Saturday, February 28, 2009

J's party went well today. Everyone had a good time, or at least pretended to! :) That's all I ask. haha Grammie and Grampie put out a huge spread of, guac, taquitos, cheese dip and I think there was something else. I made the guac, it was stellar if I do say so myself! Then we had cake and ice cream..wait, I forgot the ice cream at home, we just had cake!

Anyway, he got a huge load of gifts and had a great time playing with everyone. He was a bit sad because his friend, Tyler, didn't make it to his party. But had a good day anyway. Then after the party we took him to Toys R Us to pick out a toy with some of his bday cash. Ash and I sat in the car with Sadie while Chris and J went into shop. They were gone so long I was simply forced to start eating more cake (I was holding the pan on my lap).

THEN on the way home I told Chris I needed a dream home fix, so we came and dropped Sadie off at home and then went back to look at "my" house. He only promised to take me if I wouldn't be distraught afterwards. I promised ;) It was just as beautiful as always, but now it's furnished so it was even more breathtaking..wait is that possible? Well, I guess it was. We stayed there for quite awhile. The kids hadn't seen the house before..they've been gone the other times we went. But, they both loved it. Ash and I have already moved in mentally.

After the house drooling was over, we took the kiddos downtown to the new "sweets shop" in Kuna. J bought lots of retro candy and Ash got a huge bowl of ice cream. They paid with their own money. The owners were very impressed by that.

Then we came home and have been relaxing ever since. Ahhhh, me likey. We're gonna play Apple to Apples right now so I better go. Love you guys!

OH, Matt & Laura leave for Mexico tomorrow (vacation, not mission), please pray they have a safe flight and vacation. Thanks!!


  1. I certainly wasn't pretending to have a good time - it was much fun at the b-day party. I must say I do enjoy the Mundy clan...and hope they reciprocate for me, being the insecure little woman I am! It was fun and god food and who missed the ice cream anywhoo? Where's the dream house? Love you guys....

  2. So glad that our big boy had a wonderful time at his celebration. Sound like all the bases were covered with good food, good gifts and good company. He deserves it. He's a little angel.
    I would have done the same thing with the cake and alllllll that time alone in the car. Hope you enjoyed it and felt no guilt. That was your reward for taking care of Sadie.
    Can't wait to see the photos. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time.