Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here is the newest update from Jenn on Joshua. As you probably remember, Joshua is fighting Leukemia and doing a bang up job if I do say so myself!

Jenn writes:

Hey everyone, I promised an update on Joshua this week, so here goes!!!!

Gonna recap last week: Thursday he was really sick so we took him for lab work, round of antibiotics and blood cultures. Fever has gone away and has not returned. His counts last week were a little over 500 and his WBC was only at one......Fast forward to today! Took Joshua to rerun his counts this am.....his absolute nutrophil count is continuing to drop. It is now at 216 and his WBC is now at .6!!!! Yes, they are continuing to drop. After speaking with his nurse, we have pulled him off all chemo's for now. He will not receive any type of chemo until further notice. He is not due to be seen in Savannah until the 28th. Now, unless he starts running a fever we can stay right where we are. Otherwise its a race to Savannah. We speak regularly with his oncologist and trust their judgements wholeheartedly. They are not the type to sugarcoat ANYTHING!!! In the meantime, Mason, Owen and Emma have taken on fevers at out house as well and have taken over the beds 24/7 since Monday. My poor little babies!!! On a special note, Darrell and I are celebrating (or should I say remembering) our 8yr. Anniversary today!!!!! Hard to celebrate with sick children........

Please pray for all of us, as we go over yet another hurdle of battles........

Will keep everyone posted.


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