, A, J, and Sadie..far away. Somewhere quiet. Somewhere with no phones. No computers. No obligations. Not for forever. Just for a good long while.

Corinne's Grampa (paternal) passed away on Saturday, so she's again devastated. Her Grandma (maternal) just passed away 4 months ago. She was very, very close to both of them so she's really having a hard time. It's making work very difficult. She's again, just like she did for her gramma, making a tribute work. And writing obituaries, at work. It's just horrible. I cry easily anyway, I don't need help! She got me going a few times today. They leave for Port Townsend (where he lived) tomorrow and will be back on Sunday night. They'll have the Military service there and then next weekend they will have another service here in Boise.

It was sad. She has hundreds of pictures of all of their family together..extended fam, etc. I don't have that. I hate that I don't have that. I pout because I don't have that. I started thinking I have a picture of me and my Grandma? I started to panic. Was contemplating leaving work to rush down to her house and take a picture of us together. What if there isn't time to get one before she's gone. And why is my life so stupidly busy that it makes it difficult to find 5 minutes much less an hour to get down there and back. I finally remembered that I have one. Not of just us, but I have one of us Mundy girls with her on her bday, on my fridge. I'm sure Mom has one or two (I tell myself I'm sure) of Gramma and I when I was a kid. I have to get down there and get a picture with her, very soon. But, what if very soon isn't soon enough. What if I don't get there before it's too late. I know a picture isn't everything. Sadly I can't think of a day anytime soon when I CAN get down there. On top of that she hates pictures (more than I do!) getting her to take one with me will be a fight. I know she won't smile in the picture..well, maybe she'll surprise me. She always tells me, "I can't smile". I tell her, "YES you CAN, and you WILL!" *sigh* enough.

J was sick all weekend. It was gross. He went back to school today. It was the Valentine's Day party. He only ate one candy, all is well :) I think he was just sick b/c he ate nothing but crap on Saturday. My kids aren't used to eating junk..and he is really sensitive to it. Every time we have a huge junk eating day, he is pretty much guaranteed to be throwing up.

Ash threw her back out last week, Chris had to take her into the chiropractor on Monday. Today is the first day she has had no back pain. Glad she's doin better.

Tuesday I got my teeth cleaned (yippee) and Ash got her stuff done for the braces she will be getting in a few weeks. I also got my bite guard yesterday so that I won't be grinding my teeth anymore. It's super sweet and you can't even tell I'm wearing it. I was so excited. Everyone should have one! And after insurance paid their part I only had to pay 39 bucks for it! Even sweeter.

I don't want to go through the rest of the weeks activities or I will cry. Just know that it's very busy and we will be having fun but we will be wishing like none other to be home and relaxing.

No matter what, though, I just always come back to how very thankful I am for the life I have and the family that I get to share it with. Getting to share the craziness and busy life I have with people who never leave is just a wonderful thing. I'm truly blessed, and I'm thankful that the Lord has entrusted me with so many things. Even when I doubt I can handle it, He doesn't. And that makes it all better. If Daddy says I can do it, I CAN!

Well, I gotta go take a shower and get ready for church now. We're thick into Revelation. It's a really good study.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Love you bunches.



  1. Please give our condolences to Corinne and her family.
    What happened to Ash? How did she hurt her back? We are so glad to know that she is feeling better today and has no pain. Give her our love and a HUGE HUG!

  2. She was playing a game in PE where they all hold hands and jerk around like a snake. Stupid if you ask me. Anyway, she's not to play that game anymore :)

    She's pain free..but now she has a cold!

  3. The last paragraph that you wrote about always coming back to being very thankful for the life you have....Isn't that the truth? I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. We were chosen for spouses and our children and they were chosen for us. All pieced together like bookends by the Creator. You know it has to be a perfect match.