Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello everyone. I guess I need to win back some of you readers since Sarah now feels this is HER blog, LOL.

Anyway, the week is coming to a close but its definately not winding down. This morning we had all manner of stuff going on at Jaden and Ashley's school. Sarah was classroom volunteer this morning, Ashley's 6th grade class put on a production of Aladdin for the school and parents, and Jaden's class had their Easter egg hunt. Busy busy busy.

The play was great even if it was kind of unpolished. The music teacher said they wished they had more time to get it down but the kids did a good job. Ashley was part of the set design team and they did amazing work bringing Aladdin to life!

Jaden had a fun time in his egg hunt. Each of the kids had little baskets made out of plastic milk containers that looked like bunny heads. For some reason J's bunny had fangs and a tail growing out of the side of its head, but it was still cute. The kids scampered around and found all the eggs with their names on them then sat down and sifted through the spoils.

Sarah got a new 'do last night but I'll let her blog about that. Today she's working again and then she's going out to dinner with her buddy Jessica. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice relaxing family night at home. Jaden is off of school tomorrow and Ash has a half day, then next week is Spring Break! Wish we were doing something fun but we'll have to wait until summer I guess.

Saturday night we're going to an Easter play with Sarah's family and then back here for some kind of dessert. Then on Sunday we can hopefully sleep in a bit! Mom will be over later to hang out and snack. Looking forward to a nice realxing Easter without having to run all over.

Anyway, that's about it. J and I just finished some tasty tuna sandwiches and I'm getting back to work while he gets ready to nap. Got my game night tonight with the dudes and I'm looking forward to blasting some baddies online. No work tomorrow so maybe I'll go a little later than usual.....although I am old and get tired easily. More to come soon and I'm sure Sarah will post some pics from the recent festivities as soon as she gets time.


  1. Hey we are staying in town as well for Spring break. Perhaps we should get together and play some games. Perhaps Rock Band now that Sarah plays. :)

  2. Welcome back Son,
    I thought you had dropped of the face of the earth. Does that line sound a little familiar? Glad to hear that you and the kids are enjoying all the spring festivities. Sounds like they are really enjoying them. What a weekend, and for SUCH AN OLD MAN! Wait until it really catches up with you. Enjoy yourselves and be safe. We look forward to more pictures.

  3. Sounds great, Robyn! Let's plan on it for sure. Not sure which night..I want to cry when I think about all the crap we've got going on. But it would be great to hang out, play, and EAT!!