Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ate WAY too much guacamole last night. I couldn't stop myself. Made 6 avocados worth of guac and I ate half the bowl. All night long I just knew I was gonna puke it up..never did. This morning I can still feel it there..beginning to wonder if it will EVER digest. It was purely delicious though. And, although I said last night that I wasn't going to have guac again until we go to Jason & Tiffany's house for mexican food later this month..I think I lied. Cuz, I think I need some for lunch. ;)

Speaking of mexican fiestas, when we go to Gabe n Andreas this weekend to do our brakes and eat and hang out we're gonna have a huge mexican meal, too! It's in the air baby..and I couldn't be happier. We're gonna also help Aunt Judy move into her new place on Saturday, if they get here by then. So, it will be a very full day!

Cleaned the bird cage this mornin, vacuumed the upstairs and dusted the house, n blinds. I feel much better now. Probably should vacuum downstairs, too..but that seems to involve bringing the vacuum back downstairs, and I'm just not sure I feel like doing that.

The kids both had their little April Fool's for us this morning..each pretending they'd cut themselves and had catsup on their hands..hmm..first time I've ever seen orange red blood..haha J was so excited b/c Chris fell for it. In his defense, he was in the bathroom and J was yelling at him from the other side of the closed door (while A & I egg J on) that he had cut himself while trying to cut an apple for us and needed a band aid. Chris yelled, "WHAT!" and swung the door open to find J saying "April Fools!!" Then proceeded to laugh and mimic Chris.."WHAT??" "WHAT??" "WHAT??" It was pretty funny.

Chris and J seem to be having a fight with allergies..or maybe colds. Not quite sure yet. J's sneezing a lot, nose running, coughing at night..I'm pretty sure it's allergies. Chris says his throat is just scratchy and he things that he might not be feeling too well. I gave him orders to spray my Throat Defense stuff in his throat (which did help, instantly) and drink some hot tea. I'm thinking the donut he ate for breakfast won't be helping much if it's a cold. Sugar's a no no if you have a cold! But, oh well.

Sadie likes to help me clean, by licking everything. She sits and quietly licks. She cleaned the whole right side of my office desk yesterday..was cleaning the door frame and my shoes this morning..she just likes to do her part. She's a good lil helper. And she gets very proud of herself..comes running over to me wagging her butt around like she's done something GRAND..and, she has. :)

Goin to the Girls Night Out in Kuna tonight with Mom & Ash..can't wait! All the gift shops (I think that means FOUR gift shops LOL) stay open a little late and have snacks n drinks and you get 10% off of your stuff and can get entered into a drawing for a $40 certificate to El Gallo Giro and also $10 off certificates at each store..COOL! In case I failed to mention this before, The Wild Ivy Gift Shop here in town is my new obsession..I want everything they have. I told Chris, "Get me a gift certificate there for my bday!!!" He said no..apparently he has other ideas. Hmm. We've already axed the camera idea..too much freakin money and we need brakes. I'd rather have brakes than a camera any day! No need for a camera if you are dead and can't use it b/c u chose not to get brakes.

So, what have you been up to? Anything exciting in your life lately? If not..go do something! Every day should have SOME excitement!

Love you!!


  1. April Fools - That's the limit of my joking! But, I DO appreciate hearing about other's jokes...as long as they aren't hurtful! You guys get Chris every year...he's so sweet!
    Guac sounds wonderful...but that's on my list of 'celebration of a new job' foods! I always overeat too... but it's SOOOO good!
    My excitement is that Bethel and Steve are giving me a trip next October to Mexico...more on that when we talk, ok?
    Didn't get the Dept of Ed job, but am still in the running for the Catholic Charities; and have an interview for another job tomorrow...Also having lunch with Dave tomorrow!

    love you all

  2. Sounds good! Have fun! This is next October, not THIS October??

    Have fun with Dave tomorrow! Tell him I say, HI DAVE!:)

  3. I left a comment To Chris's kissin up blog... He cracked me up. Today I am really thankful that I have done nothing... yet. hey it's a whole hour later here now I feel really blessed. Bethel

  4. Hey, doing nothing can be SUPER exciting sometimes! At least, it is to me :)

  5. October 2008 ... like, 6 months, right Bethel?
    BTW, I can't find my invite to Chris' blog...is he still doing it? can you send it to me again?
    I'm doing laundry - that's enough for now...don't you think?

  6. Chris only writes on this blog. He just has his own gmail account that he signs into it with.

  7. Good, THIS October sounds more like it!

  8. All that talk about Mexican food has been hankering to cook...and eat! Need to get some regularity in my schedule (no, not THAT kind) so I can plan to do some of this fun stuff! Can I use your kitchen? So, is this staying open late for the shops in Kuna a Tuesday night thing? May have to consider a night in Kuna... if asked, of course!

  9. Maybe we could do a big cinco de mayo feed..I think that will be the next weekend we are available. Give us all a little time to save up for it, too..

    Not sure how often they do the Kuna thing...

    I gave in and had more guac at dinner tonight. bad girl

  10. back to the cinco de mayo thing..I usually have my family n some friends out for it, too..maybe a potluck thing for it..or carne asada..

  11. Today was April Fools day and I guess that made a good day for cleaning. I vaccumed while Aldo was at his doctor's appointment. I still don't have a lot of energy. I need MORE SLEEP.
    Love the story of the kids pulling jokes on Chris. Poor thing, I'm sure he was freaked out.