Thursday, May 13, 2010

Countdown to Facebook

I have The Final Countdown song stuck in my head as I think of the last few hours of my Facebook fast.

Kinda funny..haha..Wow those boys were manly. LOL! Ok, enough of that.

Woke up this morning feeling light. Gosh it was nice. The heaviness of the past few days was gone. Thank the Lord. And thank you my friends for praying. The enemy sucks. We all know that. But the Lord is KING.

Watched my friends little son, Kenneth, this morning for a few hours. He was so much fun! Very well behaved and super happy. Was nice to see his Momma for awhile, too. They live in Pocatello so I don't get to see them very often. I'm hoping to be able to go up again for her birthday in June. I did last year and we had SO MUCH FUN! We shall see. :0)

The sun is out in all its glory today. The breeze is light. The air is perfect. I'm guessing somewhere around high 60's/low 70's but I'm not sure. Just feels great.

Ash and I are gonna start painting her room today. The color? Island Orange. It looks like .. well .. an orange. :0) She likes it. And it will brighten up her room quite a bit! haha Should be fun. I love to paint.

We will have Bradee with us all weekend! Also, this weekend we have basketball/dinner/games get together, a sleepover with friends, a fundraiser carwash for the girls' class, a graduation party to set up for and then attend, and maybe even a birthday party if I can get back in town early enough..also a softball practice and drama practice starts back up as well. Not quite sure how it will all fit in, but it will. And we will have a blast with almost all of it!

Well you guys have a wonderful Thursday. I'll see you on Facebook at midnight!!! Oh, and btw, unlike my magnificent TV fast which produced great things in me..the Facebook fast sucked from beginning to end. In the first few days I learned that I was using it as too much of an outlet for feelings instead of taking them to the Lord. Great, fixed that. The rest of the days just sucked because I spent a lot of time fellowshipping on FB, and studying the word to share and discuss with my friends, etc..and when I wasn't on FB, I didn't do those things. So, if anything my walk suffered a bit. So, what did I learn? My Facebook addiction isn't all bad. Just needs to be kept in line. Much like everything else in life.

Love you, we'll chat soon..


  1. I stayed off facebook for three days one time. You can miss a lot of opportunities when you stay off. But you are def right... there needs to be a balance to it all.

  2. Yeah, and that's the hard part for me. I'm such an "all or nothing" type person. But, balance must be found and kept!

    Loving the new blog by the way. You gals are doin a great job with it!

  3. I love that song! One of my favs from the 80's. Good ole Europe!