Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Are we happy plastic people? Just a question to ponder in whatever way you might.

Anyhoo..Chris is still upstairs, laying in the dark, with a hot water bottle on his forehead. He's having significant caffeine withdrawals. Thankfully I quit drinking the liquid crack back in November, so I'm not in any pain now. Hope he feels better soon..I miss my dude.

I'm almost done with Beautiful Boy. I will finish tonight. It's rippin me up folks. So much of it is way too familiar to things that have come to pass in our own lives. But, it's a really, really, REALLY good book. One, like I've said before, every parent (and anyone who wants children) should read. We think as long as we raise our kids in a good home, they are safe and will make good choices. But, they aren't, and they don't. Not always.

The blueprint of your life is good enough as is..don't go trying to change it. Just follow the freaking blueprint when looking to "plan" your future. Just another thought to ponder in whatever way you might.

Came home to a delish dinner tonight. Kids gobbled it down super crazy fast. Even Jaden didn't take 2 hours to eat. Chris had made some sort of a meat thing in a gravy type thing (ok I really dont know what it was but it was great! LOL) and put it over brown rice, then had brussel sprouts cooked up in the good stuff and then steamed carrots with butter and cinnamon and sugar..delish.

Speaking of brussel sprouts, any of u all ever notice that sometimes they have a horse radishy after taste? WE LOVE THAT!! 2 times now we've gotten a bunch that have that after taste. Which has made us think that we should make a horse radish sauce for them from now on. Oh YUMM.

Anyhoo, finished dinner off (1/2 hour later that is) with the sludge drink for the cleanse. I had to finish it outside because it made me dry heave. I know, big surprise with MY gag reflex! haha. Anyway, the drink isn't bad at all. It's the consistency of a smoothie that you let sit out too long so it's kinda frothy and thick. Yeah, ick. But, it's pretty much tasteless. And the only reason I gagged was b/c it was kind of like you had sucked back dust, the particles of it just kinda stick in your throat. I'm making it sound horrible, but really, it wasn't. Now taking those chevy suburban sized pills before bed tonight might prove to be another story!!

The kiddos are in bed, its nice and quiet down here. And, I must admit, a bit lonely. I don't get lonely often. I really, really enjoy being alone. But..tonight, I am. I think I'll go up and cuddle with my hubby and talk about the day, if his head can handle it.

Love you all, have a great night!! Take a little time to enjoy the view, whatever it may be. There's beauty in even a dung pile, if you look at it the right way :)


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  1. Sorry I was such a loser last night hon. My head really felt like it was gonna split open and spray brain matter all over. The hot water bottle wasn't working so I took another hot shower and after that just layed down and passed out. Feeling much better today though thanks!