Saturday, April 5, 2008

Top 'o The Mornin' To Ya!

Well hello there blogger-ites! How the hell are ya? I'm just sitting here on this fine morning sipping a cuppa joe and getting ready for the adventures the day holds. It's been a little while since we chatted and I'm glad to see you're still here.

Let's much to talk about. Today we're going to help my Aunt Judy move back to town and into her new place. It'll be good to see her again and nice to have her back close to us. They are driving in sometime today and should be here early afternoon.

After that, we'll be heading over to our good friends' (Gabe and Andrea) house for the rest of the evening. Gabe and I have a project to complete. A secret mission if you will. Actually, its nothing that exciting...we're just going to change the brake pads on our car. Bought the replacement pads yesterday and I'm pretty stoked to do a DIY on the old brakes. First time for me. You could say I'm a brake virgin. Gabe is an old pro though so we should hopefully avoid a poor replacement that causes us to careen off the road. Plus I read up on the whole procedure on the internet so technically I'm an expert now! Gotta love that freaking internet....the knowledge of the world at your fingertips. Big shout out to Al Gore for inventing it, LOL!!!

Once our brake adventure is complete, we'll enjoy a nice homemade mexican dinner with our buds. Good company, good food, and more than likely a few good drinks. Perfect way to spend a Saturday evening. Just don't expect me to be up too early tomorrow morning.

What else? Oh yes, the kiddos had yesterday off. I however had to work and was extremely busy and Sarah had to work all day also. Finally finished up everything though and I decided to watch my new Blu-Ray copy of "I Am Legend". I absolutely love that movie....probably one of my all time faves now. The kids wanted to watch it with me and I said "Sure, come join me my little ones". Well the kids FREAKING LOVED it! I knew it was a kick butt movie but its not necessarily one that a 6 and 12 year old might enjoy. I was wrong. They both got completely involved in it and even got a little emotional at some of the more touching parts (they both got a bit "teary" and their "throats hurt"...ha ha, gotta love their descriptions). Anyway, when it was over they both stated with absolute conviction that it was the best movie they have ever seen and was their new favorite movie of all time. Wow. So with that glowing review, if you haven't seen the movie yet I strongly suggest you watch it as soon as you can. My kids will love you forever if you do.

As I mentioned earlier, we bought our replacement brake pads last night. We ventured out to our local Schucks Auto Supply, however they didn't have the pads I was looking for. Their other stores had them in stock but in order to get both front and rear sets I would have to go to two different stores. I said "F that noise dude" and just took the next step up in pads that were available there. They were a bit more expensive but not too bad....probably would have wasted the same or more in gas just driving to the other places.

When we were done our tummies were grumbly so I took the fam out to dinner. We decided on Italian food and settled on Carino's (formerly Johnny Carino's but I guess Johnny got the boot). We got there at just the right time and only waited a couple of minutes for our table. After we were seated though, the lobby filled up and there were lots of dudes waiting. We ordered and chatted and waited....and waited.....AND WAITED!!! It took for-freaking-ever to get our food. The tables all around us were in the same boat too....even the people that were there before us. Our waitress was frazzled and not very good. Not sure if she was new or just didn't care or what, but she sucked. All around us tables were getting visits from the manager to comp meals or desserts....not a good sign. We asked for some more bread to snack on but that never came. I did get my water refilled (the only time it was refilled the entire time we were there) and the waitress said our food would be right out. 30 min later if finally came. I asked again for our bread and she said she'd be right back. We ate, and it was meh. Sarah's dinner was pretty good...some sort of bowtie/chicken/bacon/sauce concoction. J had pizza. Ash had a huge bowl of fettucinne alfredo. I had snow crab/spinach ravioli that didn't seem to have much snow crab, but had a shitload of basil. Oh, and it was barely lukewarm. But I was so hungry I didn't care. As we were finishing our meals, the bread came. Rad. Anyway, fairly disappointing dinner but it was good to just get out and visit as a family.

On the way home we decided to stop and rent "The Game Plan" which, as Sarah mentioned, stars her beloved Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Sarah and Ash had already seen the movie in the theater when they had a Girl's Day, but J and I had never seen it. It was entertaining and funny and an all around good family flick. I popped some corn and busted out a little of the dark chocolate Toblerone my loverly wife surprised me with earlier. It was a nice relaxing way to wind down the day. After that it was off to bed for everyone.

Anyhoo, that's pretty much all for now. Oh, our good friends Jason and Tiffany found out they were having another baby girl. Congrats to those dudes! Although that probably means they will have to try at least once more for a boy but there's worse things that could happen! :)

Gotta run now. I smell a tasty breakfast being made for me. Have a great weekend and subsequent week faithful readers. Talk to you all later!

P.S. -

I got Sarah's birthday present yesterday too. I really think she's going to love it, at least I hope she will. Want to know what it is? Lean in a little closer and allow me to whisper it in your ear.


Cool huh? Don't you wish you were getting that too? Now don't tell Sarah, its a surprise and she has to wait a couple more weeks to find out.


  1. You are a very mean dude..I couldn't hear the whisper. Can you whisper a little LOUDER?? I'm dyin over here!!

    Dinner was pretty good I thought. Then again, it had been a good 7 hours since I'd last eaten so gnawing on a toe jammed foot might have been just as good. Carino's has never been my first, or even 17th choice in eating out choices, but dangit we had to do it! And, for anyone who doesn't know how Carino's takes you in the ass, my bowl of pasta that probably cost 3 dollars to make cost us 13 bucks. Yep. When the waitress at the end of the night asked if we wanted to dessert I almost got up and punched the hag to the floor.

    ANYWAY, it was yummy and I had a great time with my fam :)

    Hmm..maybe I should have blogged this instead of commenting it

  2. Service and food and price are NOT the strong points of Carino's - at least not the one in Meridian. Too bad, too, 'cause they have such good reps and sites elsewhere! But, you had good family time, so that was cool.
    So, the next showing of Legend at the man-cave theater is when????
    You and Gabe better do an excellent job on the brakes ... there will be NO careening off the road for you....!

    Does anyone else feel they are taking a wicked eye exam when they look at the secrete letters for comment verification? SHEESH!!!!

  3. YES!! I screw them up at least once everytime I try to leave a comment. GRR

  4. My dear son,
    You and Sarah should consider doing some serious comedic writing. Your humor, your attention to detail, and then some, and your story lines are amazing. You could make a fortune. I saw the photos of you fixing your brakes. What a feat. You and J can request mechanic overalls for your birthdays or Christmas, in some designer color.
    Sorry to hear of your ordeal at the restaurant. Don't you just hate that? But then what would you have to write about. You'd come up with something, I'm sure.
    Keep those wonderfully funny blogs coming.

  5. P.S.
    Sarah, your going to love your bithday present from your wonderful and loving husband.
    We heard the whisper.