Monday, November 30, 2009

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving mini vacation down at Mom n Dads.  Went down on Wednesday around noon and stayed till around noon on Friday!  Then we came out and picked up the new puppy, Greta. As soon as we got home, I took Greta upstairs for a nap with me!  It was great.  She's sleeping next to me as we speak.  She has major energy for about 15 min (sometimes we get 30 min out of her) and then she's out.  I'm sure this will change as she grows.  :) 

Yesterday my Mom n Dad brought out the last of the 3 family heirlooms I've been inheriting.  I have 2 desks and now one chest.  They were my Grandma Hartmann's (my maternal gmother).  So glad to have them all.  Also, this weekend, my Grandma Mundy gave me all of her recipes in her recipe tin.  Some of them are so old they are hard to read.  Really special to have them.

The sun is out today, not a dark cloud in the sky :) 

Well, I hope this day is going well for you!  I'm off to look at all of your blogs to see what I should be posting today :)  If memory serves, it's Friend Makin' Monday?? Could be totally off on that.

Love you!  You Matter!  Walk in Joy!!

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