Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We all watched Nancy Drew tonight. mmm sorta entertaining..the kiddo's liked it a whole lot.

Chris made a huge thing o' nachos tonight, though, so we got to eat up that yummy goodness while we watched the flick. Then the kids and I polished off a bag of marshmallow filled fudge cookies..otherwise known as Moonpies..but I bought the generic brand. And, I must say, they are SO MUCH better than the "real thing".

Kiddy's are now in bed. My day was was the 8 hour day at work today. I know, I know..what's so big about that? is constant running around, packing, unpacking, talking on the phone, playing with children (who just happen to be completely adorable), stocking shelves, rearranging things..u know, imagine moving into a new home and unpacking all day...but doing that every day. See? It makes for a long day :) Well, that, and the fact that my roundtrip car time is rounding out at a nice hour & 15 minutes now with roads being closed. But, it was a good day, and went by fast. Sickly, I enjoy my work :)

Now I am sleepy and really have nothing exciting to say. Just wanted to check in with you and tell you that I love you.

And, like I tell the kids everynight b4 bed, "Have good dreams of angels, Jesus loves you."


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