Monday, September 14, 2009

Camping was great.  Best trip of the year.  Total relaxation.  Great company.  Little drama.  Beautiful surroundings.  And a side trip to Stanley. :)  We enjoyed ourselves soooo much.

Ash and I are feeling a bit cold-ish today.  Hmm We spent the weekend could this be?  Oh well.  I'm sure we'll be fine.

Dad came up with another name for the new puppy baby this weekend.  PUMPKIN!!!  We love it :)  So, now it's between Pumpkin and Taters.  He says it could be Pumpkin Pie and then if we're mad at her it could just be Pumpkin. haha

Work was lonnnng today.  But it went well, I didn't get yelled at by any customers and we got all of our work done!  Well, minus about 40 emails that I still have to check.  But I got through about 70 so I'm happy.

Had tuna casserole for dinner.  It was delish.  I put chunks of cheese in it so when you take a bite cheese erupts in your mouth.  Sweet Heaven.

Jaden is reading to Chris.  They are giggling a lot and having fun.  J's a really good reader.  Both kids have always really enjoyed books.

I need some chocolate.

Well, I guess I'll go for now.  Hope your weekend was wonderful and that your work week flies by.  Love you mucho and think of you often.  Give yourself a hug from me.  I think I'll go make myself a nice hot cup of tea. 

Until next time...don't forget, you're worth the effort!  ((hugs))


  1. I must say I like your dad's suggestion ... Pumpkin! Cute, fun, nutritious ...oops, not that last one!

    Work is work, the week did indeed fly - pretty good.

    Hope you are all feeling well and allergies are under control - sort of.

    Love you all.

  2. you only "sort of" hope we are feeling well? LOL

    Very excited that tomorrow is Friday..I'm sure you feel the same!