Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ash and I went to our friend Jen's bridal shower lastnight.  So fun!  Lots of buddies to chat with and yummy food to munch on.  Then she went to the last part of the Kuna football game with her friends and to 5th quarter at church after the game.  Busy girl she is.

Chris and J stayed home to watch the game and had a dudes night.  They love dudes night :)

I got home from the bridal shower and thought maybe we should go down to the pool for an hour.  The sign at the pool says: "Pool is now heated!!"  Thought it might help my back to be in the pool so came home, got Chris and J and off we went!  Got there, the water is just as cold as it always is.  Lame.  Back home we went.

I changed the sheets on the bed and put the "down" comforter on the bed, opened the window..turned the fan on and got into bed with my book (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers).  J later came in and said, "Your room sounds so nice..I should sleep in here"  I think he meant cuz the fan was on and there were sprinklers going outside..he's cute. 

I'm doin really well without TV.  I was worried it would take me forever to fall asleep because I always have the TV on to lull me to sleep.  But, the Lord has really blessed me.  I'm falling asleep within about two seconds of closing my eyes :)  The fast goes until October 14th.  There are still moments I think ahh it would be nice to just relax and watch some tv..which shows me how often I really did watch tv.  I don't usually pay attention to it when it's on, but I like to have the noise.  Or just stare into the tv blankly and zone out.  It's reallllly nice not to have it yappin at me all the time though.  Chris chose to fast coffee..I'll let him blog about that.  Well, we all know he won't blog about it (prove me wrong babe?), but still.  He's doin great.

Today we have the Fall To Worship event out in Nampa.  The drama kids will be performing 2 different times throughout the day.  Pretty excited for that.  They also have live music and I guess a few pastors who come and speak.  But it's all outdoors in the big park in nampa that has the ummm what is it..fighter jets or something?  Well you know what I mean.  OH, and did I mention there is free food?

I originally had to work this morning but my boss told me yesterday that I no longer needed to.  They will now only be open on Saturdays if we have a big shipment coming in on Monday.  SWEET!  Doesn't help me save up for my dog, but it's still SWEET! 
Well, we are getting ready to have our big Saturday family breakfast, so I better go get stuff started.

Have a wonderful weekend guys!  Love you so much!  

Until next time...Take care of you, you're precious cargo!

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