Thursday, March 25, 2010

The kiss is lame

Everytime I look at my page and see the pic of us kissing I think, "What a lame kiss."  I super wish that we could have stopped laughing long enough to kiss right.  Oh well.  Next time :0)

Anyhoo..just had to explain what "butt kisser" means to my 8 year old.  Thank you Toy Story.  LOL  Can't wait to hear the first time J decides to use this new saying.  :)

Get to go to girls movie night tonight.  So excited to have some time with my buddies.  I just love these movie nights.  Tonight we are gonna watch a movie called Love Happens.  Never heard of it.  But, hopefully it's a good one!  Has Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart in it.  Eh, even if it sucks I don't really care.  It will just be fun to go.

Watched some Wintley Phipps videos on Youtube today.  He is amazing.  His versions of It is Well and Amazing Grace are beyond words.  I think I've posted them on here before, but if you missed them go settle in for a date with Youtube. :)  I'm trying to find his sermon God Will Restore in FULL on line.  If you know of where to find it please let me know.  I found the website that is said to have it in full, but it didn't.  Well at least as far as I could tell, it didn't.  But the 5 min they have of it on Youtube is awesome.

It's a rainy day here in Kuna.  But it's a rainy day in SPRING, so I'm ok with it :)  The trees are starting to bud.  There are a few flowers showing their beautiful smiles.  The seeds were planted..there was a long period of dryness, then storms came and covered them, then the sun came out for a few days to warm them, then the rain came, and now they bloom. :)  Just think on that might find it applies pretty well to our lives as humans :)  Seeds don't grow instantly..they have to go through a process which involves many different seasons.  But just when you think you can't stand another day of "winter", the seeds start to sprout into a plant..and if it's a well taken care of seed/plant, the roots are deep and strong and the plant thrives.  Hmm..this works either way...with rotten filthy plants, and with beautiful plants.  We better be careful which seeds we plant and nurture!

Dwell on beauty.  Focus on the upcoming victory, don't get caught up in the temporary defeat of the moment.  It's just a season.  And your season of harvest is coming!  Oh, I pray it's a harvest of a beautiful, well rooted plant for you.  Not one that will need to be plucked. 

Remember..even beautiful plants need pruning.  :)  It may hurt for a season, but soon you will grow even bigger and more beautiful than before.

Have you ever noticed that not all of the plants/flowers bloom at the same exact time?  Hmm  Must mean that their perfect timing hasn't arrived yet.  If they bloomed prematurely they would die b/c they wouldn't be in an atmosphere where they could thrive.  If they bloomed too late, they wouldn't have lasting beauty because their season was cut short and they didn't have time to fully grow in to a strong healthy plant.  It's important to the promise is the victory.  We wait with the promise.  Believing in the victory.  And, just at the right time the bud opens up into the flower..VICTORY!!  But what do we do in the waiting?   In the "promise" period?  What we need to do is trust that the victory is coming.  And we need to prepare for that victory.  By fertilizing.  Get in The Word.  Fertilize your soul with the truth.  Have faith in the promise and wait with expectation for the victory!  Cuz the big victory IS coming friends.  And, it will be just on time.  Don't rush it.  Prepare for it.

In the Promise season there are many tiny victories..which lead to a magnificently huge victory.  Oh I love huge victories. :)  Tiny victories are like a chocolate chip cookie.  They're yummy, but you want more.  And the huge victory is like a magnificently gooey goosebump inducing Lava Cake.  Overflowing with decadent richness and filling every cell of your body with extreme passionate joy like nothing else you've experienced.'s sweet.  It's here in little bits at first, and then, when we are strong enough to handle the wave, it comes gushing forth in a magnificently flowing abundant flood!  Yahoo!  The Lord is the perfect "baker" and "gardener"!

Love you!

We'll chat soon..

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