Thursday, December 10, 2009

My puppy likes to sleep inside of my fleece jacket.  I tuck her in an then zip up the jacket.  She cuddles right up and goes to sleep.  It's so cute!  Looks like I have a huge tumor on my chest, that breathes.  My dog, Tess, that passed away right before we got Sadie used to love to do this, too.  So it's bittersweet.  I miss that stupid little dog every day.  She was so annoying, but she was mine.

Got to chat with Wink today for quite a bit.  Well, he talked I listened.  He's so fun..full of ideas and always willing to work to make something better.  Not afraid to talk about his feelings, or to give you a straight answer.  I really love that.  He's going to get our ceiling fans hung in our house too.  That will be nice.  We've attempted to have a few different electricians come do the work, but apparently they are just too busy to make money!  Or maybe it's just not enough money to make it worth their while.  No matter.  We've found someone willing and who won't charge an arm and a leg.

Had long overdue coffee time with a friend this morning, and movie night with the girls tonight!  Also got to take J and his buddy Delaney over to the Library for some book searching.  I forgot my card, and apparently checking out books at the Kuna Library involves extremely high levels of security the likes of what you would encounter at say the flippin PENTAGON.  I have my OLD library card, I have my drivers license, I have my social security card.  Nope.  Can't check out a book.  Nothing they can do for me.  Wow.  So, Chris and Ash came down and rescued me..brought me in my library card.  Thank God for them.  Now I've been granted the privilege of bringing home a few books, that no doubt have hidden government documents in them..or maybe they are laced with gold.  Who knows, but they are SUPER valuable.  I know that.

My babe took us out to dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight, El Gallo Giro.  Was a surprise, and was nice to get out and do that together as a family.  Unfortunately, something didn't set right, and I promptly came home and ran up to the bathroom..3 times.  BLAST.  My bowels are not my friend.  The family got a laugh out of it..we are sick puppies that way.

It's been a busy week, and changes are never far from my path. But with each one I get closer to where I am meant to be. As long as I am moving forward and in the direction He has laid out, I am happy.

Well, that's about all of my exciting news for the day!  Hope you've had a wonderful day, regardless of circumstance. 

Thanks for the movie, and the sugar cookies Tiffany.  You are such a good friend.  Love you. :)


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    They gave me a card for my key chain, so I use that. You should have one too :) I still need to take Riley to story time, but I keep forgetting :( Do you like all my silly faces? :0) Love you too!

  2. heehee ummmm We had decided that I would have the keychain card and Chris would have the normal card. So, what do I do? I take HIS keys and obviously I do not take HIS wallet. Which leaves me cardless. What a Dork I am!! Oh well, I'm glad I have a man who will come save me :)

  3. Hello Sarah! I saw that you were following me and had to come say hi. I enjoyed reading through your blog and I'll be back for more! :) How old are your kiddos?

  4. Rebekah, thank you for visiting! My son is 7 (just shy of 8) and my daughter is 13 (just shy of 14). :)