Friday, January 1, 2010


Well..I guess I'm in a funk.  I keep coming here to my blog..but don't have much (if anything) to write about.  I changed the layout hoping it would inspire me.  Nope.  It may have to do with the lack of sunshine.  Winter absolutely sucks.  I was determined to enjoy it this year.  But, I'm not.  I just want sun.  I need it.  Must have it.  COME BACK!

 No I don't have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  I just like sun.  And I hate it when it's not here.  I tend to throw infantile fits over it.  My house is already a bit dark so when it's winter time (or a rainy day in some other season) it's just waaaaay dark in here.  I grew up in sunshine and have always lived in houses with a ton of windows allowing natural light in.  Not this house though.  Not sure why that is.  It seemed light enough the day we came and picked it out.  I've tried those special lights that are supposed to trick my brain into thinking it's sunny.  My brain is too smart for that.  It knows it's just a lightbulb.  I know they help some, and that's great.  Happy for you!

I made some delicious chicken enchiladas the other night.  Finished them off today.  Dang, they were good!  Not sure what to have tonight..Chris keeps asking, but I just can't decide.  I'm not real hungry..just real thirsty!  And, I guess water isn't really food.  hmm  I wouldn't mind a huge salad with tons of fresh veggies added in and maybe some cranberries and grilled chicken..and avocados of course.  Oh man that sounds delish.  And a nice tall glass of iced tea.  Yummy.

I've been buying these apples from Winco that are SO stinkin delicious you can't even begin to imagine.  Crunchy and perfectly sweet and juicy.  Man, they're good.  They come from Washington.  I can't remember if they are Fiji or Gala.  I usually buy one of those kinds anyway (even though Jonathan is my fave) but this particular "brand" is divine.

Sick of sweets. I just don't want anymore.  We had a lot of chocolate dipped fruit last night and that was delish.  But, just straight sweets..I need a break!  Just thought I'd share :)

Christmas stuff is still up.  Will you please come take it down?  Please?  I just know that has to be SOMEONE's hobby! 

School starts again for J and me on Monday.  I'm excited.  I've missed that time with him, even though it can get intense (I'm sure there is a better word than intense..just can't think of it right now).  Anyway, I love how with homeschooling we both get vacations throughout the year.  Ash doesn't go back for another week still.

How was your Christmas?  How was your New Years?  You already know about my Christmas from previous posts.  Our New Years was great, though!  We went and played games and ate lots of goodies with our friends.  Was an easy, fun, laughter filled night.  Then we came home and passed out..then got up and went to clean up at church at 7 from the Youth Lock In they'd had on New Years Eve.  I expected to have to clean for hours but they had already done just about everything!  We just had to vacuum and tidy up the chairs and kitchen.  Blessing!!  After that we came home and passed out again.  We've been lazy all day. 

J and Chris are coloring.  We're watching Jingle All The Way..has Phil Hartman in it.  That makes Chris sad.  He loved Phil (he's passed away).

Well, I'm done blabbing for now.  Love you guys :)

Here's a quote I love:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.


  1. It sounds like you all had a splendid holiday week. We did too, except for the major house cleaning, but it is done and the house is so nice right now. Let's see how long it lasts. A big New Year Hug to each and everyone of you. Can't wait to see pictures, (hint, hint). I don't mean to rush you, just suggesting. Love you.

  2. hahaha! That was sooo random! I loved it.

    I miss the sunshine too. I get depressed and lazy much more easily in the winter than in the summer.

  3. OK, I don't know if this comment will go through or not, I've been having...issues...with my browser :( Anyway, I *love* random posts, this is great :) That stinks that your house is dark, I wouldn't like that. I like rainy days, and overcast days, and all that...I'm not a big fan of sunlight outside...but I don't like dark houses either. Kind of weird I know.

    Have you tried Honeycrisp apples? I'm not really an apple person, although both Fijis and Galas can be OK...but Honeycrisps? Perfect.

    :) Hope y'all had a happy New Year!!

  4. I sent out a link to pictures today. Sorry it took so long! I'm not as good at getting those out as I used to be.

    Rebekah, my best friend is just like you! She thrives on the rainy, overcast days. I'm so glad that you both get to enjoy these days! I think I get the better end of the deal since most days, at least here, are sunny :) So I can't complain I guess that I have to deal with the drearyness (new word?) for 3 months.

    I'm glad you gals love're at the right place! haha