Sunday, January 18, 2009

Surgery is fun.

Post-op isn't as fun.

The drugs were ok for Thursday and then for part of Friday. Started feeling not so right when I increased to 2 pills on Friday night. But by Saturday they started doing horrible things to my body and heart and by mid morning on Saturday, I wasn't peeing more than 1 or 2 tablespoons at a time (about every 4 hours) and was all swollen in water gain. This was weird since I was drinking a ton of water. I started really going downhill by around noon, of course this is also when Chris and J are in Twin Falls. Didn't wanna scare Ash so I just went in to bed with my body in serious pain (shoulder was totally fine) and lights flashing everywhere (it was dark, no lights on) and prayed hard. My mouth was totally dried out and my lips were totally dried up and nasty. At this point I hadn't peed since I could remember and my stomach hurt to the touch. The back of my neck if I touched it made me feel like vomiting and sent my eyes into a dark fuzzy haze. My head was in the worst pain of my life and I couldn't focus on anything. I had decided not to take any more pain pills (was set to take them at 12:30) felt that "still small voice" not so still and small telling me NOOO MORE NORCO. I kept praying and fell asleep. I slept most of the day and by the time Chris got home I was doing much better, thank God. AND, I was finally peeing! I would drink water and could feel it travel all the way down and had to pee within 30 seconds. Not kidding! I was half wondering if there was a hole in my stomach. So anyway, I don't know what the Norco was doin to me,but I know it wasn't good. I told Chris that no matter how bad I'm in pain I will never take it again. EVER. I took one tylenol last night before bed. Because of my hips, not because of my shoulder. I haven't taken anything today except for the antibiotic and my trusty stool softeners. FUN. :)

ANYWAY, my shoulder really feels fine. I try to stay still. If I move my arm it doesn't feel so hot. I can't hardly even wash my hands b/c I cant rub them together! Weird. This typing is the most I've done besides wash my hair this morning, well I washed the right half and tried to wash the left half. I didn't want to wait for Chris so I tried to do it on my own. Probably should have waited! haha, he was down making my breakfast :) The washing of my hair wore me out and I slept for a few hours. But otherwise the only pain I've had is feeling like it's really bruised (go figure!) and it itches from time to time. Like I hurts if I move so I don't move. I'm taking my own advice..when the kids say, "My foot hurts when I move it". I say, "Then don't move it!" I'm finding that is very good advice. :) So far no oozing or bleeding that we can see from the bandages. We aren't allowed to take them off. Which is driving me nuts. I can't shower till I get the bandage off which is on the 26th, which is 11 days post op. Which is disgusting. I can take a very very shallow bath. Hmm..not sure what good that would do me. I've been using wash clothes and wetwipe type things.

My hips are on fire. Thank you Mundy family genes! I slept for about 30 hours in a 36 hour time period when I got home and my hips have been crying ever since. I'm able to sit up for longer periods of time now, and lay almost on my back so that is helping.

It's amazing how completely worn out I am even though the parts of me that are supposed to hurt, don't really hurt (unless I move)! Mentally draining I suppose.

I don't think I'm goin in to work tomorrow. If I feel well enough I might try a few hours, but probably not. Will definitely go in on Tuesday though. Not sure if I will be able to drive since I can't really move my arm. But Chris can take me if need be.

Thanks to those of you who brought meals, and for the prayers and concern and texts. I've answered them as best I could. Today's the first day I've been able to type! YAY! Anyway, I've really enjoyed the quiet and privacy. We're doing great here, no worries. Today we've all been able to rest and have time together which has been the best part of all of this. Thanks for being understanding in our having the phones off, etc. In times like these I find that quiet is the best "medicine".

OH, I didn't have to get the drainage tube thing so that was great :)

Chris & I will continue to keep you updated as we have time..maybe even take pics when the bandage comes off for your viewing pleasure :) But anyway, just wanted to write and let you know that all is well, that we are all doin fine and are well taken care of.

Love to you all

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  1. Good decision about the norco...thanks for listening to the small voice...!
    Glad you took some extra time, Granma wanted me to tell you to take it easy and not push too hard! Each day will be better ... one day at a time, sweet Lord! I love you all - and am praying for you.