Thursday, May 1, 2008


Hola y bienvenidos a mi blog.

Yeah, I'm bilingual....sort of. Threw you for a loop though huh? You tune into your favorite blog and think maybe you flipped to Univision by mistake. I know, but rest assured dear readers, all is well and as it should be.

Well this week has been CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!! Work has been busy for both Sarah and myself. She's been having super huge orders at work cuz everybody needs vitamins and the such lately. I am in the process of taking on two new accounts, preparing to transition one big account off as well as dealing with a slew of projects and requests. Fun times all around.

We are also getting things ready for the big shindig at our house on Saturday. Sarah's been stressing but everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen. We got all our shopping done last night and even nabbed a couple of surprises. Now we just have prep work tomorrow and Saturday. Sarah did a spot of cleaning today and plans to do more tonight when she gets home. Oh that's right, I forgot to tell you. She's out on the town tonight with her buddy Jessica. Jess is taking Sarah out for her b-day and they are going for pizza and ice cream and probably some sort of mischief if I know them. Me and the kiddos stayed home. I made some lemon pepper grilled salmon for dinner that was YUMMO. Threw in some pears and salad, delish.

Tomorrow Sarah works all day, and I've got early meetings again (third day in a row) but after that I'm taking the rest of the day off and heading out to breakfast at Ben's with my buddy Jason. Gotta go by the liquor store too to grab the last fixings for Saturday. After I get Jaden is back to our house where we'll probably bust out a little RockBand before Jason heads back home. Then I'll start prep work for the party.

Hugely stoked for the new Iron Man movie that starts this weekend. Been hearing nothing but great things about it and it looks fantastic. Gonna try to take the fam to see it on Sunday as a relaxing day. So many stinking summer movies this year its insane. I told Sarah that I'm gonna have to set aside a little Summer Movie Account out of our Tax Rebate check....if we ever get the stinking thing! We are supposed to be in the first wave of people receiving it by electronic deposit this week but so far nothing. They started going out Monday and are supposed to all be out by tomorrow so we'll see. They better hurry up.....daddy needs a new fence.

Well that's pretty much it for now. The kids are in bed, the blog is done and now its time to go upstairs and watch Lost before logging on for game night with the dudes. So until next time readers, remember:

You're good enough. You're smart enough. And gosh darnit, people like you.

In the words of the Governator in his most famous role, "Hasta la vista baby!"

Buenos noches amigos!


  1. About that no think it's gonna happen tonight senor. Too sleepy..somehow it's already after midnight!! How did THAT happen?? Well, no reason to clean when 25 people are coming..might ast well clean afterwards! :)

  2. Hola Dude,
    Que tal? Sounds like your plate is very full, so to speak. You sound as busy as we are now. Hope we get a chance to chill in the next couple of weeks. Poor Aldo is so stressed. So am I, but I can handle it a little better. I think once we get this car thing taken care of things will look much brighter. Keep those fingers crossed. Stay cool and enjoy the chaos.
    Hasta la vista right back at ya!
    Love you with all our hearts
    Tu papases