Sunday, December 6, 2009

People can be super annoying.  Just wanted to start with that.

Now that that's out of the way...

The outside Christmas lights are up!  My super sweet hubby went out and put them up today even though it is frigid out there!!  They look gorgeous :)

I made the big turkey dinner again tonight so that we can have leftovers!  We didn't take any leftovers home from the "real" Thanksgiving.  So where all of you are probably at the point where you never want to see anything resembling turkey dinner again, we are super excited to have it!  I made a pumpkin cake, it's pretty dang good.  New recipe.

I'm hoping the snow holds off till tomorrow afternoon.  It flurried this afternoon and evening and the clouds are looking pretty daunting.  But, I have to go clean a house tomorrow morning all the way down on Glenwood and State (about 45 min from here in good weather).  I don't want to drive it in snow!!  EEK!

Ash just asked me what you get if your Tootsie Pop wrapper has a star on it.  I told her that I thought, years ago, that you used to be able to turn them in for a free Tootsie Pop, but wasn't sure.  So she asked me to look it up.  Oh, she also has questions regarding the wrappers with the Native American on them.  Well, according to these wrappers mean nothing.  They never have.  The Tootsie Roll/Pop company has been declining/ignoring requests for free pops with these wrappers since 1930.  They aren't sure where the rumor started, but apparently have no desire in putting the rumor to rest. Some small time grocers have allowed kids to trade in these "star" or "Native American" wrappers for a free pop, but it is at their loss. I thought this was really sad and lame of the Tootsie Pop company (not sure of their actual name..does it matter?) and wanted to share it with you, too.  Because if I was a company who had tons of people (mostly kids..who are just adults waiting to happen, really) thinking that they could get something for free and even going so far as to send in wrappers with requests for the free pop for SEVENTY NINE stinkin YEARS..I'd do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyhoo..not a big deal, really.  Just thought you might like to know that tidbit of American History.

I'm gonna sip some coffee now...

It's really cold upstairs...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr 

I just can't believe that Christmas is so quickly approaching.  Seems like just yesterday I was putting my decorations away!  We all keep talking about how it doesn't feel like Christmas yet.  Even the kids.  And that's when you know something has really gone awry.

I love snowmen.  I think they are so very precious and cute.  I also love Snoopy.  My very first ornament as a child was the Snoopy bell ornament.  Here's a picture I found of it online just now!!

Every year at Mom's house I get to put that ornament up top, front, and center!  Mom has gotten each of us one new ornament every year since birth.  And when we bring in a spouse or child, they start to get one ornament/year as well.  The tree is getting very full!  But, it is so fun to remember way back when we got each one.  It's a great tradition.  Every year she says maybe she should quit buying them because we have SOOOOOO many now.  But we all say, "NO!  Don't stop!!"  So, she keeps on keepin on.  She's tried to send us home with them, too, but we put the kabosh on that as well.  At some point there will have to be a second tree put up at Mom n Dads or else we will risk the thing falling over.

The new puppy, Greta, doesn't really seem like a Greta to me.  And, I'm starting to hate the name.  She doesn't know her name yet so really it doesn't matter if we keep it.  But it's so much work to change a name.  That makes me laugh.  But, really, it is!  I'll think about it.  Ehh, she'll probably stay Greta.

Have you seen Monsters VS Aliens yet?  We totally love that movie in this house!!  If you haven't seen it, you just have to!  It's so entertaining.

I need to fix my's kinda big and it needs a transparent background. Maybe tomorrow :)

Well, I suppose I'm rambling again :)  I've been known to do that from time to time (always).

Love you!  Hope you've had a beautiful day filled with sunshine and warmth and love.  You are so very special, and I'm thankful that you were born!  Walk in love!  I know (believe me), easier said than done!  But, if we don't have goals, we will never reach them.  So (again) walk in love!


  1. That's a fun tradition that you guys have with the ornaments. We don't really have any traditions yet. I'm working on them.

  2. Barbara6:25 PM

    What a lovely bit of chat your blog was today! I just love that... being able to 'listen' to you share your thoughts - and I can 'hear' your voice too! Thanks ... after the day I've had, it was a very very nice gift! Love you...