Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting tired of being so busy all the time. ALL THE TIME. I'm thankful to have a full life. But I would love to have a vacation, far from everything. Went on a small one with Val tonight in her blog..thanks for the journey :)

I'm cranky.
PMS'ing: check.
Tired: check.
Short fused: check.
Jerk: check.
Zombie: check, but not hungry for your flesh.

I am a person who thrives on routine. I always wanted to be spontaneous, and was to a certain extent..as long as it didn't interfere with my routine. LOL Anyway, I'd like to plan 14 weeks in Fiji as part of my "routine". Why 14? I don't know. Just sounds good. And not as drastic as the original thought of 14 years.

Told Chris I was leaving again the other day. He again reminded me that I can't b/c that would mean he would be left behind. I again reminded him that I would send for him. He still said no. hmm. Fine. And, yes, I always assure him that of course I will never leave..and he assures me that he knows. :) It's just a long standing threat Jess and I give to our loved ones. haha Our poor husbands.

I really think that Summer (and my period, for the safety of those around me LOL) just needs to come quickly. I cannot stand this winter drizzle dark crap any freakin more. It leaves every year and spring comes without fail and summer follows, again without fail. But, never soon enough. Today at work as Chase and I were watching the hail storm, I asked him why this was happening. He said that God did it. I said, "But I asked God for sunshine! What happened?" He giggled and said that the sun would be back and that the flowers would come out again soon. Funny how a 4 year old can put your whole world at ease. I wanted to pick him up and squeeze him and tell him that he's brilliant and that I love him, but I didn't. Don't wanna scare the lil guy. LOL

I don't know...I think "growing up" in California where 99.99999% of the days were warm and sunny and beautiful really spoiled me. I've just never gotten used to this Idaho weather. I've never felt like I belong here. But..I do. This is where our family is and this is where we belong. And, just for the record I would never move back to California, not for all the money in the world (no offense to my CA buddies). I just miss the sun, that's all. I hear Fiji has sun.

Well, anyhoo, tomorrow "Aunt Flo" should make her appearance and my PMS'ing will deflate and Chris will sing praises to the Lord and the kids will do happy dances around the living room an the dog will attack me with love..knowing that "mean scary Mommy" is gone for another few weeks. ;)

Love you guys!

Ranting, whining and pouting complete.


  1. Ah babe, I love you. Even when you are a raging ball of hormones.

    P.S. -

    Its good you aren't a "real" zombie cuz you know I prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

  2. You are the sweetest thing. You always have and make time for the less fortunate. I am so glad that WE have you in our lives. You are a true blessing, hormones and all. I was very touched by your story of the woman who lost her boyfriend. WOW! I'm so glad that you were there for her. You keep on being who you are. You are loved for being you.