Saturday, March 29, 2008


So apparently I don't blog enough, and when I do its not about the right things. I consider myself a man of few blogs, however when I do blog its usually profound.

Anyway, do you guys know my awesome wife Sarah? She's my wife. And I love her. She's real smart too. And very creative. She put this whole page together and without her time and effort I would not be writing to you now. Thanks hon! You rock.

My kick ass wife (Sarah) had bunko last night. She didn't win but she had fun and that's all that matters. Plus, she's still always a winner in my book. She brought me home some yummy treats too. Cuz she's very thoughtful and always looking out for me.

Last night Sarah (my rad wife) and me watched Celebrity Apprentice after she got home. I whipped us up a couple of cups of tea and we settled in for the finale. Not sure if anyone else follows this show, but this season was great (not as great as my wife though, cuz she's the greatest). It was down to the final two and it was country superstar Trace Adkins vs. the evil nasty Brit Piers Morgan. It was The Donald's ultimate good vs. evil. The whole thing was kind of anticlimactic as Piers clearly dominated the entire game from the beginning despite his rather prickly personality.

After that we went to bed cuz it was late and Sarah was tired. Sarah was snoozing before I even came to bed. In the time it took me to brush my teeth she was passed out. I just kissed her tender squishy forhead and told her to sleep well. Cuz I love her lots. Cuz she's the best. I then proceeded to stay up too late watching Outbreak (great movie, but not as great as my wife!) and finally went to sleep around 2am.

This morn I was rudely awakened by the F-ING birds. I hate those birds. They now reside in our bedroom. Did I mention I hate them? But Sarah loves them and they are her sweeties so they still live. Anyway, I awoke to squawking and flapping and loud chirping. Not the best way to wake up. I laid in bed for a while but it was no use. Sarah's phone kept going off and J kept coming in so I finally got up. Went downstairs and said "Top 'o the morning" to my hon. She said "Top 'o the morning" back.

We whipped up a quick breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, toast, apple juice and coffee. We ate and chatted with the kids. Then we set about doing chores and getting ready for the rest of the day. As my wonderful wife said in her last blog, we're going to hang with our buddies tonight. Games and merriment will ensue. Can't wait to bust out some Risk and RockBand.

Sarah went out for a little shopping this morning to get a b-day gift and more eggs. We forgot we needed eggs for the cake we were making for tonight and we used them all for breakfast. Goofy us! Anyway, J played his new X-Men game for a bit, Ash did whatever Ash does until I told her to finish her chores. I played a bit of online poker on MSN Games and mostly owned everyone. Sarah's bro Jon came by to say hi while moving his horse to another stable. We had some lunch. Took our showers. And now here I am, chatting with you fine readers.

Just another typical day at the Mendiola household. Full of grand times and crazy adventures. Anyway, this blog has quickly digressed into rambling so its time to sign off. But before I go I wanted to say:


(I hope this blog was to your liking)

Tootles everyone!


  1. Besides kissing up, this was an awsome blog. I agree, by the way, that your wife, MY DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, is really wonderful. Love you Sarah. You did manage to get quite a bit of info into this limitless space. The key word is LIMITLESS, think of how many more time you could have brought out the virtues of your beautiful, wonderful, adoring wife. Keep that in mind for the next one.
    We love hearing from you and hope you continue. Love your wit and humor.
    Love ya son

  2. Hello, this is your wonderful wife speaking ;0) How very nice to sit down and see that a blog has been written about silly ol' me!

    Trace was robbed. He may have been "fired" but I know that our whole country knows that he is truly the winner of the game, and so much more.

    Love you sweet man, thanks for loving on me in public :) You love me good, real real good.

  3. You guys are just the freakin funniest people I know.. Chris,I do agree that what I remember of Sarah, Ash and J they are very wonderful!!!! But I am old and my memories are fadin fast, So lets talk a little geography. There is this State nestled in between California and Washington, it is famous for it's Wagon Trains, beautiful beaches and tie die.Now years ago a man named Sam Hill envisioned a super road that went all the way from Idaho to this strange and beautiful place pronounced "Ory Gun!" He dreamed of families getting together and sharing their chocolate cupcakes, kissing up skills and perfect puppy raising tips. Now it is OUR duty to not let ole Sam down and grow old with his so sad words on our lips... "Where in the Sam Hill are???? my cupcakes..." Don't ya wanna come to Oregon soon now? Oregon History by Bethel 0.5 credit hours. Pass/ No Pass out.

  4. Hear that, honey? Your beautiful Auntie Bethel thinks it's high time we take a trip to the beautiful state of Oregon! Let's go sell blood so we can afford the gas to get there, wanna wanna? :)

    Chris filled up the tank this morning, for those of you who don't know..spent 50 bucks and it got us to 3/4 of a tank. Vacations and camping have officially been drastically cut. Life is good..even when it sucks

  5. But..hopefully we can still make it over there..I already have vacation scheduled for the end of May/beginning of June. Not sure we can swing it, but we'll see! What are your blans S & B for May 30- June 3? Maybe the 4 of us could hop in the car for a quick getaway..

  6. Hmm..thinkin May won't work. Maybe sometime in the next 5 or 6 years..;)