Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OK, first blog of the new year..pardon me for being a few weeks late with it :)

Seems every day has been filled to the top with something to do. Fun things, not so fun things. Enjoyable things, not so enjoyable things..u know, the usual!

Ash decided to try the charter school because that's where all of her church friends are. She couldn't decide if she wanted home school or the charter school (it only goes through 8th grade) but after her Mom ordered mandatory "think about it for 2 days" time period, she decided to go Charter school. She's loving it. Its the same school I used to clean, if you'll recall. Anyway, it's much more strict and the work is much harder so it actually makes her think! It's actually right at her level instead of being so far below as it is in the regular public schools. J is on the waiting list and can't wait to get in. We're hoping that there will be a spot for him in 2nd grade this fall. He's at the top of the waiting list right now. But, anyway, A will do the charter school deal through 8th grade and then move on to home school. We're excited, but more importantly, she's excited. She's also enjoying learning spanish in the charter school. They start teaching spanish there in I think 3rd grade or so. Maybe earlier.

My surgery is on Thursday. Thanks for all of the concern and offers to help! We have great friends and family and church family. I am positive we will be just fine and have all of our needs more than taken care of. But if we should need any of you, we will most definitely call! I promise! I'm looking very much forward to this all being over so I can get back to my life. I don't like being kept down against my will! Then again, it will be FABULOUS to sleep for 4 days in a drug induced haze of la la land. :) No worries..hopefully no pain (please?)..just sleep. Oh, and possibly emptying a drainage tube thing. *PUKE*

Ash will most likely be getting braces in February, Dr. Haws says he wants to take films and everything but that her case looks extremely simple and should take only 6 mos to a year to complete. Possibly only having to do the top teeth.

I can't think of much else. We've had birthdays up the wazoo and they're not stopping anytime soon. But, it's so nice to be a part of every one's day. Being born is important you know!

Speaking of birthdays, A's 13th bday party went of without a hitch, except for maybe those pesky candles. My brother and I were both choking back the swear words I think, trying to light those suckers! I promise to post pictures soon. My goodness I can't believe I'm so behind!!!

Well, dinner is ready so I better go. Have a great night and I promise to try to be better at blogging :)

Love you!

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