Monday, January 26, 2009

Got my stitches out today! Woohoo :) It was extremely painful to have them removed because of the kind of stitches he did. He did them in such a way that there will be no stitch marks on my skin so he had to pull them out from the inside. HOLY GOD. I asked him multiple times if he was killing me. He insisted he wasn't and offered numbing agents which I refused, of course, b/c they cost money. He was extremely pleased with the results as am I! I haven't seen the actual scar yet b/c he covered it back up with pieces of tape, but I can see everything but that. There's barely a dip at all and no bumpy-ness in the incision whatsoever. Doc Rogers was overwhelmingly pleased with the results. Said they were above and beyond what even he expected. Hey, who says prayer doesn't work! :) So, he put tape back on it, like I said. He'd like me to keep going back every few weeks to get new tape put on for the next few months. If I do this I guess the scar will be extremely minimal. He said it's just up to me how far I go with it. We'll see..I don't much care if I have a scar, but if all it takes is tape to make it "less" then maybe I'll stick with it for awhile.

While I was there, he also took off the 3 moles that I hate most on this ol' body of mine! The one on my neck hurts most at the moment. I get the tape and stitches off of the two that required it on Tuesday, the other one he just cauterized after cutting it off. He'll of course send them in for the ol cancer tests, too..prayerfully they will come back all clear.

To top off this amazing day, the sun came out!! I was grinning from ear to ear all day, just couldn't stop myself. When I looked outside this morning as the sun was making it's glorious appearance I instantly felt a 1000 lb weight being lifted off of me. I could breathe again. Amazing how sun can change your whole life. I must have sun!! I'm not a cloudy day girl. More than that, I'm not an inversion girl. I thought about going up the mountain to see the sun last week but told Chris I couldn't handle knowing I would have to come back down into the filth of the valley. So, I stuck it out.

We had a few hours yesterday between church and drama practices (4 hours) to have our little Thanksgiving dinner here at the house! Chris has been wanting to have it since Thanksgiving, just never had the time. But, I wanted to make Chris a special dinner to thank him for everything he's done for me and the family after my surgery. Of course he ended up having to help a lot since I spaced the fact that I can't cut potatoes or lift crap! But we made it a joint effort and I made the pumpkin pie. We had a great time. Then I took him down for his first drama practice. Later the kids and I went down so Ash could begin her drama practice and so we could attend the membership class at church. J and I decided to stay for the rest of drama practice. J played with all the kids in the game room and I watched the Drama kids do their thing. They are so funny. They had me laughin all night. Then we came home and with bleary eyes watched one of our Friday Night Lights shows and then passed out.

Chris did the taxes last night when we got home, too. I know, he never stops. Anyway, we should get the return soon and then hopefully the ground will be thawed enough that we can hire someone to come plant the beautiful trees and bushes (huge) that my Dad gave to me!

Oh, on Saturday Ash did awesome at her TBQ match in Nyssa. She almost quizzed out a few times. They had a great day and from what I hear a FABULOUS lasagna lunch served there, too. I was going to go but we all decided I shouldn't chance going on such a long trip right now, so I stayed home with J. It was a gloriously quiet day. The phone didn't ring, the doorbell didn't ring. We just hid, and loved it. We watched The Hunchback of Notre Dam, and played Ziggity (a card game) and had a special breakfast. I even got to take a little nap! Then we went out when Chris and Ash got home for a bite to eat and to get Dave's bday present and a few things for our Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

It was another busy weekend but we had a great time and made lots of memories. :)

This weekend looks to be another fun packed weekend. We've got game nights planned with friends on Fri and Sat and then Sunday, well..Sunday is a day all it's own, but I'm gonna hope to have time to go down and visit with my Gramma and parents, we'll see. And, I have to go grocery shopping sometime in there. Hmm. Ash has a bday party on Saturday, too. Ok, I'm gonna stop thinking about the weekend right now b4 I get too overwhelmed!

Well..both kids are doin great, we're doin great, the animals are doin great. :) But, now I'm super sleep(ier) so I'm gonna go to bed. Have a great night. Love ya!


  1. Wow I just got caught up on your blog and I am tired! YOU are one busy family. I am so happy you got all your things cut off out and removed and I know they will all come back cancer free. Our god is to good! I hope you get some time in between all your craziness to chill! I am also happy that the sun came out! It made my heart happy! Anyways love you guys take care!~

  2. I know, right! My heart is leaping for joy I tell ya. Chris is complaining he needs a haircut..I need to get mine colored all the red color or whatever just so it kinda covers up the highlights that have now grown out about 2 inches! Gotta wait till tax returns come in though..probably this week. Do you wanna come here or do you want us to go there? Doesn't matter to us.