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Christmas Newsletter 2009

Here is the info from our Christmas Newsletter this year..thought I would post it for those of you who I don't have email addresses for...Good Heavens, it looks really long when all shoved into this tiny blog.  Oh well, I've never been good at editing things down. 

Without further ado, here’s the latest and greatest..

Ashley’s doing wonderfully in school this year, and enjoys hanging out with friends in her spare time. She’s still involved in Teen Bible Quiz & doing very well, as always. Ash is also having a great time with her church drama team. They’ve had a great performance already, with many more to come. If you are in the area, please try to attend one of the performances. You won’t be disappointed! Ash also loves to sing movie songs & make up silly dances with her friend, Bradee. When those 2 girls get together there isn’t a dull moment! We love the energy they bring! Ash still loves to draw & is continuing to grow into a great writer. She’s always up for trying to beat Daddy at movie/music trivia, and is getting to be pretty good at it! She’s also starting to cook and bake more, and is doing well!

Jaden is still with Junior Bible Quiz. We had a new boy join this year, so J is enjoying that. Although the girls never fail to keep him on his toes! He is always busy with some activity, project or game. Jaden goes & goes like an energizer bunny from sun up to sun down. He keeps us very entertained! He’s also started home school this year, he loves it and all of the projects/experiments he gets to take part in. His sister is very jealous, but excited to join him in home school next year. Jaden is still pursuing his love for drawing, and has started drawing classes on Monday evenings, taught by the best draw-er we know..Daddy! Jaden’s most favorite place on earth is still at Grammy & Grampys’ house, they have quite the adventures! He also enjoys his friend Bryce’s “HUGE” backyard!

Chris is still with Hewlett Packard, & enjoying most of his days there. :) We’re thankful that his job is able to provide for our family. In his spare time (yeah right) he is involved with Ashley’s drama team at church, & is co-coaching Jaden’s Bible Quiz team with Sarah. He also enjoys movie & game nights with our buds. He’s gotten to go shooting a few times, & has enjoyed our camping trips too. I think, though, that he would have been a bit happier had there been an occasion to use his gun while we were camping. Bears look out! He & Jon did have a “run-in” with a few very unlucky chipmunks. Next year, he wants to begin slaying larger prey..Elk! He’s all set to start golfing again this spring, too.
Sarah became a full time stay at home Mom again in November. Proving, once again, that the Lord knows & fulfills the desires of our hearts! She is now home schooling Jaden & absolutely loving it. Sarah is still coaching Junior Bible Quiz, but has taken a break from all of the other things she was involved with. She’s returned to her love for baking & cooking, which is fun for all! She was at the pool just about every day (for hours!) while it was open over the summer, enjoying many days of fellowship with her swimming pals! She loves her Thursday night laughing sessions with her friend, Jess. She’s enjoying more frequent date nights with her husband (He sure is a cutie!), and coffee dates with her Mom. Time with family & friends is her main interest in free time, but quilting may be making a comeback. Photography is always a passion, she had lots of fun over the summer taking pics around Idaho.

As a family we have enjoyed camping trips, a family reunion, & even a weeks vacation in McCall where we got to watch Sarah’s brother Jon compete in amazing LaCrosse tournaments! We finished our landscaping projects this last spring, and did some painting around the house.

AND (drum roll please) we got to welcome a new nephew to the family! Cash Carter Mundy entered the world on November 19th. He brings pure joy! Looks just like his Daddy. Sarah loves to snuggle him when she gets the chance. We look forward to many fun days as we see him grow up to be a cowboy, and kick butt in LaCrosse! I think he and his sissy, Monet, will be the best of friends.

We have added a new puppy to the family. Her name is Greta (Havashire breed). She is just as devious precious as can be. Sadie wasn’t too sure about this new sister when she first arrived. In fact, she was downright furious! But, she has come around and now has lots of fun playing with Greta. Greta is pretty sure that she is boss, which is funny considering she is just a tad over 1 pound and Sadie is over 50 pounds! She loves to snuggle up and sleep in Sarah’s fleece jackets, while Sarah is wearing them of course. :)

Sadie had a busy year with going on walks (with her new leash that doesn’t allow her to pull..HALLELUJAH!), playing endless hours of fetch and swimming in the river. She’s also had lots of playdates with her doggy cousins and really loves that. As soon as we get within 5 minutes of Mom n Dad’s house she starts getting antsy just knowing that her cousins are close! We also had the pleasure of discovering Sadies love for eating horse poop this summer while camping. Delicous AND nutritious! And after her “meal”, just to be sure we all knew she’d enjoyed it she would ROLL IN IT! Ahh, yes. (Did that fall into the TMI category?)

We are down to one bird! Mary seems to be enjoying her widowhood. Turns out she never really liked Lloyd at all! She lives in Ashley’s room and sings at all the wrong times. Like, in the middle of the night..or when Ash is trying to study for Bible Quiz. But, Ash loves her so she is willing to overlook her annoying habits!

Our friends’ son, Joshua, who has been fighting Leukemia, is now in remission! Praise the Lord for that. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Their family is very thankful for all of you, as are we.

Well, short of updating you on how our cars are doing, I think we’ve summed up the year pretty well. :)

We pray 2010 is a year filled with growth and blessings as you continue to draw closer to the Lord. He loves and treasures you. So do we!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year, with love,

Chris, Sarah, Ashley, Jaden, Sadie, Greta, & Mary

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