Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today was my first day back at work. It was a lonnnng day but good. I was really ready to be home. I came upstairs and went straight to bed. Haven't been out for more than a pee break since then. WORN OUT!! I'm thankful that I work in an environment where if I need to lay down on the couch or rest or go home that it is REALLY ok. My boss bought me thai food for lunch and told me to go upstairs and eat and rest for awhile. So, I did. But u know how that goes. The instant your body thinks you're letting it rest, it REALLY doesn't want to get up and cooperate again!

My friend Kim brought over some delicious homemade chicken lasagna for us last night. I will post the recipe for you when I get it. I'd never had it before. Wow. The yum factor was off the charts. Then Chris brought me up a surprise dessert of lava cakes with whipped cream. Good God I love him. Tonight we had left overs and then he made me some of our favorite brownies with a fudgy icing and then some cookies and cream ice cream on the side. He loves me. He loves my ever growing backside. Hey as long as he's happy, I'm happy! Bring Momma the brownies!

Took a washcloth "bath" last night, between that and the time it took Chris to wash my hair over the sink and dry it, it took an hour. I started crying not long after that. He again reminds me that I've just had surgery and it's ok not to be able to do things. Doesn't make me feel better but it's nice that he tries :) Better than hearing your man tell u to get your lazy butt up, right? I am the kind of person that reallllly is used to doing everything on my own and enjoys not having to rely on others for things. I do ask for help when I need it but I try to be as self sufficient as I can. So this is very very hard for me. It's worse than the pain. Just emotionally draining. But I'm so thankful for my family and friends. And I'm so aware that my struggles are teeny tiny compared to those of others. But, whether they are small or large, they are mine and I have to deal with them. The results came back on the lipoma and there were no signs of cancer, so that was great! I had completely forgotten about the whole cancer issue. Once I got prayed over and the MRI showed opposite results of the ultrasound I just gave it to God and praised Him for the healing and moved on I guess! LOL When the nurse called and started telling me about it I was totally clueless. She thought I was crazy. Maybe she doesn't know how big my God is :)

Chris had to take me to work this morning b/c I can't drive yet. He had to open the door to work for me and then push on it so I could lock it after he left. I was feeling SO FREAKIN useless. I just sat in the dark of the office (the lights take awhile to warm up and fully turn on) and cried and cried. Continued to tear up all day. I can hardly even write. I know, pity party. Get over it! I annoy myself.

So I've watched a ton of Lifetime movies in the past few days :) And Hallmark movies..and any other girl movies I can find. Also watched National Velvet, which I guess classifies as a girl movie. I've watched hours upon hours of home shows..my pup has been by my side for nearly the whole time. She walks with me when I get up, she sits lovingly looking at me, she rests her head on my legs and looks up at me. She kisses me. I just adore that sweetie. She's even refrained from laying in doorways in the dark! So for now, her attempts at murdering me are on hold. haha

J did great at his JBQ quiz last Sat. He got 4th place overall and the team took 2nd in the group. Proud of our little kidlets. Chris has been filling in for me while I've been out. The kids adore him. Of course, what's not to love!

Today is DeAnna's bday..Happy Bday DeAnna!

I was so excited that both kids had the day off from school yesterday in rememberence of the great Dr. King. I've always had to take them out of school for that day. Not only that but J brought home work they'd done on him. Maybe America hasn't completely gone down the crapper just yet. We'll see.

Well it hurts to type this long so I'm gonna go. Love you guys

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  1. So glad to hear that there is no cancer. Keep crying if you need it, it is healing too. Remember that time heals all wounds. Sounds like you are doing pretty well. Know that we love you and continue to send prayers your way.
    Congrats to J again for his doing so well in the quiz.
    Love ya