Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hello there my loyal readers. I say "my" because lets face it, I'm really the only one who writes on this danged thing. LOL (ok so I'm not really laughing)

Chris is sitting next to me, looking ULTRA cute I might add. What can I say, it's in the genes. J's singing at the table, Ash is singing melody. Sadie is laying in the hall, smiling. India Arie is singing in the office..Chris is humming along. I'm sitting in my chair, criss cross apple sauce..feet going numb. Ahhh life is good.

Was a good day..got a surprise invitation to lunch from Chris' Mom. We got to go eat Gallo Giro again! Just in case you were wondering..it's just about the best surprise someone could give me. I had two heavenly chicken tacos with rice and beans..and quite a few chips n extremely weak salsa. Had some tortilla soup, too..was interesting. Better with salsa in it. Anyway, lunch was FABULOUS! Conversation was FABULOUS! Feeling like I was gonna puke for 2 hours afterwards wasn't so fabulous, but entirely expected and not out of the ordinary. There are a few things I can't stop myself from gorging on..Mexican food, anything with alfredo sauce, and mashed potatoes. Just can't do it. There are a few more things, but we just won't go there right now.

Work was nice and slow..ahh what a nice thing. It's been so busy this month with it being a coupon month and all. But today I think God had grace on us. Courtney's been so sick and is now having horrible reactions to her medications. And, Corinne (her mom) and Gail and David (Corinne's Dad n Step Mom) are all getting ready to leave Angie and I alone for 2 days while they go to Washington..so it's been pretty stressful for them. Corinne looked so worn down today. Felt bad for her. Anyway, keep them all in your prayers if you could. Especially little Courtney..and Chase, too. He's worried about his twin sissy.

Came home to a great meal..whole roasted chicken, asparagus, corn and biscuits. My man loves me. He really, really loves me. :)

We're getting ready to watch Little People Big World..our favorite family show. So, of course, the effing phone will ring. And, whoever it is won't stop talking. And we will all want to kill them. Actually, we've decided that we aren't answering the phone anymore during LPBW. A thought that should have crossed our minds years ago.

Having a Southern Living party this coming Tuesday. If you can't make it/don't live here, let me know. You can still shop my party online. All sorts of fun stuff for your house.

Well, I guess that's all for today. Oh, except for I'm about 5 chapters into The Middle Place (this months vbc book selection) and it is gut wrenchingly fabulous. You MUST read it if you aren't already!

Love you all, have a great night, k?


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