Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wow, what a Christmas!  We had planned to stay the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve (not unusual) and then as time went on we kept adding in a day..we ended up going down there (to Boise, 30 min away) last Tuesday (22nd) and stayed all the way up to today, the 27th!  We just couldn't make ourselves leave.  It was a great time.  We had SO much fun.  Played Scrabble everyday..different people joined us for games over the week.  We also played some other games with the family which were super fun!  We watched movies, chatted, ate like royalty, played ping pong, the kids played with clay and made cookies with Mom, my dad set up a huge tent outside, J got in some LaCrosse time with my brother Jon, my sister in law came and cut and dyed Ashley's hair, Mom and I dyed our own hair...we just had an amazing time!!!

In the middle of our stay we had other things planned in town.  We went over and helped make tamales on the 23rd and then went back over on Christmas Eve to eat them with Chris' Dads side of the family.  Had a great time.  Then, back home for Scrabble. :)  Then the day after Christmas we went over to Chris' maternal Grandparents' house for a dinner and gifts.  Was good to see everyone. 

Then today we all went downtown to Brick Oven Bistro for Chris' birthday lunch, then back home to Mom n Dad's for cake.  He had an awesome time!  I think we will have cake for quite some time.  And, that's ok with me.  Just as long as it's gone by the next round of bdays which start early January. 

It was sad to leave Mom n Dad's today.  We were all feeling a bit bittersweet about it.  It's always nice to come back and sleep in our own beds, but we have such a great time with them and being able to see my brothers, sils, niece and nephew, my Gramma and Uncle.  We just don't get to see them very often, even though we only live 30 min away. 

So, anyway, once we got home we unloaded everything and I took a nice hot shower.  Then Chris' brother Dave and his family came over for our yearly gift exchange.  It's just us..and that's the way we like it :)  We get to wait until after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday is over and then just enjoy eachother.  So, we ate lil smokies, drank coffee, visited and opened presents.  The kids had so much fun playing.  Then they went home, Ash went off to her friends' house and J barely made it up to bed in time..he just about fell alseep standing up.  Hubby and I played a game of Scrabble (I dominated) and now we're just relaxing doing our own thing.  Life is back to "normal". :)

Tomorrow is Chris' actual birthday.  I'm making him a special breakfast in the morning and then taking him out for a movie, lunch and shopping after that.  He's super excited :)  We will see Sherlock Holmes.  Can't wait for our date!  We have a full slate.

Something amazing happened tonight.  Sadie was sleeping by the couch and Greta walked up to her and layed down snuggling into Sadies neck.  AND SADIE DIDN'T JUMP UP AND LEAVE!!!!  Chris and I were so excited we couldn't even stand it.  I ran downstairs for the camera and took quite a few pics.  It only lasted about 5 minutes (maybe because of the non stop flashing of the camera in their eyes), but we have hope now that one day Sadie will love her baby sis.  Ahh...dogs.

In the middle of Scrabble tonight I got a call from our friend Tierney.  She told me that she got engaged tonight!  We are so thrilled for her and Michael.  We have permagrin.  They are just the sweetest couple and one that we have no doubt will last forever.  They are absolutely perfect for eachother.

Well, I hope your Christmas was just as spectacular as ours..and that you found many reasons to be joyful.  But that most of all, that you remembered the true meaning of it all..Jesus!  He is so faithful.  Tonight,  my cup runneth over.


  1. WOW! What a great Christmas you guys had. It all sounds like so much fun. We were very busy too, but most of it was cleaning and cooking. We had a wonderful time eating and sharing the tamales. We had two sets of friends over and pretty much wiped them out. I swore I wouldn't do this again for a long while, but I'm getting the urge to make some more for New Year's and have them for the Fiesta Bowl game. Can't wait for that one. My money is on BSU. Remember to please send photos of Ash with her new look and of J too, so we can see how big they both are. Love you guys.

  2. I'll have to try to snap a pic of Ash tomorrow..should she allow ;) She is 13 you know.

    Did you get our Christmas newsletter that I emailed out? It had pics of the kids in it. Let me know, I can send the pics again for you. Those are the most recent good ones we have.

    Making tamales again? You are a brave man!

    I seem to be fighting off some sort of strange cold? Not sure..doesn't really feel normal. I just feel junky.

    Love you both! Glad you had a great celebration. I bet you both need some nice quiet recouping time now!

  3. Wow that sounds like an eventful Christmas break! I can't wait to see Ashley's hair. Hope to see you soon! Happy New Year