Monday, December 14, 2009


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Could Christmas vacation please come a bit quicker???  EEEEE!!!!  This is the definite upside to homeschool (there haven't been many downsides yet..).  I just LOVE that I will have all this time off with my kidlets! 

We had a fun weekend.  Friday night Chris had a poker game here at the house.  While they were having fun downstairs, my friend Jen and I Scrabbled and chatted the night away upstairs!  She and her hubby, Eric, have a different way of playing than I've seen before.  Proof that interpretation of rules is a beast all it's own!  However, it was super fun to play "their way"!  I actually liked it a lot.  Not as stressful as the other way.  Chris says he won't play that way, though, so I guess I will only play "their way" when she is over!

Anyway, then Saturday we had a TBQ meet all day, our team did well!  It snowed all day.  We got a few things we were needing from Fred Meyer and then came on home.  I got in a nice long-ish nap and then got ready for the TBQ girls to come over for a movie and snacks.  It was a great night.

Then yesterday, we had JBQ practice, Church, a birthday party, and Ash went out with her TBQ girls for some shopping time.  So when Chris, J and I got home we just sort of lazed around.  Chris and I played Scrabble and watched The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.  J watched some cartoons in our room..then we ate some dinner and just did nothing really.  It was GREAT!

Tomorrow our friend is coming to pick up the Trailblazer to take it in for maintenance..and then we will get new tires put on it.  Ahh joyous times!  So thankful to have a mechanic we can trust, though.  We've been through the run around so many stinkin times.  Those days are over!  Hip Hip HOORAY!  Anyway after we get the maintenance and then tires put on, Chris' bonus should be pretty much gone, I think.  But, praise God for those bonuses.  We so need them and appreciate them.

This week we have the TBQ Christmas party and talent show on Friday night, should be fun.  Then Saturday Chris is going out in the morning with his bud for breakfast and some movie called Avatar.  Then that night we have the annual Christmas party out at our friends' farm.  Tons of food, friends, Santa even comes with presents (I'm not a Santa fan, he doesn't have place in our personal Christmas..but this is fun).  They dress the donkey area all up for rides (I think they still do that, I never go outside) and our friend hooks up a hay ride thing to his 4 wheeler and takes the kids on rides.  My kids SO look forward to this every year.  Then on Sunday...well, Sundays are Sundays.  Busy, busy!  Anyway, every day is filled with something, but we are enjoying ourselves and our time together.

Chris and I watched The Express last night after the kids went to bed.  It was SO good.  SO sad.  SO uplifting.  SO..just everything.  I loved it.

Hope you are finding things to fill your days with that bring you joy. Until next's a verse I love:

Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you've got, be resolute, and love without stopping.
*1 Corinthians 16:13,14 The Message*


  1. Ooooh! I like the Message version of that verse!

    Mike and I tried to play Scrabble a few times... didn't work so well. He takes his time to find the perfect word. I take about two seconds. I get bored and impatient.

    Checkers is another game we can't play. We played once. It was stressful. haha. We love Skip Bo and Sequence and Farkel. :)

  2. Have you ever played Cinco or Phase 10? We LOVE those! We get into major Cribbage tournaments, too.