Saturday, March 29, 2008

We just got home from Bruce n Robyn's..what a great time we had! It's always fun at the Baird house. Even more fun when I get to kick everyone's anuses at Risk! Well, I have to admit that Chris helped me..A LOT. But, regardless, I still won!! :) Our BBQ dinner was delish..our snacks were super yummy too. Robyn made her now famous chicken salad with grapes and apples (not sure what its really called but I think there's curry in it, too, right?) I love LOVE LOVE it. Couldn't get enough. And, Kamila loved the cheetos. She REALLY loved the cheetos. ;) Kids had a blast playing outside and played on the Wii, too. After dinner we headed upstairs for a Rockband fest. Dude, Robyn is SO FREAKIN good! She's the best drum player I've come across and the chic can do the guitar on EXPERT..are you FREAKIN KIDDING ME!?! Scary good. Jordon had fun dancing to the music and singing little songs into the mic during breaks. Then we had to head home so our little Sadie baby wouldn't be alone all night long in the house. A quick stop by Uncle Jason's to drop off a book and then straight home. Once again our lil pup did great in the house..didn't mess even one thing up. Just laid around watching TV and chewing on her bone. She truly is the worlds most perfect dog. I couldn't love her any more even if I tried! Went out to the Wild Ivy gift shop here in Kuna this morning to get my loverly sister in law, Laura, a birthday gift. I'm officially addicted to this gift shop. Oh my gosh I could spend all day there. And, I got her the COOLEST mug, made out of clay. The colors on it are amazing and it doesn't have a normal handle, it's called something like a hand warmer mug and so theres like this hole in the side of the mug where you slide your hand in..hard to explain but it is SO cool. If you want one, send me 20 bucks and I'll buy you one and send it off! I don't like paragraphs tonight, I am boycotting proper blog writing techniques. I'm SO bold and fearless, it's silly. I made yummy cupcakes for tonight, they were triple chocolate with little chocolate chips already in the box mix batter, then I added in instant coffee grounds and bittersweet chocolate chips..topped it off with chocolate fudge frosting and sprinkles. Heavenly moments I tell you. I had to eat another one on the way home, just for good measure :) Sadly, I didn't have any water to wash it down with so I had to open up a stray rootbeer that had been left in the car and chug on that. Gross. Sorta ruined my moment to tell you the truth. Well, I guess I better go. We've done 3 blogs today and I have a feeling we might be wearing out our welcome for March 29th. Chat with you tomorrow!! Love you, love you, love you!!!!


  1. Shoulda washed that cupcake down with a beer or one of the mojitos. Would have been much better than the root beer.

    I noticed you forgot to mention our awesome bassist...our band couldn't have rocked to its maximum without her!

  2. Oh yeah, that bassist kicks bunghole..she's super hot too..oh wait, she's ME! ;)

  3. Ok, ok you two...
    Sounds like a blast was had by all! What a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday evening...even though it was chilly - the sky was so beautiful and clear ...
    All this talk of rock bands, makes me want to wail a couple of tunes myself...need a singer? I can make a fool of myself until I get good like ya'll!

    love ya

  4. Wow, I'm all smiles. That was super sweet what you said about me. Now my turn. Sarah made the most yummiest, super delicious cupcakes. I think I had about 5-6 of them. Yes she did kick my ass at Risk damnit! I was getting sick of the game anyway .. haha
    Then we play Rockband and I can hardly believe that only a few months ago Sarah refused to play. I think she is much better than she thinks she is and could easily play on medium! ;)
    Anyway, we had a blast with you guys over and we need to do it more often.

  5. HAHAHA!! THanks :) You'll be very proud to know that I no longer allow myself to play on easy :) Medium is kicking my butt..I think I have carpel tunnel or however you spell/say that. Bottom line my thumb and wrist hurt!! :)

  6. Just to set the record straight, medium difficulty is NOT kicking your butt hon. You score high 80's and 90's everytime...that's dang good. Keep on rocking!!!