Monday, November 23, 2009

I've been a naughty blogger.  But, I am determined to catch up!  So..let's start with the 7 interesting facts about myself thingymajig.  I know I'm not doing it totally right, but if I have to go find the graphics for the blogger nominations and then nominate lots of dudes, well, I just won't do it.  So we modify. :)

7 Interesting things about interesting ol' me:

1. It's pretty hard to feel any better than I do when my home is clean and full of the scent of some yummy candle.  Today's candle is: Feliz Navidad by Yankee Candles.

2. If I'm having a rotten day, there are a couple things that can cheer me up.  One of them is tacos at El Gallo Giro.  Another is a Tall iced Americano with cream and vanilla with whipped cream from Starbucks (if it's cold outside I want the hot one without whip).  Keep that in mind next time you, or someone else, ticks me off.  haha

3. A hug can make all the difference.  Sometimes bringing laughter, sometimes bringing tears.  But all the same, it brings difference.  I'm not always sure what it will it's a surprise for both of us! haha Anyway, thank you for the hugs :)

4. I hate shoes.  I only wear them when absolutely necessary.  Because of this, my car is usually full of shoes.  I take them off immediately when I get in the car.  And then when I get home I leave them in there.  This drives my husband crazy.  Now, in my defense, I usually wear flip flops so it's not like they take up a lot of room.  But, still.  I even admit, it's annoying.  But, it's my car and I'm the one who drives it 99% of the time so I think I have final say on what I leave in there.

5. Static cling.  Its origin is straight from the deepest depths of hell.  And that's that.

6. I could eat my Mom's mashed potatoes with every meal for the rest of my life and be a happy camper.  They're so yummy and buttery and perfectly salty.  And they bring me right back to that place I never want to be away from.  Home.

7.  I'm always on the hunt for a softer, cuddlier, snugglier, more enveloping blanket.  Doesn't matter how many I have, I'm always convinced that there is one out there that is just a smidgen better.

Ok, I'm feeling wild so I'll go ahead and nominate uhh 9 people?  I can't remember what it said.  So let's go with 9.  Will the following 9 people please sit on down and write out 7 interesting facts about themselves for our viewing pleasure (on their blogs, not mine)?

Chris Mendiola
Ashley Mendiola
Barbara Mendiola-Janzen
Heather Hillman
Tierney Gillihan
Georgiann Gillihan
Aunt Judy
Jen Clover

OH, and fact #8.  I detest the fact that they have removed spell check from the blogger stuff.  WHY would they do that???


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Hey Vanilla Americano with cream is my drink too!!!!! And YES I detest the lack of spell check as well...grr! I've been writing my blogs in Word and then pasting it in the blog.

  2. When I was pregnant with my daughter mashed potatoes tasted like heaven! I've always like mashed potatoes but something happened with that pregnancy. I could have had mashed potatoes for every meal!

    You use the expensive candles!! Have you tried the mainstays ones from walmart?? They smell GREAT! And they are a lot cheaper. :)

  3. I do have Mainstays as well, but my current one from Wallyworld is HomeTrends' Cinnamon Toast. Oh mylanta..delish! Although when I had it in the bathroom it was just weird.

    I haven't bought a Yankee in years, just use them sparingly :) I only have holiday ones. They keep forever as long as you keep that lid on nice n snug!

    I also have one that an old boss (she wasn't old) gave me for Christmas a few years's one of those locally made ones and it has, honestly, the best scent of all the candles I've ever had. Fills my entire house (softly) in 10 minutes. Both levels.

    AND friend just got me a Scentsy warmer and scent "brick", so I'll be trying that out very soon!

    I like candles, can you tell? :)

  4. Tiff, cheap coffee girls UNITE!! I figure why pay 5 bucks for a latte when you can have an AMAZING 2 dollar Americano???