Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh hello there....

Fancy meeting you all here. So how's it going gang? Well I hope. The wife and I just finished up a movie and now she's got a hankering for some Mac and Cheese so I figured I'd pop on in here and see what's what.

Tonight for our viewing pleasure we had "Why Did I Get Married?". Sarah loves all of Tyler Perry's movies so she added this one to the queue so we could both watch it. I will admit, I'm not the biggest T.P. fan...specifically Madea gets on my nerves. T.P. is kinda like the low rent version of Eddie Murphy before Eddie Murphy became the low rent version of Eddie Murphy. All the playing different characters schtick gets old for me. Anyhoo, this one didn't have Madea and T.P. only played one dude so I was ok with it. It was actually a pretty good flick...still a feel good chick flick, but I enjoyed it and laughed a few times. If you dig these types of movies, you should check it out.

I think Sarah may have mentioned this already, but this was the first weekend in quite a while that we weren't booked solid with stuff to do. It was nice to just sleep in and kick it at our own pace again. Saturday we worked out in the yard and started getting stuff spruced up. The kids chipped in and we all busted our butts clearing away all the junk and getting the yard back into shape. Still got a few things to finish up this week before the Big Bash next weekend but the majority of the hard stuff is done.

After all that work we were beat. Sarah and I fixed dinner while the kids played outside with Cody and Andy for a bit. I grilled up some teriyaki steaks that I'd had marinating for a couple days and some zucchini with EVOO and Chacherie's. Sarah whipped up some mighty tasty mashed potatoes to go with it and we had ourselves a right good feast. Then we headed upstairs and vegged out the rest of the night with the kids. We watched some shows (mostly a Home Improvement marathon....that show still makes me laugh) and then hit the hay.

Today was another leisurely morning. We got up, had some chow, showered and then headed out so Sarah could do a little shopping with her b-day gift cards. We hit the Kohl's and Old Navy and she scored herself some jeans and shirts. We also snagged a super sweet sangria pitcher and glasses set on an awesome sale and Kohl's. We'll have to fill that up and bust it out next weekend. After shopping we came home and Sarah and Ash headed back out to the gift shop in downtown Kuna, but they were closed today so no luck there.

Whipped up some Boca's for dinner then went up and played some Xbox with Sarah for a bit until she got too tired. Then I jammed out some RockBand for a while with the kids cheering me on. BTW, I freaking HATE David Bowie's "Suffragette City". WORST. SONG. EVER!!!!!!!!!! We chilled with the kiddos for a bit and caught another Home Improvement episode. The kids love that show too and they're always surprised that we've seen all of them. They think T.V. didn't exist before they were born I guess. Anyway, after that was bible story time and then the kids were off to bed.

That brings us to now! Great weekend eh? It was nice to just putter around the house and hang with the familia. BTW, Sarah just informed me that her Mac and Cheese tastes like turd....I could have told you that already. Boxed M&C is the worst dude.

Well that's pretty much it for now. I gots to be getting off to bed shortly for my beauty rest. Hope you all had a great weekend too and got to relax a bit. Looking forward to seeing many of you next Saturday. Have a splenderifficly fantastical week everybody!



  1. Can't get the mac n cheese taste out of my mouth..well, it doesn't even taste like mac n cheese. Something was wrong with it I think. Maybe that I was eating at 11:30 at night..that could be it. Sheesh.

    You're was a truly fabulouso weekend. We all really needed it, I think.

  2. Sounds like a delightful weekend. I guess you know how we spent ours. I have a few questions. I KNOW what mac n cheese is, but what are Evoo, Charcherie's and Boca's? You got our curiosity peaked.

  3. I'm glad you had the time to just BE...and avoided any last-minute plans by others since it was a gorgeous weekend.
    I'm sure the yard will garner many oohs and aahhs next weekend. Sangria, hmmmm????
    love ya

  4. EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Chaceries = awesome seasoning

    Boca Burgers = well, we get 3 kinds, one that's chick'n, one that's regular "burger" and one that's a vegan "burger" They're all made out of veggies instead of meat.

    I don't like meat a whole lot, so we eat a lot of Boca burgers! They're DELISH!!

    Yeah, Chris is gonna venture into Sangria land..hoping people don't drink all night and get drunk or I'll be pissed..

    This is turning into a blog instead of a comment, I better stop!!

  5. Sarah, Can we bring anything for the weekend or the Party??? We would love to.Let us know we leave Thursday at noon... Love, Bethel

  6. bout 2 bags of tortilla chips? Let me know if you can bring em by tonight or tomorrow if possible, otherwise I'll just grab 'em!

    Thanks! :)